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Mr. Gregg Harris:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Harris, Gregg

Noble Institute
6920 SE Hogan Road
Gresham, Oregon (OR)  97080
United States of America (US)
Keynote PresentationsOklahoma Christian Home Educators' Consociation (OCHEC) Home Educators Convention (2005)
Midwest Parent Educators Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair (2006)
25th Annual Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) State Convention & Educational Fair (2008)

SCOPE and CHEA Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair (2014, CA)
2013 Illinois Christian Home Educator's Annual State Convention (ICHE) (2013, IL)
29th Annual Michigan Home Education Convention (INCH) (2012, MI)
XXV Annual CHEA Convention (2008, CA)
Featured PresentationsChristian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama (CHEF of Alabama) Alabama State Home School Convention and Curriculum Fair (2004)
Hilo Homeschooling Conference in Hawaii sponsored by The Lighthouse HICHE (2007)
2013 Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference (2013, WA)
2011 Upstate Conference, aka, 27th Annual NYS LEAH Christian Parenting and Home Education Conference (2011, NY)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Christian Home Schooling: The Unrecognized Revival
Many homeschool parents miss the Christian aspect of homeschooling in their rush to pursue academics and drop out of homeschooling just when it would be most effective. Dont miss this opportunity to raise your vision for what homeschooling is really all about.

What Do You Have in Your House?
A poor widow once came in desperation to the Prophet Elisha (2 Kings 4:2). A creditor had come to take her two children as slaves to pay her late husbands debts. Elisha's response was to ask her, What do you have in the house? Her answer set in motion a miracle of provision far beyond her wildest dreams. Are you concerned for the safety of your children in a world that threatens to make them its slaves? Then listen as Gregg Harris asks you the same question. What do you have in your house? Then take a brief tour of your household with him to see what is provided there to meet your needs.

Row Yourself to the Battle
The Vikings of old were a nation of valiant warriors. How did they get that way? One reason lay in the fact they refused to use slaves to row their ships. Instead, each warrior would take his place at the oars and row himself to each battle. By this means they gained an upper-body strength unknown by other nations. In a similar way, homeschooling fathers can become stronger by refusing to allow others do their work for them. Gregg will present four basic household responsibilities that allow any Christian husband and father to get the exercise he needs to become a mighty warrior in the Lord's army.

One Father's Aspirations For His Children
Lets face it. We are not the kind of adults we want our children to become. So, how can we help them reach higher than we have achieved? Fortunately, God knows how to raise up great men and women from the humblest of circumstances.

Delight-Directed Study & The Power of Companionship
Our mental appetites are easily influenced by our companions. Learn how to harness the power of companionship to energize delight-directed study projects for your students. Turn what might otherwise have been boring or harmful into a wholesome learning feast.

A Tale of Two Fathers
Two fathers were referred to by Christ in the Bible; Noah and Lot. Both were righteous men. Both men were warned by God about impending judgment. Both were given opportunity to act decisively to save their families. But only one succeeded. The other lost everyone and everything but his own soul. What did they do differently? How should we learn from their examples? What should we do as fathers today?

The Seasons of Life for the Home Schooling Family
Life unfolds in four distinct seasons, and if you dont know why you are here and where you are supposed to be going in life, it will be impossible for you to know the difference between an opportunity and a distraction.

The Seasons of Life in Your Home School Strategy
What are you aiming for in your home school? Good kids who stay out of trouble? Good jobs that provide well? Good marriages that last? A big happy family? Active in church? Good citizens? These are all worthy goals, but how do they relate to one another in God's plan? And how can you prepare your children to enjoy all of it as it comes?

Delight-Directed Study: A Good Idea Even Better
Homeschooling, unschooling, unit studies, and now delight-directed study. Whats the difference? Whats the big deal? How, practically speaking, does delight-directed study fit into the routines of a Christian homeschool? What materials are useful in delightdirected study, and which are not? And what if your children are not all that delighted with homeschooling? Where do their friends fit into the picture? Hear the answers to all of these questions and more.

The Seasons of a Life Well Lived
What is Gods purpose for my 70+ years in this world? What is a distraction from that purpose? What should I be doing now? These are important questions—especially for young people just starting out. But most lives unfold in four distinct seasons. Most every young man will be a Student, then a Householder, then an Elder, and finally a Statesman; that is, unless he becomes disqualified by the consequences of foolishness or sin. Each young woman is most likely to be the wife and helper of such a man, going through each season by his side. Understanding where you are in this sequence and where you are headed can allow you to confidently say yes to the right things at the right times for the right reasons and say no to everything else. This is how to become strong and finish well.

Combining a Home Business With a Home School
One of the most effective and efficient delight-directed studies you will find is a small ministry or business venture that allows your children to taste the exhilaration of doing well for themselves by doing good for others. A small band of young friends with a parent-advisor can easily launch a little company that not only teaches everyone good business principles but also allows everyone to gain momentum financially for their future.

Do Hard Things: Character Counts
Where does good character come from? Jesus said that the nature of a fruit tree defines the quality of its fruit. So, in this session Gregg will have the teens look at the universal dilemma of being limited by our spiritual nature to want only what we really want…and being unable to change what we want because we don’t want to. What is the solution? Jesus got is right when He said, “You much be born again!”

The New Mayflower Strategy
The world around us is getting worse but there are no more undiscovered continents to which we can flee as Pilgrims. So how can we protect ourselves and our family members while still fulfilling our calling as Ambassadors for Christ? How can we be in but not of the world? The answer is to climb aboard the "New Mayflower" and enjoy not only greater safety from this world, but also greater influence on this world for His glory. Come and discover the strategy of the New Mayflower.

A Tale of Two Fathers: The Amazing Rescues of Noah & Lot
Two fathers in the Bible were warned by God of impending judgment. Both took action to save their family members. One succeeded wonderfully while the other failed miserably. And both were righteous men. So what made the difference?

Raising Kids to Do Hard Things
What is God's strategic purpose for giving us children? How can we best train them? How can we best educate them? How can we help them enjoy being productive members of the family and of society? And prepare them to do meaningful things for the Kingdom of God? How can we use our home to launch our children into all God has for them? Come learn how you can lead your children and your entire family to do hard things … together!

What About Socialization? The Power of Companionship in Home Schooling
Whether it's good table manners you want or good communication and team building skills, your child's social relationships do matter. But how can we provide them if we don't have them ourselves? Not by pooling the ignorance of a bunch of children in a conventional school! No, you can make your home a small finishing school for developing all the social understanding you need. Host dinners, participate in club meetings and organize service activities that develop the kind of friendships and associations that can train and mature each child.

An Interesting Guest: How to Use Hospitality to Supplement Your Home School
Dinner time hospitality can be a gift to both guest and host when the guest is willing to be interesting. Imagine what could happen if you started looking for interesting guests to bring home for the education of your children. Foreign students? Business people. Missionaries on furlough? Tradesmen? Professors from the local college? Photographers? Musicians? Scientists? Artists. Statesmen? Everybody has to eat. And everybody enjoys explaining what they do to an interested audience. But beware, your children may start getting ideas.

Household Management Home Education & Family Business

Household Management Ministry Hospitality & Community Leadership

The Local Church

Arrows in the Hands of a Warrior

Your Family Runs on Regular

Violate the Truce

Say Hello to Courtship from the Father of the Guy Who Kissed Dating Goodbye!

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

Powerhouse Seminar

Gregg's Achievements
  • Father of seven.
  • Homeschool pioneer and leader since 1981
  • Helped start Christian homeschooling in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia and Mexico.
  • Teaching Elder of Household of Faith Community Church in Gresham, OR
  • Graduate of Centerville Bible College
  • President and Director: Noble Institute for Leadership Development
  • Author: The Christian Home School
  • Author: The Home School Organizer (Ring-bound)
  • Author: Uncommon Courtesy for Kids Kit
  • Author: The Guest Room Directory
  • Author: The Guest Room Hospitality Handbook
  • Author: The Christian family's complete household organizer
  • Author: Truth and Light
  • Author: The Home & Family Business Workshop Notes/Workbook
  • Author: The Family Storytelling Workshop (Ring-bound)
  • Co-author: Choreganizers: The Visual Way to Organize Household Chores
  • Co-author: The Right Choice: The Incredible Failure of Public Education and the Rising Hope of Home Schooling
  • Co-author: Ballads Of American History
  • Co-author: The A to Z Guide to Home School Field Trips
  • Co-author: The Original 21 Rules of This House
  • Speaker (seminars on MP3): The Legacy Series
  • Developer: The Noble Planner Time Management System
Harris's Bio

Gregg Harris is the surviving husband of the late Sono Harris and father of their children, including Josh Harris (best-selling author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye), Alex Harris, and Brett Harris.

Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified3/14/2013 3:49:42 PM
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