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Homeschool Conference Speakers and Workshop Leaders List with Last Names Beginning with the Letter "C"

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  • Please click ADD if you want to add a speaker.  If you have updated information about a speaker, there is a link on the page with the detailed speaker information page where you may send me updated information on that speaker.
  • Inclusion in this list of speakers does not imply endorsement. My hope is that this list will assist conference organizers in connecting with workshop leaders and speakers. Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool workshop leaders and speakers develop relationships with more convention planners and audiences. May your efforts be for the glory of Christ and the strengthening of His saints.
Renee Cabatic
Joanne Calderwood Normandy, Tennessee
Verlainna Callentine (a.k.a., Lainna Callentine) Plainfield, Illinois
Brian Callis California
Charity Callis California
Deb Callow
Ann Cameron Siegal
Colin Campbell
Janice Campbell Ashland, Virginia
Nancy Campbell Franklin, Tennessee
Cathy Canen Athens, Georgia
Emir Caner
Adria Cannon
Inge Cannon Indianapolis, Indiana
Amanda Capps
Julie Caprera
Mark Carbone
Tony Carboni Margate, Florida
Carole Cardinal Qu├ębec
Tammy Cardwell
John Carey
Victoria Carey
Barbara Carlson
Lauren Carlson Georgia
Steve Carlson
Jeanette Carlstrom California
Davis Carman North Carolina
Rachael Carman North Carolina
Cody Carnett Fredericksburg, Texas
Cody Carnine
Carol Carpenter
Ken Carpenter Franklin, Tennessee
Danny Carrales
Cindy Carrier
Marc Carrier Indiana
David Michael Carrillo Indianapolis, Indiana
Jim Carroll
Sheila Carroll Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Cheryl R. Carter Uniondale, New York
Derek Carter Uniondale, New York
Robert Carter (a.k.a., Rob Carter) Atlanta, Georgia
Richard Cary Naselle, Washington
Jane Casey
Barb Cash Georgia
Tim Cash Georgia
Don Cassidy Ault, Colorado
George Castro Long Beach, California
Dan Caswell Illinois
Brian Catalucci
Paul Cates Oliver Springs, Tennessee
Darlene Catlett Pennsylvania
Don Catlett Pennsylvania
Laura Catlin
Colleen Cato Inland Empire, California
Deede Cauley
Raymond Causey Riverdale, Georgia
Don Chambers
Jack Chambless Orlando, Florida
Mike Chapa Colorado
James Chapman
Laura Chapman
Maranatha Chapman Tyler, Texas
Matthew Chapman Tyler, Texas
Michael J. Chapman (a.k.a., Mike Chapman) Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mike Chapman
Tanya Charlton Shelbyville, Kentucky
Mike Chastain
Angelique Chaverri
Erica Chavez
Janie Cheaney
Bonnie Childs
Christi Childs (nee Dunagan) Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tamara Chilver Fort Myers, Florida
Eujeana Chism Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Jennifer Chittenden
Donald Chittick
Susan Chrisman Piedmont, Oklahoma
Kelli Christenberry Illinois
Joshua Christensen Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dave Christiano
Kristi Chrysler
Dawn Churchill
Geraldo Cionelo
Lucia Claborn
Rose Clancy
Sydney Clapp-Roper Florida
Bruce Clark
Gregory Clark Minnesota
Kelly Clark Spokane area, Washington
Laura Clark Witts Spring, Arkansas
Marjorie Clark Buford, Georgia
Robert Clark (a.k.a., Bob Clark) San Antonio, Texas
Sandy Clark
Steve Clark Louisville, Kentucky
Suzanne Clark (a.k.a., Suzy Clark) Santa Cruz, California
Thomas E. Clark (a.k.a., Tom Clark) Indianapolis, Indiana
Vera Clark Aliso Viejo, California
Clay Clarkson Monument, Colorado
Sally Clarkson Monument, Colorado
Sarah Clarkson Monument, Colorado
Dan Clay Florida
Wendy Clayton
Carla Joy Clements Moultrie, Georgia
James Clendinin Kansas
Kevin Cline
Greta Clinton
Kristi Clover Encinitas, California
Abigail Coble
Sarah Coiner Missouri
Marjorie Cole Falls Church, Virginia
Mark Cole
Tom Cole Falls Church, Virginia
Kimberly Coleman
Nancy Coleman Raleigh, North Carolina
Rachel Coleman Midvale, Utah
Kim Coley Florida
Caleb Colley
Jerry W. Collier
Ken Collier
Tandy L. Collier
Kristi Collins Lutz, Florida
Mark Collins Yorktown, Texas
Patricia W. Collins (a.k.a., Patsy Collins)
Terri Collins Richmond, Virginia
Charles Colson (a.k.a., Chuck Colson)
Emily Colson
Ray Comfort Bellflower, California
Nancy Condon
Chad Connelly South Carolina
Donna Conner Fort Worth, Texas
Dawn Marie Conroy
Bruce Cook Missouri
Cheryl Cook West Chester, Ohio
Clark Cook
David Cook Marietta, Georgia
Frank Cook
Karla Cook Idaho
Liz Cook
Steve Cook Georgia
Becky Cooke Virginia
Kati Cooley
Victoria Cooley
Terese Cooper
Marilee Coots Weldon, California
Kris Cordell Orangevale, California
Ronald Coriell (a.k.a., Ron Coriell) Brownsboro, Alabama
Mary Cory
Tom Cory
Jerry Coryell
Martin Cothran Danville, Kentucky
Joan A. Cotter Hazelton, North Dakota
Kathleen Cotter Lawler North Dakota
Emily Cottrill
Liz Cottrill
Kris Cournoyer St. Paul, Minnesota
Jennifer Courtney Oklahoma
Gerald Coury Oklahoma
David Cowen
Bud Cox Atlanta, Georgia
Jerry Cox
Martine Cox
Mary Clare Coyle
Waynette Cozad Louisiana
Dianne Craft Littleton, Colorado
Daniel Craig (a.k.a., Danny Craig) Spokane, Washington
Elly Craig
Hannah Craig
Mary Craig Spokane, Washington
Neil Craig Spokane, Washington
Polly Craig
Pam Crate
Holly Craw
Deanne Crawford
Kelly Crawford
Mary Creedon Modesto, California
Linda Criddle
Krista Croghan Nebraska
Susan Crothers
Tim Crow
Gina Cruz
Kathy Cumbie
Anna Cunningham North Carolina
Kathleen Curley
Ellen Currey-Wilson
Elizabeth Curry Illinois
Meredith Curtis (a.k.a., Merey Curtis) Lake Mary, Florida
Michael Sinclair Curtis (a.k.a., Mike Curtis) Lake Mary, Florida
Eric Custer
Angie Cutlip North Carolina

Balancing the Sword makes no claims about the speakers' faith, ability, materials, etc.  This speaker profile information is being provided free of charge.  Please click the links and do your own research before issuing an invitation to your conference.  Postings are subject to change.

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