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Mr. John Taylor Gatto:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Address 2

Phone 2
Gatto, John Taylor

John Taylor Gatto
235 West 76th Street (14E)
New York City, New York (NY)  10023
United States of America (US)

The Odysseus Group
Suite 3W 295 East 8th Street
New York City, New York (NY)  10009
United States of America (US)

Keynote PresentationsChristian Home Educators' Convention (2003)
AERO Conference (2003)
AERO Conference (2004)
The Learning In Our Own Way Conference (2005)
AERO Conference (2007)
National Home Education Conference in Australia (2007)
UHEA Convention & Curriculum Fair (2007)
Schoolhouse's Learning Without Limits: A Celebration of Choice, Diversity and Freedom in Education, in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland (2008)
HENA Conference (2008)
The Old Schoolhouse Expo (Oct. 2010) (2010, WWW)
The Unschooling Conference (2010, WI)
HENA 2008 Conference (2008, AZ)
Featured Presentations2010 Washington Homeschool Organization Annual State Convention (WHO) (2010, WA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Everything You Know About Institutional Schooling Is Wrong & Open Source Education Is A Way to Break Out of the Trap
From the Biblical Solomon to Ingvar Kamprad (founder of IKEA) and Thomas Edison, important, successful, and influential men and women have always understood that classroom schooling is an inadequate way to become educated. Whatever its limited uses one must break out into a wider arena of largely self-directed learning, one full of explorations, experiments, observations, risk-taking, and more before the power of education can be achieved.The builders of institutional education, well-educated, but unschooled men themselves, understood this.

Their intention was to school, not to educate.

Following Charles Darwin, they believed that most of the human race was biologically retarded, permanently, and would be dangerous if educated. That is the un-American, un-Christian component quietly built into school's design. The way out of this trap is to start with different assumption of human possibility, different texts, and a different use of time and space.

"John Gatto's New Research: The Story Behind Public Education"

"Weapons of Mass Instruction"

John Taylor's Achievements
  • Author: Weapons of Mass Instruction
  • Author: A Different Kind of Teacher
  • Author: The Underground History Of American Education
  • Author: Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling
  • Author: The Exhausted School
  • Author: The Empty Child
  • Formerly (for 30 years): Public school teacher in New York City
  • Was New York City's Teacher of the Year in 1989, 1990, and 1991
  • Was New York State's Teacher of the Year in 1991
Gatto's Bio
Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified4/2/2011 6:02:05 AM
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My hope is that this list will assist conference organizers in connecting with John Taylor Gatto and other workshop leaders and speakers. Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool workshop leaders and speakers develop relationships with more convention planners and audiences. May your efforts be for the glory of Christ and the strengthening of His saints.

Disclaimer:  Balancing the Sword makes no claims about the speakers' faith, ability, materials, etc.  This speaker profile information is being provided free of charge.  Please click the links and do your own research before issuing an invitation to your conference.  Postings are subject to change.


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