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Homeschool Conference Speakers and Workshop Leaders List with Last Names Beginning with the Letter "H"

  • To Homeschooling Speakers & Workshop Leaders
  • To Homeschooling Master Page
  • Please click ADD if you want to add a speaker.  If you have updated information about a speaker, there is a link on the page with the detailed speaker information page where you may send me updated information on that speaker.
  • Inclusion in this list of speakers does not imply endorsement. My hope is that this list will assist conference organizers in connecting with workshop leaders and speakers. Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool workshop leaders and speakers develop relationships with more convention planners and audiences. May your efforts be for the glory of Christ and the strengthening of His saints.
Catherine Hackman Illinois
Heather Haddox
Barb Hafemann
Tom Hafemann
April Hagar
Emily Hageman Washington
Don Haggar Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Teri Haggerty Florida
Marilyn Fay Hahn
Helen Haidle
Brad Haines
Deana Haines
Joy Hakim Colorado
Becky Haley Florida
Benitta Hall Dadeville, Alabama
Sandra Hall
Debe Haller Garden Grove, California
Dara Halydier Early, Texas
Ken Ham Hebron, Kentucky
Mark Hamby Waverly, Pennsylvania
Nancy Hameloth
Jon Hamilton Vero Beach, Florida
Lisa Hamilton Marianna, Florida
Martha Hamilton
Tammye Hamilton Vero Beach, Florida
Jay Hamilton-Roth
Ann Haney Shelbyville, Tennessee
Mike Hanik Bryan, Texas
Catherine Hanna
Allan Hansen
Jean Hansen
Shirley Hansen
Laurie Hanson
Roy Hanson Lincoln, California
Russ Hanson
Scott Hardin Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kitchener Harding Alabama
Matthew Christian Harding Gloucster, Virginia
Mona Lisa Harding Alabama
Serennah Emily Harding Alabama
Barry Hardy LaVergne, Tennessee
Kathy Hardy
Tom Harmon
Amelia Harper
Mary Harrington
Al Harris
Alene Harris
Alex Harris Gresham, Oregon
Brett Harris Gresham, Oregon
Gregg Harris Gresham, Oregon
Jennifer Harris California
Sono Harris Gresham, Oregon
Susan Harris Alabama
Teri Harris
Jim Harrison
Don Hart Liberty Hill, Texas
Marion Hart
Warren Hart
Mereda Hart Mason
Jennifer A. Hasser Alpharetta, Georgia
Paul Hastings Austin, Texas
Iris Hatfield
Megan Hauck
Jerome L. Haughee (a.k.a., Jerry Haughee) Mishawaka, Indiana
Jessie Hawkins Franklin, Tennessee
Tim Hawkins
Cathryn A. Hay Kansas
Marc Hayes
Rene Hayes
Michael Hayward Cotati, California
David Hazell Rolla, Missouri
Michael Heath Augusta, Maine
Paulie Heath Augusta, Maine
Traci S. Heaton Fredonia, Arizona
Andrew Hebert
Holly Hebert
Janice Hedin
Dana Heidenreich
Teri Heinichen Owens
Dianne Heinrichs
Amy Heinz
Barb Heki Missouri
Rich Heki Missouri
Brian Heller Washington, Illinois
Helen Helmers
Michele Helms Woodstock, Georgia
Andrea Helmuth
Melody Hemmer Dixon, Illinois
Cheryl Henbest Meridian, Idaho
Dave Henderson North Carolina
Elisa Henderson
Sharon Henderson North Carolina
Bev Hendricks
Connie Hendricks
Marni Hendrix
Shelley Hendry
Janice Henry
Kirk Henry
Lori M. Henry
Rick Hensel Wisconsin
Sharon Hensley Morgan Hill, California
Duwayne Heppner
Miriam Heppner
Matthew Herbster (a.k.a., Matt Herbster) Brevard, North Carolina
Sharon Heritch Peoria, Illinois
Scott Hermanson
Susan Hermes Mount Dora, Florida
Rosine Hermodson-Olsen
Ann B. Herrick
Jeannine Herron San Rafael, California
Joyce Herzog Chattanooga, Tennessee
Linda Hessel
Glenda Hester
Melanie Hexter Howard, Ohio
Randy Hibbs
Regina Hicks
Judy Himes Albany, Georgia
Clair Hinckley
Julie Hiramine Monument, Colorado
Kay Hiramine Colorado Springs, Colorado
Dan Hite Missouri
Forrest Hobbs Florida
Lisa Hodgen Nebraska
Ernie Hodges North Carolina
Jim Hodges Newalla, Oklahoma
Sharon Hofer Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
Andrea Hoffman
Dan Hoffman Sycamore, Illinois
Jane Hoffman
Tammy Hoffman
Anne Hogan
Bob Hogan Cheswold, Delaware
Chris Hogan Springfield, Illinois
Maggie Hogan Cheswold, Delaware
Tyler Hogan Cheswold, Delaware
Liz Hogenson
Kathy Holcomb
Mark Holden
Rita Holets
Michelle Holland
Rachel Holland
Vicki Holle
Audrey Hollingsworth
Dave Hollis
Tracie Hollis
Pat Holt
Sarita Holzmann Littleton, Colorado
Mary Hood Cartersville, Georgia
Natalie Hoover
Rhonda Hoover
Mercy Hope Covert, Michigan
Rusty Hopewell
Karen Hopkins Oklahoma
Max Hopkins Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Stephen Hopkins Texas
Karin Horner
Justin Horsman San Antonio, Texas
Cheryl Horton
Sharla Horton Alabama
John Hostettler
Freida Houck Taft, Tennessee
Laura House Lynchburg, Virginia
Louise House
Tina Houser
Craig Houston Bremerton, Washington
Amy Howard
Jim Bob Howard Nashville, Tennessee
Juleigh Howard Hobson
Joseph Howe
Kim A. Howe Durham, North Carolina
Jill G. Howell Decatur, Alabama
Greg Howlett Monroe, Georgia
Brannon Howse
Tom Hoyle
Herb Hrebic Chicago, Illinois
Judy Hubbard Lewes, Delaware
Sharon Hubbard
Larry Huber
Jack Hubley Lititz, Pennsylvania
Laura Hudgens
Gerald Huebner Manitoba
Shean Huff
Rusty Hughes Indiana
Sherri Hughes
Jared Hulcy
Jessica Hulcy Anna, Texas
Wade Hulcy Anna, Texas
James Rand Hummel (a.k.a., Rand Hummel)
Jami Humphrey
Russell Humphreys (a.k.a., Russ Humphreys)
Tanya Humphries
Pam Hunsinger
April Hunt California
Beth Hunter Garner, North Carolina
Trish Hunter
Robin Hurd
Vickie Hutchison
Chad Hymas Stockton, Utah

Balancing the Sword makes no claims about the speakers' faith, ability, materials, etc.  This speaker profile information is being provided free of charge.  Please click the links and do your own research before issuing an invitation to your conference.  Postings are subject to change.

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