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Homeschool Events, Book Fairs, Conventions, Conferences, and Graduations in the United States of America and Canada

Upcoming Events

States Listed Below

Balancing the Sword has enjoyed warm reception from Christians across the denominational spectrum.  Significant enthusiasm for BTS springs from homeschooling parents.  Why?  Homeschooling parents are characteristically known for being very intentional and consistent in discipling their children in the teachings of Christ.  It's my pleasure to provide you-all with the following list of home-education conferences.

Have you attended a homeschooling conference yet?  It's definitely worth your time to explore the possibilities.  Millions of American families have  discovered the benefits of a home-based educational method.  

Today, there are curriculum fairs, cooperative home-educators' expos, and unschooling symposiums all across the United States and Canada.  Virtually every state has one or more conferences each year.  Small book fairs may have 100 attendees; annual state conventions may have more than 15,000 home-educators including their children.  

Informative and dynamic speakers will encourage you while addressing some of the more challenging elements of home-educating.  Frequently, you can learn about the educational laws in your state.  Some of the conferences will even have a graduation ceremony for the seniors. 

Resource vendors converge for your shopping convenience.  So, attending a home-education convention will frequently allow you to purchase curriculum at special discounts.  

Of all benefits of attending a homeschool convention, the greatest benefit to me is the encouragement that I draw from being around so many families committed to training up a righteous generation.  Most of the homeschooling families that I meet are salty salt (Mt. 5:13).  They greatly add to my hopes for tomorrow.

Alabama (AL)30 Alaska (AK)32 Arizona (AZ)23
Arkansas (AR)14 California (CA)114 Colorado (CO)17
Connecticut (CT)8 Delaware (DE)0 Florida (FL)62
Georgia (GA)40 Hawaii (HI)7 Idaho (ID)6
Illinois (IL)33 Indiana (IN)28 Iowa (IA)10
Kansas (KS)18 Kentucky (KY)6 Louisiana (LA)9
Maine (ME)29 Maryland (MD)23 Massachusetts (MA)21
Michigan (MI)18 Minnesota (MN)6 Mississippi (MS)6
Missouri (MO)49 Montana (MT)4 Nebraska (NE)8
Nevada (NV)10 New Hampshire (NH)8 New Jersey (NJ)6
New Mexico (NM)11 New York (NY)19 North Carolina (NC)29
North Dakota (ND)9 Ohio (OH)17 Oklahoma (OK)13
Oregon (OR)18 Pennsylvania (PA)21 Rhode Island (RI)0
South Carolina (SC)20 South Dakota (SD)6 Tennessee (TN)57
Texas (TX)73 Utah (UT)5 Vermont (VT)0
Virginia (VA)33 Washington (WA)50 West Virginia (WV)8
Wisconsin (WI)22 Wyoming (WY)5

The provinces of Canada (CA) also have homeschooling events.

Online events (no physical location)



Show by State:

Hopefully, we will see a homeschool conference begin in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Marshall Islands, and other U.S. territories.  Boy, that's an idea!  I'd love to be invited as a speaker to the first homeschoolers' convention in Saint Thomas or Saint Croix!

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