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Attorney Christopher J. Klicka, Esq.:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Klicka, Christopher J. "Chris"

Tracy Klicka
Warrenton, Virginia (VA)  20187
United States of America (US)

Website(s) Tracy Klicka
Klicka Clan's Blogspot
Keynote PresentationsHome Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) Leadership Conference (2006)The
New Mexico Christian Home School Convention and Curriculum Fair (CAPE-NM) (2008)
Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO) Annual Convention (2008)
Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation (OCHEC) Convention (2008)
Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA) Convention (2008)
Teaching Parents Association (TPA) Homeschool Conference (2009)
Annual ICHE State Convention (2009)

2009 Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State Convention (CHOIS) (2009, ID)
2009 Illinois Christian Home Educator's Annual State Convention (ICHE) (2009, IL)
2009 Teaching Parents Association's Homeschool Conference (TPA) (2009, KS)
2009 Inland Northwest Homeschool Conference (2009, WA)
2008 Christian Home Educators of Ohio Convention (CHEO) (2008, OH)
2008 New Mexico Christian Home School Convention (2008, NM)
22nd Annual Bay Area CHEA Convention (2008, CA)
Featured PresentationsChristian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) Family Conference (2008)
2009 Living Books Retreat (2009, FL)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

*** Recordings are available for the late Chris Klicka. ***

A Challenge to Homeschool Fathers
As a homeschool father of seven, Chris Klicka relates the importance of the role of fathers in leading their families spiritually, supporting their wives in homeschooling, and participating directly in the training of their children. He explains the importance of the qualityand quantityof time Dad needs to spend with his children. He discusses the fathers involvement in child discipline and as spiritual head of his family. In this practical session, Chris shares dozens of tips for fathers to better train their children. An exposition of Ephesians 6:4 will serve as a foundation for this session: Fathers, provoke not your children to wrath but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Fathers will be held ultimately accountable for the training of their children. Homeschooling families need strong homeschooling fathers! Fathers must be committed to homeschooling, not just involved. This session will serve as an encouragement to fathers to fulfill their God-given role in their family. This is a must for every homeschooling father. Includes handouts. (Much of this session is based on chapters 4 and 5 of The Heart of Home Schooling.)

Balancing Family and Life Responsibilities
A constant battle is taking place for our time: our work, church, ministry, homeschool, friends, family, and our relationship with God all demand our attention. How do we balance our lives? As a homeschooling father of seven, Senior Counsel of HSLDA, author, and frequent flyer, Chris Klicka discusses how we can win this battle for our time by setting our priorities straight. He emphasizes that the most important priority is the nurturing of our own souls. Includes handouts. (Based on chapter 3 of The Heart of Home Schooling.)

Home Education: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
In this important session, Christopher Klicka describes the blessings, dangers, and
disappointments of homeschooling. He will draw on his 20 years of working in the courts and legislatures for homeschool freedoms, being a homeschool dad of seven children, and counseling thousands of homeschool families. This talk will make you aware of the enemy without, who is trying to stop homeschooling, and the enemy within, who wants to weaken homeschool families and destroy the witness of homeschool teens. As Klicka describes the incredible blessings that God pours on homeschool families, you will be inspired and encouraged.

How to Keep the Heart of Your Teenager
Chris Klicka and his wife Tracy have been homeschooling their 7 children since 1987 and currently have five teens. Understanding how raising teens is in many ways a much greater challenge than training small children, Chris advises parents on how to understand and shepherd their teens' hearts. He discusses the reality of teenagers' emotional, mental, and physical changes, including their natural evolving will to be independent. He gives many practical tips on how to keep your children's hearts during the most challenging and complicated times of their teen years.

Homeschool Heroes: The Struggle and Triumph of Homeschooling in America
Since 1985, Senior HSLDA Counsel Chris Klicka has battled for homeschool freedoms in all 50 states on behalf of thousands of homeschoolers. He has many stories of how God delivered homeschool families again and again in face of intense opposition. In this session, Chris recounts many stories of homeschool families from the 1980s and early 1990s. He gives God all the glory for answering the prayers of His people and delivering them from very intense and difficult battles in the courts, the legislatures, and in their own homes. Chris describes the draconian laws requiring parents to be certified teachers, submit to home visits by government officials, have their curriculum approved by public school administrators, and other unacceptable restrictionsand how homeschool families overcame! Chriss hope is that all those who hear this session will feel compelled to remain eternally vigilant in actively working to protect our hard-won freedoms to homeschool in the United States. (Based on Chriss book Home School Heroes.)

Homeschool Husbands: Are You Really Loving Your Wife?
As a home school husband and father of seven children, Chris speaks from the heart. He will share over 25 practical tips on how a home schooling husband can better satisfy God's requirements. Chris will discuss dying to yourself, leading in devotions, taking charge of child discipline, encouraging your wife, praying with her and for her, and many more practical tips. Wives, you won't want your husbands to miss this session!

Homeschooling Fathers: Taking a Stand for Your Family
As a homeschool father of seven children (with two graduated from high school), Chris Klicka explains the desperate need for fathers to stand in the gap for their homeschool families. Fathers must lead their families spiritually and support their wives in homeschooling. In this very practical session, Klicka shares dozens of tips for fathers to better train their children and love their wives unconditionally. He also recounts examples of fathers who gave into temptation, allowed the world to gradually weaken their family and teens, or began giving their children a secular education either at home or at school-with devastating consequences. This session will serve as an encouragement to fathers to fulfill their God-given role in their family. A must for every homeschool dad!

Homeschooling Teenagers: Standing Against the Culture
Chris Klicka challenges teenagers to stay committed to homeschooling, reminding them that the true purpose of their education is to be trained in the ways of righteousness. He urges teens to seek wisdom and to live holy lives, guarding against the temptations of youth. Experienced in fighting against the tide in the courts and the legislatures, Chris encourages young people to stand against the secular tides of our culture. He exhorts them to be students of the Law: Gods Word. He points them toward the necessity of mastering a biblical worldview, which will enable them to think like a Christian and apply that wisdom to all they do. Chris also shares hardships he has faced, urging teens to be prepared and willing to surrender all to Jesus Christ. Chris emphasizes the advantages of homeschooling from a spiritual, practical, and academic perspective, with special mention of the importance of honoring parents. Includes handouts. (Much of this session is based on chapter 10 of The Heart of Home Schooling.)

How to Avoid Being a Victim of the Child Welfare System
Since 1985, Chris Klicka has handled over 1,000 legal conflicts with social workers on behalf of homeschoolers. Recounting true stories of social workers who harassed homeschoolers with false allegations, Chris explains your rights, describes how to handle child welfare investigations, and summarizes the facts which show the child welfare system to be out of control. His presentation includes a humorous but effective skit, illustrating important dos and donts for families who encounter a typical social worker investigation. This is a practical topic since the child welfare department can investigate anybody at any time simply based on an anonymous tip. Includes handouts. (Some of this session is based on chapter 13 of Home Schooling: The Right Choice.)

How to Instill a Vision in Your Children Concerning Their Homeschool Heritage
Chris Klicka encourages parents to instill in their children a vision for homeschooling. Recounting the history of homeschooling since the founding of America, he provides a special anecdotal tour of the homeschool hall of famefamous men and women who were homeschooled. Chris shares practical tips on learning about homeschool heroes and writing your own homeschool history! Includes handouts. (Partially based on chapters 6 and 7 of The Right Choice: Home Schooling.)

Sharing Jesus Through Homeschooling
Chris Klicka relates dozens of anecdotes of the opportunities his family has found to share the gospel because of their homeschooling. He gives a step-by-step approach to fulfilling Jesus' Great Commission. Chris shares how to start a conversation with a stranger, what verses to share, and even how to use the whole family to evangelize. God is blessing the homeschool movement-not because we are homeschooling for homeschooling's sake, but for the glory and honor of Jesus Christ. Using our homeschooling to teach others about the salvation message is the best way to keep Jesus Christ the center of our homeschooling efforts. Chris also shares how God used a near-fatal car accident and the deaths of close friends to spur him on to evangelize in any place and to any person. (Much of this session is based on chapter 12 of The Heart of Home Schooling.)

The Battle for the Right to Homeschool: In the Courts, Legislatures, Congress, and Around the World
Emphasizing God's protection and recounting many true David-and-Goliath stories from his 17-plus years defending homeschoolers, Chris Klicka describes the price many parents paid for the freedom we now enjoy. He provides an up-to-the minute review of the conflicts, cases, and legislative battles homeschoolers are facing in the United States and around the world. And he shares practical tips on what you can do to help preserve our freedoms and help others. Chris shares his vision for homeschoolingGod is truly blessing the homeschool movement, but parents must be eternally vigilant in order to protect our freedom. If we take our freedom for granted, it will slip away. (Part of this take is based on chapter 13 of The Right Choice: Home Schooling.)

The Heart of Homeschooling: Living and Teaching What Really Matters
Chris speaks to the hearts of home school fathers and mothers urging them to teach their children what really matters. Chris Klicka calls all homeschoolers to draw closer to the Lord and seek him with their whole heart. As an attorney, Chris Klicka has been battling for the right of parents to homeschool since 1985, and has been battling multiple sclerosis since 1994. He walks the talk as he shows how we must live in light of eternity and make every single day count. As a homeschool father of seven, Chris speaks from both his heart and many years of practical experience. He describes how we must understand suffering and how we are commanded to share the gospel as a family and as individuals virtually everyone we meet. He helps us all to return to our "first love" and establish a close relationship with our Lord and Savior. Chris explains that you're not homeschooling for homeschooling sake, but for the glory and honor of God. We can delegate authority to teach our children to someone else, but we can never delegate the responsibility.

The Home School Teen: When the Going Gets Tough, Will You Get Going?
Chris Klicka has been working with homeschooled teens since 1994, when he directed HSLDA's intern program. Now, with five teenagers of his own, he is uniquely equipped to address both teens and parents of teens. In this session, Chris challenges homeschool teens to stay committed to the Lord, reminding them to seek wisdom and to live holy lives, guarding against the temptations of youth. He also encourages them to stay committed to homeschooling, reminding them that the true purpose of their education is to be trained in the ways of righteousness. Experienced in fighting against the tide in the courts and the legislatures, Chris gives teens a straight talk about the importance of being a light in a dark world and standing for Jesus against the culture. He points them toward the necessity of mastering a biblical worldview, which will enable them to think like a Christian and apply that wisdom to all they do. He shows them how to discern in the areas of dress, friends, entertainment, college, etc., emphasizing the biblical admonition "to be in the world but not of it." He also gives practical tips on how teens can share their faith and describes the advantages of homeschooling from a spiritual, practical, and academic perspective, with special mention of the importance of honoring parents. Includes handouts.

Homeschools At Risk with Change in Government
Chris Klicka talks about the dangers facing homeschools from the powers that control our federal government and many state legislatures. He warns of the dangerous UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that is waiting to be ratified by the US Senate and explains what you can do. He demonstrates how it will destroy parental rights in America as we know it. Chris also gives a bird's eye view of what is happening in Washington, D.C. and around the country in the state legislatures as he reports on the battlegrounds and issues. He will discuss the greater emphasis on children's rights; an empowered health and human services department, lack of concern for parental rights; the make-up of Congress and the administration and their philosophy; and possible attempts to remove protections for homeschools in federal education legislation. This talk is a wake up call for all homeschoolers to be ready at a moment's notice for action.

Understanding Suffering in the Midst of Homeschooling
Chris Klicka will explain how all homeschoolers experience different types of suffering in their life. Since we do not understand why, we often do not handle the suffering right. Chris will apply scriptural promises and truths about suffering as he tells the story of his fight with multiple sclerosis; his wife's fight with ulcerative colitis; the death of his close legal assistant Kimberly; and the near death of his twins, Amy and Charity. He will show how suffering is indeed a blessing from God and He will carry us through. God never fails. He will emphasize how homeschooling can keep going on through the tough times.

Wrestling with God and Battling Satan on Behalf of Your Ministry, Family, and Homeschool
This session will help men prepare for, recognize, and engage in spiritual warfare. Since they are involved in ministering to many in Jesus' name and doing kingdom work, home school dads are prime targets for Satan's fiery darts. These darts come in many forms: temptations, family trouble, infighting, legislative threats, and even sickness. In this workshop, Chris shares numerous tips on wearing and using the armor of God.

The Battle For Our Children's Minds
Chris Klicka, home school attorney and father of seven, will present scores of biblical references which demonstrate how God requires our children to be nurtured and educated. The main purpose of this talk is to help homeschoolers develop a lasting commitment to homeschooling as the means to best train our children in God's ways. He will explain how the agenda and philosophy of the "movers and shakers," past and present, in public education are diametrically opposed to this. Chris will encourage us to keep up the fight and train our children to be leaders of tomorrow who have been taught not only to believe like Christians, but also to think like Christians. Chris will also urge the audience to sound the warning to other Christians to remove their children from the public schools. Chris proves his case very convincingly and this has become one of his most popular talks.

What Are My Rights as a Homeschooler?
Chris Klicka summarizes the legal climate for homeschooling in your state, discusses the illegal requirements sometimes imposed on homeschoolers and shares true accounts of and practical tips for handling visits from truant officers and social workers. Drawing from his experience handling thousands of legal conflicts on behalf of homeschoolers throughout the 50 states, Chris also discusses legislative strategy in your state to protect your right to homeschool. Includes handouts. Note: This session can be combined with Chris Klickas workshop, How to Avoid Being a Victim of the Child Welfare System.

The History of Homeschoolers' Struggle to Be Free: An Example of God's Faithfulness

The Case for Homeschooling: A Factual Look at the Benefits

The Greatest Threat to Home-Schooling

Eternal Vigilance

Your Man in Washington: An Up-to-the-Minute Report

How to Homeschool Legally in Colorado

The Homeschool Graduate: Will You Stand Against the Tide?

Christopher J.'s Achievements
  • Author: The Heart of Home Schooling
  • Author: The Right Choice: Home Schooling
  • Author: Home School Heroes
  • Senior Counsel (since 1985): Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
  • Director of State and International Relations, Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
  • Member of the bar: The Virginia Supreme Court
  • Member of the bar: The United States Supreme Court
  • Member of the bar: The Fourth Circuit District of Appeals
  • Member of the bar: The U.S. District Court of Virginia (Eastern Division)
  • B.A.: Grove City College, Grove City, Pennsylvania
  • Juris Doctorate: O.W. Coburn School of Law, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Klicka's Bio

Chris passed away on 12 October 2009. He was married to Tracy Klicka, who continues to help homeschooling families. Learn more of Chris's work or of Tracy through her profile.

Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified4/20/2011 12:39:44 PM
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