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Mr. Bob Farewell:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Phone 2
Farewell, Bob

3900 Chalet Suzanne Lane
Lake Wales, Florida (FL)  33859-6881
United States of America (US)

Keynote Presentations~ Rochester Area Association of Christian Home Educators (RAACHE) Fall Seminar (2004)
~ Mid-Winter Home Educators Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan (2004)
2008 SHEM Home Education Convention (2008, MO)
Featured Presentations~ Indiana Area Home Educators Convention (2006)
2012 FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention (2012, FL)
2012 Annual Mississippi Home Educator's Spring Conference (MHEA-MS) (2012, MS)
2011 FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention (2011, FL)
2011 27th Annual Home School Book Fair (2011, TX)
2009 Living Books Retreat (2009, FL)
CHEF Home School Convention and Curriculum Fair (2008, AL)
Workshop Presentations2010 Coastal Florida Curriculum Fair (CFCF) (2010, FL)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

How to Have the Best Homeschool Ever
Rekindle the flame of homeschooling by creating a Learning Lifestyle that involves the whole family--especially dad! You can enhance your children's learning experiences through practical, simple lifestyle choices. Bob Farewell, homeschooling dad and co-founder of Lifetime Books and Gifts, is sure to make you laugh, cry, and be assured in your calling. Topics include goal setting, lifestyle adjustments, avoiding burnout, and incorporating Living Books into your daily routine.  

Creating a Lifestyle of Learning: Using Real Books and Real Life Experiences in Your Homeschool
Get out of the educational box! Far too often we think of homeschooling as merely a way to teach our children academic subjects; however, it is so much more than that! A Lifestyle of Learning--using every day's teachable moments as the springboard for your children's education--is child-oriented, parent-encouraged, and Holy Spirit-inspired.

Creating Lifetime Memories through Sharing Living Books: Favorite Read Aloud Books
Out of thousands of books available, what makes a certain few stand out? What do families love about them? What makes them great for all, both children and adults? As Robertson Davies wrote, "A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity, and once more in old age." Each family's culture is unique-based upon the books and experiences they have shared. Relive some of the Farewells' favorites in this workshop.

Shaping Character through Classic Living Books
Jesus told fictional stories called parables to teach truth. Let us follow His example by sharing classic literature with our children. A well-written story can have a powerful impact that children remember much longer than a straightforward didactic lesson. As Robert Pitman wrote, "It is the books we read before middle life that do most to mold our characters and influence our lives."

Travel: Adventures in Motor Home Schooling
Half of the Farewells' home schooling doesn't even happen at home! For six months of every year, Bob and Tina and their five children travel around the country in a motor home, speaking and exhibiting at homeschool conventions and visiting friends and interesting places. Traveling the highways and byways provides a unique opportunity to learn America's history, natural science, and geography firsthand. Each day has its own special experiences, enabling them to learn about risk, trust, success, failure, and the wonder of divine appointments. Whether your time on the road is mostly local or for long trips, your family can also delight in this method of education.

Understanding the Heart of Your Homeschool Honey: Especially for Husbands
There are times in every marriage when no matter what you do, it just turns out wrong. Communication is a learned skill that few of us have mastered. Because the relationship between husbands and wives is so foundational for the family, church, and society, becoming better equipped should be one of our highest priorities.

The High Calling of Fatherhood: Especially for Dads
Dads are designed by God to be leaders of their homes, but often they haven't had a role model or the training to do so. Bob shares useful steps to help men take their responsibilities seriously and practically, from the cradle to the grave.

Discovering God's Design for Manhood: For Fathers and Sons
The attack on manhood is at an all-time high. For decades the feminist culture has endeavored to neutralize the masculinity of men in general and Christian men in particular. Find out how the Creator hardwired you in His image to fulfill His perfect plan for you as the protector, provider, and priest of your household.

Grandparents: A Crown of Glory (Bob and Tina)
Grandparents can be supportive and encouraging in the home education of their grandchildren physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Hear Bob and Tinas insights on true education, special gift-giving ideas, grandchildrens participation in your lives, and more. This can be the greatest phase in your life.and that of your grandchildrens lives! Refreshments will be served, so come, relax, and enjoy this delightful workshop!

David, Future King: God-Directed, Goal-Driven
When David slew Goliath, it wasnt just because he wanted to win the war against the Philistines. David had great purposehis goal was a bride, no taxes for him or his family for the rest of their lives, and great wealth. Bob Farewell challenges graduates and their families to boldly set goals to accomplish the purpose God has for their lives.

Gettysburg, the Second Day: A Living History Dramatization
What was the turning point in the War Between the States? Most historians identify it as July 2, 1863 , the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Follow the events that transpired that day as Bob Farewell--in uniform--portrays an aging Confederate private who survived the battle of Little Round Top. Ignite your family's passion for learning by studying Living History. Suitable for all ages.

A Daughter's Courtship, Engagement, and Marriage: A Family Affair (Bob and Tina)
When Elizabeth, the Farewells' oldest daughter, and her future husband were courting, it was truly a family affair. And when Joe asked her to marry him in the front yard at 2:00 A.M., they were being watched from the living room with binoculars! Yes, courtship is a serious process, but we found ways to have fun as a family. Take a look at the courtship model as a God-centered and family-centered way to prepare for marriage.

Bringing Dads Home
Now, more than ever before, dads are turning their hearts to their children. In this workshop, Bob Farewell, founder of Bringing Dads Home, answers your questions about how to handle the stress when Dad assumes leadership, how he can maintain a vibrant relationship with his wife, how dads can be at home when they are at home, how dads can bring the whole family together, and how to determine if a home-based business is best for your family. Bob also discusses the dad’s role in home education and how to build a strong Christian community.

Bob's Achievements
  • Homeschooling father since 1983.
  • Co-founder: Bringing Dads Home
  • Host: The Living Books Retreat near Lake Wales, Florida
  • Co-founder and former co-owner: Lifetime Books and Gifts
Farewell's Bio

Bob and Tina began home educating with the birth of the first of their five children in 1983. Through their business, Lifetime Books and Gifts, the Farewells enjoyed a lifestyle of learning, traveling, exploring, reading, thinking and discovering. Since 1989 the Farewells have traveled around the United States for at least six months each year speaking to thousands of families and hosting retreats, conferences and workshops. After 18 years, Bob and Tina sold Lifetime and founded Bringing Dads Home, a business and ministry designed to help families succeed in their family, homeschooling and entrepreneurial adventures. Three of their children are still learning at home, and they have become grandparents. When not traveling, the Farewell family lives in Lake Wales. 

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Date Modified5/23/2012 3:48:29 PM
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