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Mrs. Lorrie Flem:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Flem, Lorrie

18016 West Spring Lake Drive
Renton, Washington (WA)  98058
United States of America (US)
Website(s) Lorrie Flem on Facebook
Homemaking with TEACH
TEACH Retreats
Lorrie's Blog
Keynote Speaker?Yes
Keynote PresentationsMontana Home Educators Convention and Curriculum Fair (2009)
Nebraska Christian Homeschoolers Assc. 2006
Featured PresentationsThe Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2008
New Mexico
2011 APHEA Homeschool Convention (2011, AK)
2009 Montana Home Educators Convention and Curriculum Fair (2009, MT)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

"Entering His Gates"
One of the most common questions homeschool moms ask is "How do you find time for Quiet Time?" Are you too busy to pray? Prayer is the foundation stone of our relationship with God, of our homeschools, and of the utmost importance. Let's look at why it is so vital, ways to fit it in, and waiting upon Him. With your desire and these prayer ideas you can make it work. Prayer took preference over many other important things for Jesus... let it be that way for you!

"From Desert to Dessert"
Why does God allow dry times in our lives and homeschools? Desert times are testing times when God allows our experiences to humble us, causing us to hunger. Have you passed your test? Through testing, God teaches us things that we might not learn if we weren't in the desert. He wants total reliance upon Him. God wants to pour His grace out on us and when this happens our homeschooling as well as every area of our lives becomes richer. Join us as we talk about moving out of the desert and into the dessert!

"#1 Attitude Adjustments"
Here Lorrie Flem of shares the A - Z's of changing and controlling your attitude. A mothers attitude affects everyone around her. Do you children have bad attitudes? It's like looking in a mirror. Help others control their attitudes when you control your own. These 26 ideas are absolutely life changing!

"Dawdling, Diligence, or Distracted"
Dawdling ought to be a four-letter word! What are we to do with children who take 4 hours to complete a math assignment or go to clean their room never to be seen again - until dinnertime? It has been said that, "Diligence is the philosopher's stone that turns every thing to gold." Train your young children to diligently obey and one day you will have a child who, after being told once to complete an assignment, will diligently set out to perform the assignment to the best of his abilities. Sound like a dream? Here we will uncover the powerful truth about dawdling, look at the character quality of diligence, and Lorrie will share 15 effective ideas on how to overcome dawdling and turn it into diligence!

"Doing Enough and Fortifying the Foundation"
There is one question that gnaws away at homeschoolers. After 14 years of homeschooling I still hear this silent yet destructive question rebounding in my mind, "Am I doing enough?" Use a simple checklist to fortify, modify, and possibly nullify some of the things you are doing. Lorrie Flem of will look at Jesus' life and talk about the four cornerstones of a firm foundation he employed. By mimicking these you will have a strong foundation which enables you to build a thriving, happy home and school and be assured that yes, I am doing enough. These four cornerstones of Jesus' life will marvelously impact your life as well as your homeschool.

"A Framework For Your Day"
This session looks at ways to avoid being a victim to "not enough time" in your own home. At times it seems as if the days melt away and we have accomplished little. Here you will hear concrete ideas that have worked for hundreds of others. Come and learn the basics on how to set up a custom schedule, or framework, for your family and redeem your days. Lorrie Flem of has a passion to encourage and challenge mothers. When she says, "This REALLY works," you know it is true!

"God Blesses This House But He Doesn't Organize It"
Lorrie Flem of will give you 4 revolutionary rules you can make for yourself, the 5 biggest organizing mistakes, and 9 tips to make every day a productive day. We will discuss goal-setting, priorities and, most importantly, how to create a loving, relaxed atmosphere in your home. You can organize successfully and love it!

"Just Say No"
Too many activities or things rob of us true joy and block our vision of what is truly important. The Lord desires our hearts focus be eternal and not on earthly treasures. Too many commitments, even good ones, are bad. We will cover ways to help us see our calendars and commitments through God's eyes. Learn to prioritize and experience freedom as you eliminate time wasters by saying, "yes" to the best and "no" to the rest. Learn the truth about living simply and simply loving it from Lorrie Flem of!

"Welcome to the Zoo (Multi-Level Homeschooling)"
Multi-level homeschooling made easy! This session explores the ways we can work with the preschooler, elementary children, junior and senior highers with a baby on our hip and dinner on the stove! Learn with Lorrie Flem of, herself a mother of 8, to incorporate and encourage each child while maintaining your love of family and school. A question and answer time at the end is always fun! You can do all of this and love it!

Remember Why to Revitalize Today
When we start doing something new, our reasons and commitment are strong in our minds. As time passes, we may lose sight and find that challenges cloud our vision and fog our memories. Before we know it, we are wondering Why Am I doing this? Is it worth it? Lorrie will share with us the two things you must have to reach the blessings and the four key elements of reaping rewards from homeschooling if you know what to do. Lets remember why and revitalize together!

Teach So They Will Learn
Be a better teacher! When you familiarize yourself with the six most common teaching methodologies, you will be a more effective teacher and enjoy doing it. We will go over the strengths and weaknesses of each style so you can make wise decisions in your own homeschool. Employ these practical suggestions and your children will learn moreand love learning it! Avoid making costly mistakes and the deadly diseaseburnout! Lorrie gives five simple suggestions that can revolutionize your childs learning and make home education fun for the whole family.

"13 Ways to Make Your Day More Productive"
Do more in a day than most Moms do in a weekand LOVE IT. Stop procrastinating and start producing: A husband who admires and cherishes you, a joyful contented attitude, a well-nurtured and loved family, healthy, delicious and affordable meals and easy efficiency and joyful homemaking. Whats the #1 secret to living a great life? Your ability to discipline yourself. Mrs. Lorrie Flem of TEACH Magazine will share 13 ways to help you save money, time, and your sanity and start loving what you do!

"Turn Your Dawdlers Into Diligents"
Dawdling ought to be a four-letter word! What are we to do with children who take 4 hours to complete a math assignment or go to clean their room never to be seen againuntil dinnertime? It has been said that, Diligence is the philosophers stone that turns every thing to gold. Train your young children to diligently obey and one day you will have a child who, after being told once to complete an assignment, will diligently set out to perform the assignment to the best of his abilities. Sound like a dream? In this workshop, Lorrie Flem will share 15 effective ideas on how to overcome dawdling and turn it into diligence.

"12 Habits for Today's Wise Woman"
After feeling the call to homeschool, preparing and organizing and even bracing yourself for challenging days, why is it that the urge to quit is so often overwhelming? In 1995 after four years of homeschooling, I wrote a list of 12 things I needed to make habits in order to do it all. These 12 rules are the same ones I live by today. Learn the 7 deadly homeschool mistakes, the cure for each one, and best of all, how to avoid them. From Mrs. Lorrie Flem, Randys rib, mama of 8, and publisher of TEACH Magazine will share with you from her 18 years of homeschooling experience. You will leave encouraged, refreshed, and armed with practical ideas that work!

"Really Listening to Teens"
Communication is the cornerstone of our relationships with teens but since the teen years can be so trying sometimes it seems there is no communication going on. The teen doesnt talk about anything imp

Lorrie's AchievementsHappily Married for over 25 years Homeschool mother of eight (has home educated for over 20 years) Publisher: TEACH magazine Author (4 volume set): Beauty on a Budget Author: From Here To Eternity Author: What's For Dinner, Mom? Author: Welcome Home, Daddy Author: Beautiful Words: Letters of Love From Mothers to Daughters Author (2 vols.): ARTISTS and Authors Author: Sanity Saving Breakfast Ideas Author: More Sanity Saving Breakfast Ideas Author: Even More Sanity Saving Breakfast Ideas Author (e-book): Healthy Sanity Saving Breakfast Recipes Author (e-book): 7 Deadly Homeschool Mistakes Author (e-book): Getting Most of it Done Author (e-book): 7 Ways to Keep Bedlam at Bay Author (e-book): Intimate Prayer Life Author (e-book): Loving Your Knight In Shining Armor Author (e-book): Training Them In The Truth Author (e-book): Neat and Tidy Tried and True Organization Tips Author (e-book): Teaching Children Responsibility Author (e-book): The Secrets of Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies Author (e-book): Training Children to Sit Still Author (e-book): Child Training - Naughtiness To 7th Heaven Author (e-book): Staycation: Make Staying Home the Best Vacation Ever Co-author: Beautiful Words: Letters of Love from Mothers to Their Daughters Co-author: A Homeschooler's Guide to Getting Started: Simple Patterns for Successful Homeschooling
Flem's Bio

Randy and Lorrie Flem make their temporary home in Maple Valley, Washington and eagerly await their heavenly mansion. Lorrie has been the happy stay-at-home rib of Randy for 24 years and has been homeschooling more than 20 years. They are the parents of eight precious and often precocious children, ages 22 to 7. Lorrie is the best-selling author of many books, the publisher of TEACH Magazine, and a popular speaker known for her gentle exhortation, humor, and down-to-earth tips. Meet her at and see the beautiful magazine stuffed full of encouragement for homemakers and homeschoolers. GET A FREE COPY of 7 Time and Money Saving Kitchen Tips there too!

Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified8/14/2010 12:22:40 PM
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