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Mrs. Becky Cooke:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Cooke, Becky

Virginia (VA)  
United States of America (US)

Keynote PresentationsChristian Home Educators of New Hampshire (CheNH) Home Education Convention (2009)
Featured PresentationsHomeschooling through High School, presented by Covenant Life Schools Family Schools Program (2006)
The Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE) Homeschool Conference & Curriculum Fair (2009)
2012 Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators Conference (MACHE) (2012, MN)
2010 Valley Home Educators 17th Annual Home Education Convention (2010, CA)
CHEF Home School Convention and Curriculum Fair (2010, AL)
Workshop Presentations2013 Illinois Christian Home Educator's Annual State Convention (ICHE) (2013, IL)
2012 Annual Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania (CHAP) Convention (2012, PA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Wind for Your Sails: Encouragement for Teaching High School
Scripture says to refresh the weary with a word. Homeschooling is a tough job, but God's Word is overflowing with refreshing words that will help you put all things--even algebra lessons!--in proper perspective. Homeschool moms are not teaching merely academic lessons, we are teaching eternal truths. Come and be reminded of the Lord's interaction and involvement with you as you homeschool your high schooler.

Homeschooling the College Bound: Successfully Navigating the Road to Admission
If your child's post-high school plans include college, you'll want to carefully plan out his high school years. This seminar will provide you with tips and resources to help you better understand how you can prepare your high schooler for the challenges of college, as well as aid you in helping him select and apply to colleges as a homeschooled student. You'll receive information on making the most of a college visit, interacting with college admissions officers, and gathering the information needed for the college application.

Building on a Sure Foundation: Staying the Course Through High School
As your child grows older, you may be considering high school at home--but you've got your doubts! Why is homeschooling high school a crucial decision for your teen? How is is possible? What help is available? We will answer your questions; but more importantly, we will encourage and challenge you to explore the steps you should take as you weigh the possibility of teaching high school at home.

Developing a Plan for High School: Sample Four-Year Plans
How do you plan a program for your high school homeschooler? What subjects do you teach and when? Do you follow a basic high school plan, a general college prep plan, or a rigorous college prep plan? How do you evaluate credits? Determine grades for a course? What about the need for a transcript and diploma? If you are just beginning to think about homeschooling during the high school years, this seminar will help you organize your thoughts and begin laying the groundwork for a viable four-year plan.

The College Admissions Process: The Homeschooled Student's Guide
You are not only your childs teacher; you are also his guidance counselor! Find out how to maneuver through the entire college admissions process, from narrowing down the selection of colleges to filling out college applications, applying for financial aid, and asking the right questions that will help you discern whether your child is spiritually, academically, and emotionally prepared for college.

Record-keeping for High School: Simplifying the Process
Why is documentation of high school course work important? Keeping good records does not need to be time consuming or burdensome; it will actually save you time and effort in the long run. Learn what, when, and how to track your student's progress through high school.

Creating a Transcript Creating a transcript is simple!
This is an interactive workshop where you'll actually produce a transcript. We'll guide you through transcript essentials, evaluation of credit, grading guidelines and scales, calculating GPAs, give you pointers on what and what not to include, and more.

It's Off to Work We Go! Homeschooling for the Marketplace, the Home Front, or the Military
Your child may have no desire to go to college- or perhaps does not need a college education to fulfill his post-high school objectives. Nonetheless, the high school years are an important time to help him prepare for the future. In this session, we will discuss a high school program that includes options for those whose plans do not include college, as well as the various careers and possibilities that exist in the marketplace, on the home front, or in the military.

High School Transcript Clinic: Practical Helps and Tips
Creating a high school transcript is easy yet a vital part of your child’s high school records. In this interactive, practical seminar you’ll create a transcript that can be used as a pattern when designing your own. We’ll guide you through transcript essentials, evaluation of credit, grading guidelines and scales, and calculation of grade point averages (GPA’s). In addition, you’ll receive sample transcripts depicting other formats for you to consider.

Extracurricular Activities: Jazz Up Your High School Program
Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, adding extracurricular activities to your high school program will increase your teen’s enthusiasm and motivation during these years. Wisely choosing these activities provides opportunities for your teen to follow an interest, hone his talents, serve others or simply enjoy new experiences. But setting limits is important too! Come and hear ideas and suggestions for you to consider as you explore the many different extracurricular options.

You Can Homeschool High School...If You Can Make It through Tomorrow!
As a parent homeschooling a teen or thinking about homeschooling high school in the future, you may have your doubts about your ability…and your sanity. Are you weighed down by the seriousness of high school? Is it too hard and no fun? Come for a lighthearted approach to homeschooling the high school years and find out how it can be filled with much hope and help…and joy.

Important Pit Stops during High School
For preventative maintenance during the high school years, learn what important “to-dos” and deadlines to keep in mind. Major pit stops will include information about various tests, benefits and sources of outside classes, college search and application tips, alternatives to traditional college, and career and post high school paths.

Preparing Your Teen for Life
The high school years present an opportune time to develop skills young adults will utilize the rest of their lives. Learn about the importance of teaching finance, health care, car ownership, job preparation, spiritual principles and more. All of these areas will benefit your teens when they take that giant step into independence and adulthood. A list of suggested resources will be provided.

Survival Training: Life Skills for Young Adults (with Diane Kummer)

Becky's Achievements

Former homeschool mother of three. Homeschool consultant and High School Coordinator: HSLDA Helped to develop the Homeschooling Thru High School program and high school website for HSLDA.

Cooke's Bio

Becky Cooke and her husband Jim homeschooled their three children from kindergarten until college using an assortment of teaching resources. She enjoys using these same skills to equip parents to teach their children through the high school years and to encourage them to enjoy doing so. After sending her children off to university, Becky helped develop HSLDA’s Homeschooling Thru High School program, including its high school website. Becky primarily provides personal consultation and friendly advice with a listening ear to HSLDA members who have homeschool questions and concerns including about college admission and testing. In addition, she has spoken to numerous local homeschool meetings and dozens of state-wide and regional conferences. She has co-authored articles on high school topics for homeschool magazines, “how-to” brochures, and monthly high school email newsletters that reach homeschooling families nationwide. She has also appeared on radio programs to speak about homeschooling. In her spare time, Becky edits books, articles and magazines for several authors and publishers, is active in Precepts upon Precepts Bible Study, and serves on a couple of boards including for Breakthrough Intercessors Prayer Ministry. Becky and her husband live in Virginia outside of Washington, D.C. Her children are now enjoying careers in law, software development, and medicine.

Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified3/18/2013 2:22:39 PM
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