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Mrs. Mary Harrington:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Harrington, Mary

United States of America (US)

Website(s) http://_
Featured Presentations2011 Gulf Coast Home Education Conference (SETHSA) (2011, TX)
2008 SHEM Home Education Convention (2008, MO)
Workshop Presentations1st Annual 2012 Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Spartanburg (2012, SC)
21st Annual FEAST Homeschool Convention & Curriculum Fair (2011, TX)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Latin is Essential and How You Can Teach it with No Prior Knowledge
No, Latin is NOT boring! It is the base of the English language, and it is the key to a good English vocabulary and to good grammar. It is possible to teach Latin in an interesting way and to learn as you teach. The only prerequisite is being able to read!

What is Classical Christian Education?
Do you wonder exactly what is meant by “ Classical Christian Education”? Learn how to incorporate this proven method of teaching students using the classical method which is much more than Data Input. In this workshop, the trivium will be explained, and you will give your students more tools to learn, and to think! Just a few changes in your curriculum will turn on the “light” for your students.

Teaching a Biblical Worldview by Studying Cicero
Sic transit Roma. Sic transit America? 
Your students will develop a proper understanding of ethics and the political structure of government as well as learning to trust in God's Providence by reading A Pillar of Iron and by answering the thought-provoking 260 questions written for this book.  Questions and answers are given to each interested teacher/parent.

Mary's Achievements
  • Homeschooling mother, with eleven children.
  • Professional teacher, with over 20 years experience teaching Latin.
  • Author: Latin In The Christian Trivium
Harrington's Bio
Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified6/22/2012 1:35:48 PM

My hope is that this list will assist conference organizers in connecting with Mary Harrington and other workshop leaders and speakers. Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool workshop leaders and speakers develop relationships with more convention planners and audiences. May your efforts be for the glory of Christ and the strengthening of His saints.

Disclaimer:  Balancing the Sword makes no claims about the speakers' faith, ability, materials, etc.  This speaker profile information is being provided free of charge.  Please click the links and do your own research before issuing an invitation to your conference.  Postings are subject to change.


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