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Frequently Asked Questions - Allen B. Wolfe

Question 1:  My husband and I are excited about the prospect of this book, and we believe that we would really enjoy having it to use in our home.   We are all to aware however, that we are living in a time where many wolves have entered into the fold--leading sheep astray.  Because of this we try to be very discerning about any "tools" to study with other than the Holy spirit.  We have not found any objectionable material on your website, and as I said we are excited about the prospect of owning this material.  I appreciate your time, and timely response.  Thank you.
Answer:  Your discernment requires that you "believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:  because many false prophets are gone out into the world" (1Jn. 4:1).  You can find several writings, audios, and videos under About the Author which will clarify many key convictions.  Also, a 15-page sample of the document is at the bottom of About the Books. The sample includes two excerpts from volume one, two excerpts from volume two, two excerpts from the OT, and two samples from the NT.  Finally, more than a dozen testimonials are under Testimonials.

Question 2:  I would like to say we have your books and really appreciate the absence of interpretation of Scripture by you, the author.  But, as we all know we can interpret our belief with Scripture.  With so much false doctrine and interpretation we do need to be wise as serpents.  I would like to know if you, the author, are a Protestant.  Also, please tell us of your love for our Precious Saviour Jesus and Our Holy God.  I know this last question is very difficult to put into words-- few enough to put on an e-mail!!- but please tell us your heart for Christ. 
Answer:  I'm pleased to hear you are enjoying the books.  Please excuse the brevity of my reply.  The questions you ask are of monumental importance and deserve much more attention than I can offer in a quick personal response.  Thankfully, there are several writings, audios, and videos on the BTS website under About the Author which give more insight into my motivation for creating the BTS materials and more familiarity with me as a Christian.  In short, I'm a non-denominational Christian whose entire hope rest in the finished work of "Jesus Christ, and him crucified" (1Co. 2:2).  I look to Scripture alone as the rule of faith and practice as upheld by sola Scriptura.  Please sample the resources under About the Author for several hours of material.

Question 3:  What is the proper spelling of your name?
Answer:  My name is spelled Allen B. Wolfe.  Here are variations of spelling Allen B Wolfe.

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