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Mr. Steve Lambert:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Phone 2
Lambert, Steve

Five in a Row
P.O. Box 707
Grandview, Missouri (MO)  64030-0707
United States of America (US)

Fax: 816-246-9253
Keynote PresentationsThe Teaching Parents Association (TPA) Homeschool Conference (2000)
The Washington Association of Teaching Christian Homes (WATCH) Conference (2007)
2011 Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State Convention (CHOIS) (2011, ID)
2008 19th Annual Heart of Illinois Convention for Home Educators (2008, IL)
Featured Presentations2010 FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention (2010, FL)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Finding Your Way through the Home School Jungle (with Jane Lambert)
Opinions about home schooling are like belly buttons-everybody has one! Some say home schooling is an academic paradise where we can produce little Doogie Howsers at will--able to enter medical school at 14. Still others believe it is a secular paradise where we can be free from every form of spirituality. And, of course, others believe it is a spiritual paradise where we don't have to be tainted by the world and can live in a safe cocoon. Learn how to find wisdom and balance in a sometimes unbalanced and wacky world as you discover what's right for your family-and how to get along with the other zanies who make up this wonderful world we call home schooling.

Home Schooling: The Journey of a Lifetime
Steve Lambert's encouraging, heart-warming workshop provides the big picture about the journey of home schooling. You'll gain more than just information-but inspiration as well. Steve's audiences find themselves caught between laughter and tears as he shares a rich blend of factual information and confidence-building anecdotes. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, Steve will give you the kind of emotional ammunition to tackle next year's home schooling with passion, purpose, and confidence.

For Men Only
What do women really need from us as home school fathers? What do our children really need from us? How can we help with the home schooling when we're working hard to provide for a single-income family? Is home schooling right for our family? How long should we continue home schooling? What about life after home schooling? This man-to-man workshop provides the kind of real-world answers to these difficult questions that every man needs to hear. More than 17 years of experience and a great sense of humor allow Steve Lambert to speak directly to men about these important issues.

You CAN Do Unit Studies
Unit studies remain the mystery of education. Stories abound about how natural and effective unit studies are in education ? but its a topic filled with anxiety for many parents. Are unit studies that hard to prepare? How do I know I've covered everything? Is every subject appropriate for unit study? What if I'm trying to do a classical model? Can unit studies be integrated with textbooks and workbooks? Am I better off buying an off-the-shelf unit study, or can I learn to create my own? Is my student too young (or too old) for unit studies? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this popular workshop.

Confidence to Begin the Journey
Most beginning home schoolers are overwhelmed by the bigness of the task before them. In today's home school market there is no lack of information but there is often a lack of inspiration. Steve Lambert's most popular workshop combines the wisdom gleaned from more than 17 years of home schooling and the perspectives of a grandfather whose children are grown and married with families of their own now. You'll come away feeling not only good about the choice you've made but confident about your ability to be successful.

Competence to Walk Out the Journey
Teachers come in all shapes and sizes. Most of us have no difficulty remembering our favorite teacher from personal experience. For some it was a second grade teacher, or a high school history teacher, or an English teacher. Discover what makes certain teachers unforgettable and learn how to gain both self-confidence and a willing audience as you nurture the specific skills which separate the best from the rest in the world of education. Whether you have a masters degree in education or never graduated from high school, this workshop can help you become the kind of teacher every student deserves.

Common Sense to Complete the Journey
Few of us begin home schooling with a vision for finishing the race. But months turn into years and we find ourselves looking at the last few years of home schooling. What do we need to know to get our children into college or the career of their choice? Perhaps more importantly - what do we do after they're gone? If the empty nest is a problem for more families, it can be overwhelming for a home schooling family. Learn about life after home schooling and how to begin making plans now for that inevitable season. Prepare your students - and prepare yourself for finishing the race.

Unit Study Made Easy: Five in a Row
FIAR publisher Steve Lambert will show you how to move into the fun and effective world of unit study without hours of preparation or costly supplies. Unit study will change your homeschool from a rigid classroom into a delightful family learning experience.

Baby Steps: The Homeschooling Preschool Adventure
It doesn't have to be an all-ornothing plunge. Learn how to begin testing the homeschool waters during the preschool years.
Exhibit: Five in a Row Publishing

The Elementary Homeschool Years: Joy or Struggle
These early years can make or break your homeschool experience. Discover how to make learning a joy for your children.

Finishing Strong: The High School Years
Homeschooling through high school presents a whole new series of challenges from advanced sciences and foreign languages to dating, college admissions and transcripts. Perhaps even more importantly, the high school years present new challenges for homeschool mothers who are about to face the empty nest after so many years of important work. Learn how to prepare your children and yourself for the challenges of the high school years.

What’s a Dad to Do? (dads only)
In 95% of cases, fathers are the breadwinners while mothers do the teaching. And in many cases, fathers work a second job to make financial ends meet. Their time is limited but their role is absolutely critical to the success of any homeschool. Should they invest their limited time in teaching algebra or chemistry? Are they to be the disciplinarians that calm the chaos with the ever-present threat of “just wait till your father gets home?” Or is there something else that can completely change every homeschool environment? Find out the single most important thing any father can do besides praying for his wife and children.

Raising Spiritual Giants
Who among us hasn’t seen the relentless slide of our popular culture? What parent isn’t aware of the dangers and threats that exist today that were unimaginable just 40 years ago? Who doesn’t want to raise sons and daughters who have the faith, the character and the knowledge necessary to walk through the world and lead others to the Hope that we know and love? Theories abound on how to raise spiritual giants in a world gone awry, but you’ll discover the one unbelievably simple technique that can give your children their best chance in the years ahead.

Becoming a Great Teacher
Great teachers aren’t born; they’re grown through training and experience. Teaching is a skill you can nurture and develop just like knitting. Discover how to set realistic goals for yourself in those first couple of years and how to develop the skills needed to truly become a great teacher. Every day doesn’t have to end in tears and you can become the kind of teacher every child deserves.

The Single Best Investment You Can Make in Your Homeschool
A science tutor? A state-of-the-art computer perhaps? A summer trip to the Smithsonian and the White House? If you have limited resources (and what homeschooler doesn’t?) what’s the single best investment you can make which will change the entire homeschooling experience for you and your children? Is there one investment that will bring tranquility to the homeschool classroom, friendship to sibling rivalries and academic success in the college years? Yes, there is! Learn about the single best investment you can make in your homeschool.

Faith’s Role in Homeschooling
Is homeschooling success a simple “promise” you can “claim?” Or is success built upon meticulous planning, long hours of thankless work and having the entire 13 academic years laid out before a child turns four? Learn about the vital role that faith plays in homeschooling and how you can save yourself and your children a world of misery by learning to trust the One who stirred your heart toward homeschooling in the first place?

Becoming an Effective Teacher: Professional Secrets
Learn the difference between an unforgettable teacher and the ones you'd rather forget. Discover new strategies for helping your children learn.

Creating Your Own One-Room Schoolhouse: Teaching Multiple Ages Simultaneously

Beginning Your Journey w/ 17 Years of Experience

Steve's Achievements

Former homeschooling father who started home education in 1982.
Publisher of Five in a Row (homeschool curriculum).

Lambert's Bio
Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified1/25/2011 4:21:38 PM
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