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Homeschool Conference Speakers and Workshop Leaders List in California

  • To Homeschooling Speakers & Workshop Leaders
  • To Homeschooling Master Page
  • Please click ADD if you want to add a speaker.  If you have updated information about a speaker, there is a link on the page with the detailed speaker information page where you may send me updated information on that speaker.
  • Inclusion in this list of speakers does not imply endorsement. My hope is that this list will assist conference organizers in connecting with workshop leaders and speakers. Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool workshop leaders and speakers develop relationships with more convention planners and audiences. May your efforts be for the glory of Christ and the strengthening of His saints.
Vera Clark Aliso Viejo
Kim Kautzer Alta Loma
Dorothy McCandliss Altadena
Ray Comfort Bellflower
Marcia Brim Camino
Michael Hayward Cotati
Beau Janzen Culver City
David R. Brown Danville
Marcia Osterink Del Mar
David Kimball Delhi
Dennis Peterson El Dorado
Kristi Clover Encinitas
John Wojnicki Escondido
Laura Wojnicki Escondido
Ronald Adams (a.k.a., Ron Adams) Fair Oaks
Dan Sinclair Fallbrook
Debe Haller Garden Grove
Jennifer Steward Garden Valley
Sharon Ashford Granada Hills
Julie Anderson Grass Valley
Colleen Cato Inland Empire
Lynn Schott Irvine
Bonnie Redfern Kingsburg
Tony Redfern Kingsburg
Julie Kotoff Lakewood
Susan Peterson Lakewood
Jim Davis Lincoln
Roy Hanson Lincoln
George Castro Long Beach
Marian Soderholm Long Beach
Loren Mavromati Los Angelas
Kat Alexander Los Angeles
Maggie Baird Los Angeles
Michelle Barone Los Angeles
Kimberly Bredberg Los Angeles
Efrain Sevilla Los Angeles
Andrea Zollman Los Angeles
Roxanne Weber Los Gatos
Candy Miniaci Manteca
Diane Flynn Keith Millbrae
Mary Creedon Modesto
Kendra Fletcher Modesto
Eldon Rosenow Modesto
Michael Winther (a.k.a., Mike Winther) Modesto
Martin Forte (a.k.a., Marty Forte) Monrovia
Alan Nelson Monterey
Melissa Zawrotny Moorpark
Cynthia Anchondo Moreno Valley
Sharon Hensley Morgan Hill
Carleen Paul Norco
Susan Beatty Norwalk
Mary Schofield Norwalk
Karen Taylor Oak Hills, CA
Katherine Dang Oakland
Marilyn Mosely-Gordanier Ojai
Dinah Williams Ontario
Denise Kanter Orange
Gary Kanter Orange
Mary Ann Malkoff Orange
Kris Cordell Orangevale
Pat Roy Paradise
Barbara Beers Redding
Bethany Bennett Redding
Kati Butcher (a.k.a., "Bee", aka "Mrs. Flutterbee" Butcher) Riverside
Cynthia Kinney (a.k.a., Cindi Kinney) Sacramento
Nathan Pierce Sacramento
Irene Pritsker San Diego
Susan Barton San Jose
Andrea Schwartz San Jose
Sean McDowell San Juan Capistrano
Rebecca Berg (a.k.a., Rea Berg) San Luis Obispo
Joe Betts-LaCroix San Mateo
Lisa Betts-LaCroix San Mateo
Jeannine Herron San Rafael
Jean Kawiecki Santa Barbara
Jen Lilienstein Santa Barbara
Elizabeth Johnson Santa Clarita
Suzanne Clark (a.k.a., Suzy Clark) Santa Cruz
Beverly Bradley (a.k.a., Bev Bradley) Sheridan
Reb Bradley Sheridan
Jonathan Phillip Lindvall Springville
Jason O’Neil Temecula
Marcelo Tolopilo Temecula
Valorie Tolopilo Temecula
Marshall Foster Thousand Oaks
C. Darren Butler Topanga
Penny Ross Torrance
Kim Garroutte Ukiah
Stephen Guffanti Vista
Kathy Young Walnut Creek
Marilee Coots Weldon
Cathy Duffy Westminster
Carlita Boyles Windsor
Dana Dickey Yuba City
Jim Adams
Catherine Allison
Leigh Arevalo
Chris Ashley
Steve Askin
Wes Beach
John Bennett
Jon Bernstein
Brian Callis
Charity Callis
Jeanette Carlstrom
Erinn Dooley
Alicia Doyle
Jennifer Enriquez
Debbie Feely
Karla Field
Elizabeth Fitzgerald (a.k.a., Liz Fitzgerald)
Carolyn Forte
Renee Geare
Mary Griffith
Jennifer Harris
April Hunt
Beverly Imano (a.k.a., Bev Imano)
Bruce Isham
Ariella Leeder
Stephanie Lewis-Eastman
Erik Lundquist
Julia Morgan
Susan Nobles
Susan Nowicke
Mark Osterink
Jennifer Pepito
Cindy Quilici
Rita Reese
Michelle Rodriguez
Francine Ruiz
Karen Sexton
Mark Spence
Jessica Thompson
Anne Weiland
Mark Weiss
Viola Weiss
Dawna Wiemeyer
Pia Williams
Mary Winther
Deborah Wuehler

Balancing the Sword makes no claims about the speakers' faith, ability, materials, etc.  This speaker profile information is being provided free of charge.  Please click the links and do your own research before issuing an invitation to your conference.  Postings are subject to change.

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