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Speakers and Workshop Leaders Bureau for Homeschool Conventions and Conferences

More than ever, homeschooling dads, moms, and children are abundantly blessed with a pantheon of gifted communicators.  Home-education experts are accessible all across this country.  Some are elite veterans who blazed the trail before homeschooling became popular.  Others are legal experts who explain and defend the rights of parents to govern the education of their children.  

A home-educators' conference usually includes messages from how-to workshop leaders to explain the nuts and bolts of using curriculum and motivational speeches from keynote speakers to strengthen your hands.  Some professional conference lecturers will pontificate on the philosophical underpinnings of epistemology (i.e., the study of the nature and basis of knowledge).  While a pastor's wife and homeschooling mother of eight may teach other women on the virtues of being a Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 woman.

Among the homeschooling experts are pastors, radio personalities, authors, experienced veterans, corporate presidents, organizational founders, convention board members, and brilliant product developers.  I'm honored to be among this noble group.

Finding a speaker for your homeschool convention has never been easier.  You can discover fresh talent and find teachers on any educational topic (geometry, algebra, biology, chemistry, history, Latin, business, computer science, etc.) in our massive bureau.  Search for homeschooling presenters on family life: marriage, child training, discipline issues, time management, family Bible studies, courtship, and much more.  Many speakers can be discovered by topic and by location.

This is the largest list of homeschool speakers on the Internet.  This speakers' bureau has been divided by last name for better organization.  In the search box, submit a key word such as a first name, nickname, last name, city, book title, etc.



If you know what state/province a speaker is located in, you may use the links below.
Alabama (AL)39 Alaska (AK)14 Arizona (AZ)11
Arkansas (AR)9 California (CA)144 Colorado (CO)34
Connecticut (CT)2 Delaware (DE)5 Florida (FL)128
Georgia (GA)81 Hawaii (HI)1 Idaho (ID)11
Illinois (IL)82 Indiana (IN)35 Iowa (IA)21
Kansas (KS)37 Kentucky (KY)18 Louisiana (LA)3
Maine (ME)4 Maryland (MD)9 Massachusetts (MA)5
Michigan (MI)18 Minnesota (MN)22 Mississippi (MS)8
Missouri (MO)50 Montana (MT)6 Nebraska (NE)7
Nevada (NV)2 New Hampshire (NH)1 New Jersey (NJ)8
New Mexico (NM)10 New York (NY)14 North Carolina (NC)59
North Dakota (ND)6 Ohio (OH)14 Oklahoma (OK)17
Oregon (OR)27 Pennsylvania (PA)29 Rhode Island (RI)0
South Carolina (SC)27 South Dakota (SD)3 Tennessee (TN)51
Texas (TX)119 Utah (UT)5 Vermont (VT)0
Virginia (VA)48 Washington (WA)49 West Virginia (WV)5
Wisconsin (WI)16 Wyoming (WY)0

Canadian Provinces
Alberta (AB)2 British Columbia (BC)18 Manitoba (MB)1
New Brunswick (NB)0 Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)0 Northwest Territories (NT)0
Nova Scotia (NS)0 Nunavut (NU)0 Ontario (ON)9
Prince Edward Island (PE)0 Québec (QC)1 Saskatchewan (SK)0
Yukon (YT)0

Art: Architectural and Interior Design0 Art: Crafts2
Art: Dance5 Art: Drama / Theater7
Art: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, etc.11 Art: History / Criticism / Theory3
Art: Instrumental Music7 Art: Multimedia / Photography / Film16
Art: Music Theory3 Art: Storytelling8
Art: Vocal Music / Singing10 Business: Advertising, Marketing, and Sales10
Business: Asset and Inventory Management1 Business: Authoring / Publishing9
Business: Economics, Accounting, and Finance9 Business: Entrepreneurship19
Business: Family Involvement11 Business: Home Economics and Personal Finances21
College: Alternatives and Application10 College: Dual Enrollment9
College: Preparation27 Family: Advice to Fathers/Men27
Family: Advice to Mothers/Women29 Family: Child Training/Discipline43
Family: Conflicts14 Family: Dating/Courtship29
Family: Friends and Peers4 Family: Home Management19
Family: Hospitality / Food9 Family: Large Families11
Family: Marriage19 Family: Pregnancy and Birth7
Family: Teens22 Family: Training Daughters16
Family: Training Sons13 Foreign Language: General4
Foreign Language: Latin8 Foreign Language: Other5
Homeschooling: Activity Days and Field Trips11 Homeschooling: Charlotte Mason33
Homeschooling: Charter Schools / Government Programs7 Homeschooling: Choosing Curriculum32
Homeschooling: Classical Education21 Homeschooling: Co-ops9
Homeschooling: Fathers12 Homeschooling: Getting Started30
Homeschooling: Keeping Records13 Homeschooling: Legal Issues27
Homeschooling: Level – 1 Preschool18 Homeschooling: Level – 2 Kindergarten14
Homeschooling: Level – 3 Elementary12 Homeschooling: Level – 4 Middle School10
Homeschooling: Level – 5 High School35 Homeschooling: Level – 6 Multi-level Teaching16
Homeschooling: Motivation / Inspiration44 Homeschooling: Penmanship or Typing4
Homeschooling: Single-Parent Homes8 Homeschooling: Statistics and Trends8
Homeschooling: Support and Opposition11 Homeschooling: Testing13
Homeschooling: Unit Studies16 Homeschooling: Unschooling8
Language Arts: Journalism and Mass Media2 Language Arts: Reading35
Language Arts: Speech and Debate9 Language Arts: Spelling and Vocabulary15
Language Arts: Writing40 Mathematics: Algebra and Pre-Algebra13
Mathematics: Applied Math4 Mathematics: Arithmetic10
Mathematics: Calculus and Precalculus0 Mathematics: Geometry5
Mathematics: Logic3 Mathematics: Probability and Statistics0
Mathematics: Theory1 Mathematics: Trigonometry2
Other: Construction1 Other: Research and Library Sciences7
Personal Development: Character17 Personal Development: Leadership13
Personal Development: Life Purpose / Achievement20 Personal Development: Martial Arts / Self-Defense2
Personal Development: Memory Techniques9 Personal Development: Mentoring8
Personal Development: Organization Skills17 Personal Development: Physical Education6
Personal Development: Relationships / Social Skills8 Personal Development: Time Management14
Religion: Apologetics14 Religion: Bible31
Religion: Evangelism / Missions13 Religion: Philosophy3
Religion: Prayer / Service9 Religion: Worldview18
Science: Agriculture2 Science: Astronomy6
Science: Chemistry4 Science: Creationism20
Science: Earth Science and Geology10 Science: Health and Nutrition19
Science: Life Science and Biology11 Science: Physics7
Social Studies: American History22 Social Studies: Biblical History8
Social Studies: Civics, Government, or Political Science16 Social Studies: Classical History (i.e., Greek & Roman History)3
Social Studies: Constitutional, Common, Criminal Law7 Social Studies: European History6
Social Studies: Geography4 Social Studies: Humanities or Multicultural Studies5
Social Studies: Psychology, Sociology, or Anthropology5 Social Studies: World History9
Special: Academically Gifted15 Special: Autism16
Special: Braille or Sign Language1 Special: Learning Disabilities51
Special: Learning Styles19 Special: Physical Limitations2
Special: Speech Therapy3 Technology: Programming3
Technology: SEO and Conversion Rates0 Technology: Social Media8
Technology: Trends and Usage4 Technology: Web Development0

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