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Mrs. Debra Bell:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Phone 2
Bell, Debra

Debra Bell's Home School Resource Center
P.O. Box 67
Palmyra, Pennsylvania (PA)  17078
United States of America (US)

Fax: 717-473-8059
Debra Bell's Facebook
Keynote Presentations2008 Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) Curriculum Fair - Soldotna (2008, AK)
2008 Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) Curriculum Fair - Fairbanks (2008, AK)
2008 Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) Curriculum Fair - Anchorage (2008, AK)
2008 Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) Curriculum Fair - Juneau (2008, AK)
2007 Texas Home School Coalition's State Convention & Family Conference (2007, TX)
2007 Gulf Coast Home Education Conference (SETHSA) (2007, TX)
Featured Presentations2013 Texas Home School Coalition's State Convention & Family Conference (2013, TX)
Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Omaha (2013, NE)
Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Nashville (2013, TN)
Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Spartanburg (2013, SC)
2010 Christian Home Educators of WV Conference (2010, WV)
2008 North Carolinians for Home Education Conference (NCHE) (2008, NC)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Raising an Independent Learner
Do you want a lifelong learner who initiates studies on his own? Then let go of the wheel and start giving your kids responsibility for their education. Here are practical, inexpensive steps that will encourage children to pursue their own learning, and prevent parent burnout as well.

Determining Your Child's Learning Style
Save time, money and frustration. Before you buy anything, determine your child's learning style and then choose curriculum to match it. Does your son need to do to learn? Is your daughter motivated better in a group? Does your child need structure and routine or flexibility and independence? Four types of learners explained with sample programs for each.

Developing Creative and Critical Thinking Skills
What are thinking skills and why all the fuss? This seminar challenges traditional teaching methods head on by outlining the best way to teach so your child can remember and use what he has learned-- even when he is an adult. Analysis, synthesis and evaluation explained. Samples of creative and critical thinking. And lots of suggested resources and activities that are uncomplicated, time-saving, inexpensive and effective.

Developing Motivation and Interest in Kids of All Ages
This seminar covers the importance of intrinsic motivation and interest in learning. Research shows motivation to be an inherent characteristic of young children, but studies indicate most students show a steady loss of academic motivation the longer they are in a traditional school setting. Homeschooling is an antidote to this decline. Learn practical ways to help your children and teens develop and retain motivation and enjoyment in academic pursuits.

Getting Started Homeschooling
Where do I start? What books should I read? What do I teach when? What curriculum should I buy? Here are the ABC's of homeschooling--the sequential steps to follow to set up a program you and your kids will love.

Homeschooling Teens
From the perspective of the mother of teens, long time high school level teacher and evaluator of numerous high school homeschool programs. The high school years are your child's resume for the future. Here's how to maximize his time, prepare him for a changing job market, get doors to open, and facilitate non-traditional learning experiences.

Parenting Teens (AKA Riding the Mechanical Bull)
Homeschooling teens has to be prefaced with a discussion about parenting our teenagers with grace and faith towards God. But what does that look like? What issues must we prepare to face? Dating? Skepticism? Resistance to our leadership? The break for independence? And what about mothers and sons? What changes should we make? Mothers and daughters? How is that different? And in what areas must Dad begin to adjust? From a mother who has raised two sons and two daughters to adulthood. Hilarious, honest, and above all Christ-centered.

How Children Learn
This session gives parents an overview of what research has consistently concluded about the stages of cognitive development. The good news is home-based learning has all the advantages a child needs to grow up secure and confident. Find out how to leverage all that home can provide, and how to be the best teacher for your particular child!

How Teens Learn (Part Two of How Children Learn)
This delves into the biological changes affecting adolescence and takes a look at the powerful cognitive growth they can now draw upon to expand the depth and breadth of their learning with the help of understanding and confident parents.

Motivating the Reluctant Learner
Ten proven strategies that kindle a love for learning in a child and help him master areas of difficulty; at the same time, reduce conflict and frustration for mom and kid.

Homeschooling From a Foundation of Grace
In this seminar we revisit what it means to live with the Cross central to our homeschooling life. What does it mean to start in grace, continue in grace and finish in grace so that God alone receives the glory for the fruit of our lives? Here is a practical framework for homeschooling with eternity always in view. Be liberated once again from self-sufficiency, self-righteousness and condemnation through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Recovering Our Vision: Why Homeschooling Makes Sense Now More Than Ever
Do you ever lose sight of the reasons home educating sounded like a good idea in the beginning? Never forget the grand scope of God's plan in this particular means of grace in our lives! Hear examples of why this lifestyle has shown itself to be richly rewarding for Christian families and how God is using those who have gone out into the world from this base. Then learn a few keys to making sure we do not miss the big picture and lose heart.

Cultivating a Love For Learning in Our Homes
A love for learning is a blessing God has for His children one that is meant to enrich our lives, give us purpose and draw us into a quest to know the Creator. This workshop will give you a biblical foundation for safeguarding a childs natural curiosity and joy of discovery; and suggest ways to approach homeschooling that keeps this important element alive and growing in your home.

Preventing Burnout
Meet Harriet Homeschooler, the ditzy, stressed out homeschool mom who can't seem to figure out where things have gone wrong. But you can -- here are the foundational principles that enable you to appropriate the grace of God, keep priorities in focus and have fun! Especially good for new homeschoolers, but veterans love Harriet.

Choosing Curriculum
If you want to maximize your homeschool dollars and end up with materials best for your child, then answer these questions first before you buy. Choosing and Using Children's Literature Covers some of the same material as above, but for a much broader age group. Here is an introduction to the best children's authors in each subject area, their titles, and scores of ways for integrating living books into your curriculum.

Re-energize Yourself and Kids Through Co-operative Learning
Homeschooling wasn't meant to be done in isolation. Well-designed group activities will stimulate and challenge students, plus give you the chance to network with other homeschoolers and spread the teaching load around. Tips for organizing and surviving a homeschool co-op and many other group activities.

Six Ingredients of a Successful Homeschool
Success in homeschooling has little to do with degrees or teaching certificates, rather it has a lot to do with Christian character. Here are the six areas of your life you need to build upon for a long term, successful program. Plenty of suggestions for strengthening these crucial areas in your home.

Overcoming Discouragement
Ups and downs are par for the course in homeschooling, but don't let burn out make you a drop out. Here's how to benefit from your failures, discern underlying problems and most of all appropriate the grace of God to finish the course. Spiritually motivating and practical.

Raising a Writer
The job market of the future will demand exceptional communication skills. Learn how to motivate your reluctant writer, challenge your talented one and critique their work. Starting an effective writers' group will also be covered. Will also include how to help your children get published -- and sometimes even paid!

Batter's Up, Play Ball!
I've always admired master teachers, such as Guy Doud, Jamie Escalante, and Marva Collins. But I found the most powerful model for teaching kids well in the least expected place: the ballfield. Here are the strategies from the diamond that will send your kids' educational success out of the park.

Designing a College Prep High School Program
What courses, tests, curricula and opportunities position your child for acceptance at the college of his choice. Tips for pulling it off when you don't have a clue how to use a graphing calculator, interpret Shakespeare or speak French. Extra bonus: How to be the guidance counselor, too!

Your Vision: Your Source of Motivation
"Without a vision, the people perish." A clearly focused vision restrains us, provides parameters for making choices and fuels our motivation. This seminar defines the targets we are aiming to hit in home educating our children.

God-Centered Homeschooling
What does "God-Centered Homeschooling" look like? What are the heart issues at the core of this posture? How do we set our priorities? And what questions should we ask ourselves as we walk through the seasons of home

Twenty-first Century Homeschooling
Welcome to the digital age. What does the future of education look like, and how can the homeschool community take advantage of this? Here’s a look at free tools and free content sites online that can make your homeschool more efficient, more economical, and more powerful. Harness the educational advantage of online learning and give your kids a jumpstart on their future. Debra Bell explains how Web 2.0 applications are changing the definition of education. Blogs, wikis, Google applications, Skype, VoiceThreads, open courseware, YouTube, Facebook and even Twitter—when used appropriately—can really help kids learn.

Debra's Achievements

•Author: The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling
•Author: The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens
•Director: Debra Bell's Home School Resource Center
•English teacher: PA Homeschoolers' Online Advance Placement English
•Founder: Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services
•Co-founder: Encore! Home School Productions
•Co-founder: Learning Center homeschool co-op
•Columnist for
•Former English teacher and co-founder: Creative Home Educators Support Services (CHESS)
•Former high school and college English teacher
•B.S. in Communications Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
•M.A. in English
•Doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology, Temple University
•Homeschooling Mother of four
•Member of Sovereign Grace Ministries

Bell's Bio
Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified7/12/2013 2:34:46 PM
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