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For a limited time, buy a 3-piece set of Balancing the Sword and get a second set for free, including standard shipping.

BTS 3-Piece Set.  The Balancing the Sword package includes two books (volume one and volume two) which are each Smythe-sewn hardback with over 600 pages, over 3,500 question, almost 27,000 cross references, over 500 images, and over 500 quotes.  The books come with a free copy of the  Reading Planner ® on-line software and Presentation.  Shipping is $7.75 in the Continental United States.  (Purchases outside the US usually cost $40 via the United States Postal Service.  Make your supplemental payment for the difference of $32.25 at the bottom under Supplemental Payments.)   Learn more.

BTS 3-Piece Set



BTS Vocabulary Tool.  Expand your vocabulary using our customized system using flashcards and quizzes. We provide word-by-word performance tracking and recordkeeping for all quizzes and flashcard sessions. Our system draws upon 118,000+ terms compiled from Webster's 1913 Dictionary and Easton's Bible Dictionary. You can add your specialty terms or missing words. You may create multiple lists for all members of the family and share your lists with other subscribers. This product is available on-line as a 1-year subscription. The product code will be emailed to you.  Learn more.

Vocabulary On-line Tool (1-Year Subscription)



BTS Reading Planner ® On-line Software.  Want to create a completely customizable reading plan?  The Reading Planner allows you to put your good intentions into an achievable schedule.  This product is available as an on-line product. The product code will be emailed to you.  Learn more.

Reading Planner Software On-line



Bible on DVD.  I am thrilled to offer a magnificent companion to the Balancing the Sword books and software:  the Bible on DVD.  You can purchase the Bible on DVD in (1) the King James Version by the famed Alexander Scourby or (2) the dramatized New King James Version narrated by Stephen Johnston and others. Educational institutions (including the College Board) recommend the KJV for purposes of literary advancement. The NKJV is narrated by a professional cast of male and female readers who seamlessly cover the entire Bible in 72 hours.  See the Text on the television while listening to the interplay of voices. Either product is $25.00 plus $3.50 shipping & handling.

Bible on DVD




Indestructible Book DVD.  Have you ever wondered how we got our English Bible?  The Indestructible Book DVD give you the history of the Bible from the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts to the English Bible that came to the shores of America on the Mayflower.  This 4-part documentary is a little more than 4 hours long.  In addition to being packed with historical information, the footage for this DVD was shot on location.  You will travel from Jerusalem to the Roman catacombs and from Germany to England and to many other places.  One of the most favorable aspects of this beautiful video production is that you will learn not only of the people who were instrumental in translating the Bible into Latin and English, but you will be inspired towards greater Christian living.  We did not just receive the sacrifice of their ink, but these godly heroes loved the propagation of the knowledge of God to the point of sacrificing treasure, friends, family, freedom, and life itself.  I love this product!  The Indestructible Book is available for $25.00 plus $3.50 shipping & handling.

Indestructible Book DVD



IndoctriNation DVD.  The film IndoctriNation is unquestionably the most compressed, accurate, and thoughtful Christian documentary examining the condition of public schools. Every parent and pastor in America should become an expert on one of our nation's most influential institutions—the government schools. Purchase IndoctriNation on DVD for $16.00 plus $3.50 shipping & handling.

IndoctriNation DVD



Black BTS Tee Shirt.  

"What is Truth"—Pontius Pilate   Tee Shirt by Balancing the Sword  - Front and Back

Shipping is $3.00 in the Continental United States.  Learn more and see more pictures.

Black BTS Tee Shirt




Sand BTS Tee Shirt - Name Above Every Name (International Evangelism).  

Jesus - The Name Above Every Name (Php. 2:9-11)

Shipping is $3.00 in the Continental United States.  Learn more and see more pictures.

Sand BTS Tee Shirt with Blue and Beige Ink



Blue BTS Tee Shirt with Blue and Red Ink




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