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Mrs. Cheryl R. Carter:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Phone 2
Carter, Cheryl R.

P.O. Box 712
Uniondale, New York (NY)  11553-0712
United States of America (US)

Fax: 516-706-1690
Keynote Presentations2008 Ontario Christian Home Educator's Convention (OCHEC-CAN) (2008, ON)
Featured Presentations2012 Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators Conference (MACHE) (2012, MN)
2011 Illinois Christian Home Educator's Annual State Convention (ICHE) (2011, IL)
Workshop Presentations2012 Annual Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania (CHAP) Convention (2012, PA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Extraordinary Writing
In this workshop, Carter will share key writing skills elementary and middle school children need to develop to be critical thinker. Participants will also find out about ways for your children’s writings to be published as well as specific publications.

Balance is the Key: Time Management for Mothers
This workshop will focus on how moms who feel they have to do everything can biblically determine their daily schedule. This workshop will focus on basic time management skills with an emphasis on moms applying it to their daily lives and homeschool schedule.

Don’t Stop Now! Ten Reasons Why You Should Homeschool through High School
High school can be the best time for you and your child. Come and learn how to finish your homeschool journey strong. This workshop will be both practical and inspirational. Attend with your children.

Helping Your ADD/ADHD Child Cope
In this workshop, Carter will share practical ways parents of ADD/ADHD can do to help organize their children and get them to stay on task with their schoolwork and so much more.

Creative and Critical Writing for the College Bound Student
Research shows that college success depends largely on reading and writing skills. In this practical workshop Carter shares some essential writing skills our homeschool college bound teens need to successfully navigate college.

Fun Ways to Teach Language Arts
This workshop explores some of the fun and effective ways to teach spelling, grammar, vocabulary, phonics, reading and word attack skills using games and accelerated learning techniques to improve retention, memory and learning.

The Things Christian Parents Don’t Talk About (with Derek Carter)
Derek & Cheryl will share ways to discipline your children and to nurture their God-given gifts without crushing their spirits! Practical ways to deal with sibling rivalry, misbehavior, stubbornness, anger, etc. will be discussed from a Biblical and child developmental model. Sometimes family dynamics can hinder our homeschooling efforts.

Chasing God and the Kids Too!
This workshop will focus on practical and biblical ways moms can grow spiritually while dealing with the pressures of home-schooling and maintaining a busy household. Moms will learn practical ways to maintain a consistent quiet time, bible reading, prayer, etc. and to get their fervor for God amidst the dirty diapers.

Organize Your Child
In this workshop, participants will learn practical ways to teach our children organizational skills. Using the Bible and child development as a foundation, parents will learn easy ways to teach their child how to be organized and better prepared for life.

Inspiring the Writer in Your Child
In this fun and inspiring workshop, Carter, a columnist, author and freelance writer shares ways she has motivated reluctant home-schoolers to become proactive writers. This workshop is based on her teaching writing in her home-school co-op and her children's freelance writing experience.

Biblical Submission
Carter shares what biblical submission really is and how to live it out practically. If you think you've heard it all, you may be pleasantly surprised. This workshop is for women only.

How to Really Love Your Husband
In this practical workshop Carter weaves biblical foundations with research on the differences between men and women to enlighten her audience and to help women enrich their marriages.

The Power of a Mom- Why Every Child Needs a Godly Mom
This intense workshop Carter shares the biblical mandate of mothers and the importance of being Godly mothers to our children. Emphasis will be placed on practical ways we can influence our children from the womb to the grave.

Balance is the Key, Maintaining our Balance while doing everything
This workshop will focus on how moms feel they have to do everything can biblically determine their daily schedule. This workshop will focus on basic time management skills with an emphasis on moms applying it to their daily lives and home-school schedule.

How to Pray For Your Family
Carter shares biblical and practical ways to consistently and biblically pray with and for your children, husband, extended family, friends, etc.

Organize Your Home
In this workshop Carter, a reformed messie, shares practical things families can become more organized including getting rid of clutter, managing mail and developing a personalized home school plan for our families.

Organize Your Life!

Fun Ways to Teach Math

Cheryl R.'s Achievements
  • Author: 500 Ways to Organize Your Child
  • Clinical member: the National Association of Christian Counselors (NCCA)
  • Founder and Director: Organize Your Life
  • Counselor and speaker: Foundations for Family Success
  • Columnist: Long Island New York Christian Life Times
  • Author: Put Your Life In Order
Carter's Bio

Married to Derek Carter, with whom she often speaks.

Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified4/1/2011 1:36:03 PM
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