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Dr. Bruce N. Shortt, Ph. D.:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Phone 2
Shortt, Bruce N.

Houston, Texas (TX)  
United States of America (US)

713-654-8881 Ext 888
Keynote Speaker?Unknown
Featured Presentations2010 FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention (2010, FL)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Two Enlightenment Lies: Columbus and the Flat Earth and the "Persecution" of Galileo
The left always attempts to discredit its opponents by resorting to smears. One of the familiar allegations by the left against Christianity is that not only are Christians against science, they have persecuted scientists and have stood in the way of progress. In particular, the "flat earth myth" and the story of the "persecution" of Galileo are two familiar smears against Christianity that are so entrenched that they even find their way into some Christian writings. The truth may surprise you.

Christianity and the Founding
The postmodern left rejects the notion of absolute truth, and therefore the idea of historical truth. Instead of truth, claim the postmoderns, all we can have are "useful narratives." One of the highest priorities of postmodern "historians" has been to bury the truth about the Christian roots of America's founding and replace it with a narrative congenial to advancing secular humanism.

Slaying the Government School Goliath: How Homeschoolers Can Help Restore our Culture
In 1960 no one would have predicted that the most significant development in education over the next 50 years would be homeschooling. Today, Christian homeschooling families are the key to revival and the recovery of America's historic Christian culture. Come hear some practical suggestions about how your family can contribute to this vital work.

Conceived in Sin: The Government Schools
The public generally believes that the government school system was created as a "response" to widespread illiteracy. What actually happened is quite different and much more interesting.

The Christian Roots of Modern Science
For generations, the left has worked at convincing people that Christianity and science are somehow at war. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Christians created modern science because of their Christian worldview.

Understanding the Culture War and the Gay Agenda
Very few Christians understand that Gramscian, or Cultural, marxism is the driving vision behind the "culture war." The goal of the Gramscian marxists is nothing less than the destruction of Christianity and Western Culture.

Media and Homeschooling: How to Use the Media Without Getting Used
Television, cable and modern movies are so morally corrupt that homeschoolers mostly shun them. Nevertheless, there are new media resources that are inexpensive or free that can greatly enrich and simplify your homeschooling, particularly in high school. If you worry about teaching Shakespeare, history, philosophy, or higher math and physics, or if your house is beginning to look like a book depository, you will
find this information invaluable.

Exodus Mandate: Growing Homeschooling and Support Groups through Homeschooling Family to Family

Bruce N.'s AchievementsHomeschooling father Attorney in Houston, TX National Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) Co-sponsor of the Christian Education Resolution Author: The Harsh Truth About Public Schools (2004) Author: Privacy and due process problems in the federal income tax (1978) Author: Religious tax exemption and the First Amendment: Definition as establishment (1978) Graduate of Harvard Law School Ph. D. from Stanford University Former Fulbright Scholar Member of the board of directors for the Houston Ebony Music Society Member of the board of directors for the Exodus Mandate
Shortt's Bio

Bruce Shortt is ...

  • a home school dad and Christian attorney in Houston, TX
  • Texas State Coordinator for Exodus Mandate
  • Graduate of Harvard Law School
  • Ph. D. from Stanford University
  • former Fulbright Scholar
  • Member of the board of directors for the Houston Ebony Music Society
  • Member of the board of directors for the Exodus Mandate
Date Created1/28/2009
Date Modified8/23/2010 6:56:36 PM
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