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Mrs. Maggie Hogan:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Hogan, Maggie

Bright Ideas Press
PO Box 333
Cheswold, Delaware (DE)  19936
United States of America (US)

Keynote Speaker?Yes
Keynote PresentationsEducation Network of Christian Homeschoolers of New Jersey (ENOCH) Convention (2007)
(British Columbia, Canada) BC Christian Home Educators' Convention (2009)
Featured PresentationsThe Old Schoolhouse Expo (May 2011) (2011, WWW)
2008 Annual Georgia Home Education Association's Conference (GHEA) (2008, GA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Ancient Civilizations; History Starts Here
What were the Ancient Civilizations and why are they important? Can we teach thousands of years of history in one year? Ancient Civilizations have had a great impact on life today (think current events). Learn to teach history chronologically, Biblically, and in-depth. If youve ever been tempted to skim through this time period because you never learned this stuff yourself, be encouraged! You can teach this subject by learning right along with your students. Fun, fast-paced workshop includes an outline for developing a solid course, with ideas for literature, resources, projects, and much more.

Hands-On Geography
This practical workshop is loaded with interesting, easy-to-do ideas that will bring a smile to your face - and your children's faces, too! Learn how to incorporate geography into your everyday life. This vital subject, heavily emphasized in early Americas education is now, sadly, neglected. Discover for yourself not only how important geography is but how to teach it in this lively, encouraging workshop.

Academically Gifted: Elementary & Middle School Years
How do you know if your child is gifted? Should gifted children be schooled differently? What are the special challenges of teaching a gifted child? Are you looking for encouragement, advice, opportunities, and resources? This workshop will cover much territory: from identifying giftedness and recognizing traits (both positive and not) to choosing curriculum and looking ahead to the high school years. Come, think outside the box - youll be glad you did.

A Wifes Priorities: For Women Only, Please
Ladies, how can we support, encourage and equip our husbands to be the best homeschooling dad and husband they can be? Whats the secret behind successful dads? Using Biblical examples, real-life anecdotes, tips & techniques that work, and a sense of humor, Maggie shares ways to build up and support the Principle at home. This workshop could revitalize your entire homeschool! Dont miss it.

Nature & Science Journals: You CAN do This!
Incredible benefits await those who jump into science journaling! Observation, organization, research skills and much more are developed while time is spent studying Gods awesome creation and building keepsake books. Perhaps youve wanted to begin nature journals but werent quite sure where to start or how to inspire the kids. Or maybe you started and ran out of steam and/or ideas. Either way, this workshop will both inspire and instruct. Lots of samples and resources will be shown.

Hands-On Projects Across the Curriculum
Looking for simple ideas to spice up your lessons? There is nothing like a fun, hands-on activity to make learning both enjoyable and even more importantly: memorable! Come see actual student-made projects and see for yourself how easy this can be. Subjects covered include Literature, Fine Arts, Science, History and Geography. Taking home a few ideas from this workshop may be just what you need to reignite the love of learning in your household.

History and Geography through Literature
So many books - so little time! Biographies, historical fiction, exciting read-alouds: there is nothing quite like a great book to capture the flavor of a place or event. How to choose them and how to fit them into your day? Get great tips to both keep you on track and to glean as much as possible from your reading. Whether teaching chronologically, by unit study, with living books, or textbooks; this workshop will provide loads of practical and inspiring ideas!

Science Secrets - Keep it Simple!
Elementary science is about exposure to science topics, introduction of basic principles, and orderly thinking. If it feels like drudgery, perhaps you didnt know its also supposed to be fun! Reading great books, talking about ideas, observing Gods creation, taking easy field trips, and worthwhile hands-on experiences make teaching science a pleasure, not a punishment. Put the joy back in science - keep it simple! Come hear and see great ideas for streamlining your elementary science curriculum. Your kids will thank you. Bonus: using the classical approach to science? You dont want to miss this one!

Entrepreneurs at Home
Raising a creative student? Have a teen? Looking for home income possibilities? The Bible has much to say about money: from how to earn it to how to save it. Are you including real life applications of Biblical career and money concepts in your homeschool? It is truly amazing how many different ways there are to make money from home, while all the while reaping great benefits in the way of Bible study, organization skills, banking, sales, marketing, and the list goes on! This workshop is especially helpful for those who want to think outside the box in their educational pursuits. Homeschooling doesn't always have to COST you money - sometimes it can make you money, too!

Confessions of a Real Mom
Are you the type to plan ahead? Do you have lists for daily activities . . . or even a list of things for which you need to make a list? Or do you find yourself disorganized and short on teaching time? Be encouraged by a Real Mom, not the Martha Stewart of Homeschooling, one who admits to running to Wal-mart for underwear when the laundry pile overwhelmed . . . one whos been married to the same wonderful man for 22 years, but who simply forgets to cook dinner. How does one keep on track with teaching when one is organizationally challenged? Doing our best in homeschooling is important so we do need to figure it out! Come hear 10 Strategies for Successful Homeschooling from a very real mom.

Packing a Punch with Timelines and Maps
Maps make you snooze? Timelines confuse? Learn how to incorporate these terrific tools effortlessly into your studies. From current events to Hannibals march, utilizing timelines and maps makes history, geography, literature, science, & the fine arts come alive! Learn how to choose, use, make, and find these great resources. Discover the secret behind using both tools together. Visually appealing, memory boosting, and very hands-on: all learning styles benefit!

Classical Composers for Dummies: Music History for the Musically Challenged
This is a fast, fun, integrated approach to history and music for those of us who never learned this stuff. Knowing something about classical music is important for a well-rounded education. But it had better be interesting or the kids will snooze! Hear tidbits about famous composers and see a cool method of remembering who composed when. A list of important composers, their place in history, and more will be on hand-outs.

Wow - Booking!
Looking for that special something to put pizzazz in your school day? Want ingenious but not time-consuming? Try Journals. Not boring ones . . . clever, contagiously creative ones! Not artistic, you say? No problem! You can do this anyway. Journals, scrapbooks, lapbooks, notebooks, copybooks, diaries, whatever you want to call them; this may be the answer to both your I dont want to use a textbook dilemma as well as your desire to create lasting mementos of your kids education.

Ministry at Home (With son, Tyler Hogan)
Have a son or daughter with a passion for ministry or perhaps you are looking to ignite such a passion? There are a myriad of ways to serve the Lord while still a youth. Come hear from a mom and son who have been challenged to allow Gods call on this teens life to be a focus for their homeschooling endeavors. As you listen to Tylers story you will discover ways in which you, too, can heed Gods calling, right from home! This is a creative, heart warming workshop that will inspire you to be who God wants you to be, no matter your age.

Living Books' Ugly Stepsisters: Reference Books!
Yes, we homeschoolers are in love with books . . . fiction, non-fiction, curriculum, we even curl up with catalogs! But how many of us are reference book devotees? Whens the last time you used an almanac or thesaurus or a book of quotations? There is a wealth of information exciting and useful to be found on the less romantic section of the bookshelf. Maggie brings her sense of humor to bear on what some might think is a dull topic. Share laughs and lots of great ideas for getting the most out of these wonderful, timeless resources.

Are You Just Fine without the Fine Arts?
What is fine art? It consists of any of the art forms (including music, theater, painting, poetry, etc.) that is produced or intended primarily for beauty rather than utility. Why bother with fine art? You are too busy with phonics and math to waste time on the extras, right? Wrong! There are compelling intellectual and spiritual reasons to include fine arts in your curriculum, and Maggie Hogan, the Queen of All Things Practical, is going to show you how to make this happen in a painless way!

Oh sure, EVERYONE reads the classics . . . right? Wrong! Too many of us know we should read them to (or with) our kids but we dont really know how to get the most out of them. We wince every time we notice that unopened Ivanhoe sitting on the shelf. Do you desire that your children be exposed to the best in literature but feel ill-equipped to help them? Lets throw out the guilt trip and look at what makes good literature. Ill provide a super list of great books to read as well as ideas for book projects that will make you excited about reading the classics! Bonus: directions included for running a successful on-line classic book club for kids and parents, too!

Maggie's AchievementsCo-owner: Bright Ideas Press Co-author: Gifted Children at Home Co-author: The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide Co-author: Hands-on Geography Co-author: Young Scholar's Guide to Classical Composers Contributing writer: Homeschooling Today Contributing writer: The Old Schoolhouse
Hogan's Bio
NotesBob and Maggie Hogan are married and may speak together.
Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified8/14/2010 3:17:25 PM
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My hope is that this list will assist conference organizers in connecting with Maggie Hogan and other workshop leaders and speakers. Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool workshop leaders and speakers develop relationships with more convention planners and audiences. May your efforts be for the glory of Christ and the strengthening of His saints.

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