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Mr. Tyler Hogan:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Phone 2
Hogan, Tyler

Bright Ideas Press
PO Box 333
Cheswold, Delaware (DE)  19936
United States of America (US)

1-877-492-8081 vc
1-877-492-8081 fax
Keynote Speaker?Available
Featured PresentationsTeach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Nashville (2013, TN)
Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Spartanburg (2013, SC)
The Old Schoolhouse Expo (May 2011) (2011, WWW)
2010 Illinois Christian Home Educator's Annual State Convention (ICHE) (2010, IL)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Christ and Culture
In a world saturated with all kinds of messages and media, Christians desperately need to know how to evaluate and respond to what they see and hear around them. We'll discuss how Christians have historically responded to culture from Paul until today, what scripture has to say about "Grey Areas," and watching movies with discernment applying biblical analysis tools. Ideal for teens and parents to attend together.

Entrepreneurs at Home
Are you or your teens looking for some extra cash? Got the business bug? Looking to get some great experience with work and finances? Then Entrepreneurship may be for you! Hear from someone who took notes while growing up in an entrepreneurial family. Come learn the ins-and-outs of home business start-up, growth, and management from the ground up. Whether youre looking to build your product, service, or web-based enterprise, youll find lots of great ideas, resources, and scriptural principals to help you on your way.

Fine Arts across the Curriculum
Music, theatre, visual art, dance, film, poetry: these oft-neglected areas of education are essential. Hear a homeschool grad with a B.A. in theater provide a Christian perspective on this topic. Discover how to incorporate these elusive, yet critical, disciplines into your everyday homeschool life.

Modernism in Culture
The twentieth century saw the birth of the abstract and absurd in theatre, music, art, poetry, literature and more. Come take a tour inside the peculiar minds of Pablo Picasso, Samuel Becket, John Cage, T.S. Eliot and others. Discover how what they produced influences your family, and simple tools for discerning the truth from the lies in our culture.

Teens in Ministry: Make High School Count!
Have a son or daughter with a passion for ministry or perhaps you are looking to ignite such a passion? There are a myriad of ways to serve the Lord while still a youth. Enrich your teen's high school experience by tying their ministry into your homeschool. Learn how to help your teens follow their passion, serve the Lord and earn high school credits as well! Hear from a homeschool and college grad who successfully followed his ministry dreams in high school (and beyond!).

Worldview Fallout: the Bomb of Post-Modernism
Does Picasso leave you scratching your head? Does the word "Post-Modernism" strike fear (or anger) in you heart? Come hear an easy-to-understand explanation about some of the dominant ideas of our nation's history and how they impact you today! In this workshop, we'll discuss the historical and cultural development of the modern and post-modern worldviews, their effect on our daily lives, and how a Christian should respond to them.

History Starts Here: Digging Into the Past
Understanding the times starts with understanding times past—but teaching history is hard, right? It doesn’t have to be. This workshop will show you how to make history fun, relevant, and memorable—from the ancients to modern days. Dig into timelines, maps, hands-on project ideas, methods, and more! Learn how to ignite your students’ love of learning and marvel at the hand of God together through your study of history.

Ancient Civilizations: History starts Here
What were the Ancient Civilizations and why are they important? Can we teach thousands of years of history in one year? Ancient Civilizations have had a great impact on life today. Learn to teach history chronologically, Bibically, and in-depth. Fun, fast paced workshop includes an outline for developing a solid course, with ideas for literature, resources, projects and much more. 

Packing a Punch with Timelines & Maps
Maps make you snooze? Timelines confuse? Learn how to incorporate these terrific tools effortlessly into your studies. From current events to Hannibal's march, utilizing timelines & maps makes history, geography, literature, science & fine arts come alive! Learn how to choose, use, make, and find these great resources. Discover the secret behind using both tools together. Visually appealing, memory boosting, hands-on: all learning styles benefit!

Loving Geography—Even If You Can’t Fold a Map!
Geography is one of the most under-taught subjects, but one of the most important. In a world that is increasingly global-minded, where long-distance is a thing of the past, it is perhaps one of the most crucial topics for us to understand. The good news is that the study of the earth—its structure and inhabitants—is not only fascinating, but also easy to integrate into your homeschool. In this workshop, you will find a vision for teaching geography, as well as creative, enjoyable ways to amplify your teaching in every subject.

Tyler's Achievements
  • Homeschooled from kindergarten through high school.
  • B.A. degree in Theatre (Ministry emphasis) from Belhaven University
  • Working towards an MA from Covenant Theological Seminary
  • Has taught classes for homeschoolers since 2008
  • Office Manager for Bright Ideas Press
Hogan's Bio

Tyler Hogan is the Bright Ideas Press Office Manager. He lives in Dover, Delaware with his very patient wife, Helen, and their adorable daughter, Kaylee. He and his wife are both Homeschool Graduates. He has spoken, performed, and taught classes around the world on homeschooling, the arts, and worldview issues. In his "spare time," he teaches classes for homeschoolers, performs street mime, tinkers on his house, reads good books, drinks tea, and over-analyses movies. He has a BA in Theatre from Belhaven University, and is currently working on his MA in Educational Ministries from Covenant Theological Seminary.

NotesTyler is the son of Bob and Maggie Hogan.
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Date Modified7/8/2013 2:00:44 PM
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