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Mrs. Kim Anderson:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Phone 2
Anderson, Kim

784 Dawson St
Aurora, Colorado (CO)  80011
United States of America (US)

303-367-8429 (res)
720-251-9348 (cell)
Keynote Speaker?Unknown
Featured Presentations2009 Christian Family Conference by CHEC (2009, CO)
2008 Christian Family Conference by CHEC (2008, CO)
2008 Annual UTCH Convention (2008, UT)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Explore the emotional and family-life issues of transitioning from a nuclear family to an extended family. Ditching the Empty-Nest-Helicopter-Parents-Boomerang-Children cultural norms this series centers on a study of God's process of preparing His son, Israel, for service in the world. The workshop equips parents to build homes characterized by refuge and celebration, whatever their children's ages. Parents will learn to strengthen themselves and their children for the separations necessary to effective Kingdom work, and to balance that separation-sorrow with the joyful invitations that call capable young adults back into family contexts in healthy ways. -A PSALM FOR EMPIRE-BUILDERS Our culture tells us we are headed for the Empty Nest, but God's compass points to a different destination: the Extending Family. Contrast God's patterns of empire-building with cultural norms of inter-generational self-indulgence, and discover a vibrant perspective on your past and your future. (Lecture & film. 1 hour)

Learn God's parenting methods as He prepared His son, Israel, for mature service, shared power and the weight of glory. Consider the expanding responsibilities and extending scope of the work of Israel's offices as priest, king and prophet. Learn to let go by bequeathing legacies. (Lecture & large group discussion. 1 hour) -PRIESTS, KINGS AND PROPHETS AT HOME Assess your family's callings and your children's maturity levels according to the Biblical offices: priest, king and prophet. Brainstorm family projects that will extend your family to the next level of influence and responsibility. (Q & A, small group discussion & individual reflection. 1.5 hours)

We all love what has grown to be familiar. It calls to us. Learn how God leveraged those longings in the cultural institutions He designed for Israel at Sinai: the Law and the Passover. Explore the cities of refuge, the sanctuary and the festival calendar with new eyes. (Lecture. 1 hour)

Identify your Father's refuges in your own perilous times. Rest in His comfort as you consider how to remove the roadblocks to refuge which stand between your children and your home. Run to meet your Father as never before. (Lecture, self-assessment & individual prayer time. 2 hours)

It's about time. It's about space. It's about giving Creation its true voice, the voice that calls us together to enjoy our Creator. Hear, taste, and see how to use Old Testament patterns to create celebrations that commemorate what God has done for us as His covenant people and for your family in particular. (Lecture, group discussion. 1 hour)

See the whole homesickness package in microcosm in the Sabbath principle. God means to turn our mourning into dancing by creating an Extending Family instead of an Empty Nest. (Worship time of singing and prayer. Lecture. 1 hour)

Will our children fly or fail to launch? Will they ever come home again? Focus on your goal: loosing your "arrows" on the world. But learn how to build home-coming calls into the rhythms of everyday life. Overview of transitional parenting material. (1-1.5 hr)

How will you convince people that you have done excellent work? Learn to avoid the stigma of a "Mommy-transcript" and to produce verifications that will make the world sit up and take notice. Preview the longer workshop which de-mystifies transcripts, resumes, and sundry college entrance paperwork. (1-1.5 hr)

Whether your student is on the entrepreneur, homemaker or corporate track, he/she will need outside verification of significant achievements during high school. Learn what four critical areas you will need to address in your high school, and how to do it all without a) going crazy, b) breaking the bank or c) making Mom cry. (1-1.5 hr)

A three to five-part workshop for parents and teens. Families work together to map out strategies for entering adult life. Emphasizes discovering God's unique calling on young people's lives and de-mystifying college the entrance and scholarship processes, while learning the activities and attitudes that will launch our children into all walks of life. 3! Aim for Success (1.5 hours)

Who are you? How will you discover God's calling on your life? Discover how God's craftsmanship is the jet-assist to your divinely-appointed destinations. Where are you going? Chart a course to your star: entrepreneurship, apprenticeship, college, military, employment or ??? 2! Acquire Assets (2 hours)

What will you need to get there? Find your own scholarship constellation. Learn to dodge the asteroids homeschoolers face as they enter adult life. Curriculum, standardized tests, work experience, extra-curriculars, leadership and public service are your rocket fuel. How can you obtain it all without a) going crazy, b) breaking the bank or c) making your Mom cry? 1! Apply for Rewards (1 hour)

How will you convince people that you have done excellent work? Learn to avoid the stigma of a "Mommy-transcript" and to produce verifications that will make the world sit up and take notice. Transcripts, resumes, and sundry college entrance paperwork de-mystified. Walk through the college application process forms to interviews so that you can fly with confidence. Meet the Students/ Q & A (optional) Meet the Anderson younger generation and their local peers (as available), as they display some of the projects they took on in high school and their fruit in life beyond high school. See how the workshop methods look in real families. Network with One-Stop Resume project leaders from your area, and local college representatives (as available). Plus-Quests & Homecomings (optional. see above)

Kim's Achievements• Media Appearances:
• Generations Radio with Kevin Swanson
• Focus on the Family with Gary Smalley
• Homeschooling in America (a Jerry B Jones film still in production)
• Education Alternatives (Korean National Television)
• Author: Countdown to College: A Homeschooler's Guide to Winning Scholarships (based on Kim's research as she launched 2 children to college with about $500,000 in scholarship offers apiece)
• Professional teacher (debate and speech)
• Guest Author:,
• Associate Producer/Advisory Board Member: Epicenter Pictures
• Drama Director for Cherry Creek Presbyterian events, including Mendelssohn's Elijah, Handel's Esther, Night in Bethlehem, etc.
• Assistant Director of Shakespeare on the Lawn for 7 years. Producing full-length Shakespeare plays with homeschooled children to raise money for Life Network.
• Region 3 Coordinator, National Christian Forensics & Communication Assoc. (12 states & W. Canada), retired
• Founder: Credo Academy homeschool college prep cooperative
• Author: Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Guidebook for Debating the Value Topic
• Author: Coaching a Club: 7 Secrets of Running a Successful Forensics Club
Anderson's Bio

Archimedes said "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." Kim adds, "My home is the lever, and God is the bedrock fulcrum on which it rests. From here I will be moving the world."

Kim considers herself a professional mother, home-schooling her three children and using her home as the base for Biblically-based arts and education ministries. Whether working with her husband to advocate for Christian schooling with cabinet-level ministers in Yeltsin's Russia or designing family celebration resources to call adult children home, she aims to make home a place of delight and productivity.

She says, "I am nothing special. I face the same difficulties and failures that test many others, and God has provided for me and mine. I want to help others to enjoy the same rescues and the same delights that God has given me in troubles. That is why the basis for my presentations springs from the Bible, even if those presentations primarily treat practical subjects. If my hearers take away with them a sense of urgency in seeking the Lord's face, whatever their question, I will count myself successful."

If she had any spare time, she'd like to practice the piano, create a knotted herb garden, write a murder mystery and artistically arrange 30 years worth of photographs, but she suspects she'll have to wait for Heaven for spare time.

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