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Mrs. Stacy McDonald:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



McDonald, Stacy

Peoria, Illinois (IL)  
United States of America (US)
Keynote PresentationsAPHEA - Alaska State Convention
Covenant Presbyterian Church - California Family Camp
Renewing the Family - New Mexico
MCHE - Montana State Convention
NTHEN - North Texas Convention
NICHE - Iowa State Convention
INCH - Michigan State Convention
CHEF-AL - Alabama State Convention
Mass HOPE - Massachusetts State Convention
LEAH - New York State Convention
CHENH - New Hampshire State Convention
OCHEC - Ontario Province Convention
Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington Conference (2007)
Michiana Christian Home Educators (MCHE) Homeschool Convention in Mishawaka, IN (2008)
Prairie States Christian Home Educators 2010 Spring Conference (2010, SD)
MACHS Annual Conference (2010, MB)
2009 Teaching Parents Association's Homeschool Conference (TPA) (2009, KS)
2009 SHEM Home Education Convention (2009, MO)
2009 SWIHE 15th Annual Homeschool Convention (2009, IN)
2008 NTHEN Summer Conference & BookFair (2008, TX)
Featured Presentations29th Annual Michigan Home Education Convention (INCH) (2012, MI)
2009 Illinois Christian Home Educator's Annual State Convention (ICHE) (2009, IL)
Workshop Presentations2013 Illinois Christian Home Educator's Annual State Convention (ICHE) (2013, IL)
2011 22nd Annual Heart of Illinois Convention for Home Educators (2011, IL)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

A Crown for Him: Teaching Our Daughters the Importance of Biblical Beauty and Etiquette
From television and magazines to billboards on our highways, our daughters are bombarded with immodest pictures and sensual images of what the world calls beauty. But how close to the biblical view is its message? What does the Bible say about beauty and etiquette? Is it glitz and glamour? Is it gloomy and plain? Let us rediscover biblical loveliness and discuss how our appearance and demeanor can bring glory to God. A must for those who are homeschooling daughters.

A Future for Your Daughter: Growing a Homeschooling Heritage
Why is the world so amazed to find Christian homeschooling mothers and wives joyful and content at home? We are told that in order to be truly fulfilled, we must have successful careers outside the home. Is this the truth? How could this affect future generations? How could the perverted definition of family destroy our chances of seeing our childrens children raised up in godly homeschooling families? Before we have to ask How did this happen, let us ask How can we keep this from happening?

As Unto the Lord:  Biblically Supporting Our Husbands
Humble, quiet, submissive—these are all qualities that are generally regarded as weaknesses. Scripture, on the other hand, teaches that these are signs of great strength and power. Just as our Lord submitted Himself to His Father and the governing authorities, wives are instructed to demonstrate their willingness to support their husbands by supporting and respecting their leadership.

The Sacred Mission of Motherhood
How do you view your role in the family? Are you just a wife and mother? Do you sigh heavily and admit that you are only a homemaker? Do you dread filling out questionnaires in the doctors office that ask for your occupation? How can this distorted view of a womans calling affect our childrens view of a godly ordered family? Join Stacy as she reminds mothers of their honorable calling of wife, mother, and keeper at home; and how their respected position was planned before the beginning of time.

Passionate Housewives Desperate for God
The media tries to convince us that joyful and content keepers at home are just good liars. They can't imagine how any woman could be content serving her family in the home without pursuing a career or indulging in secret wickedness. Join Stacy as she guides ladies toward passionate housewifery and where to turn when they are desperate.

Virtuous Maidenhood: Becoming a Maiden of Virtue
Have you ever noticed that Scripture will refer to the daughter of a godly man as a virgin, a virgin daughter, or the daughter of her father, while our modern culture tends to use gender neutral terms, such as kids, children, teens, or youth? Is it that our contemporary dictionaries dont have room for outdated terms such as maiden and virgin daughter or is there a deeper reason? Today, feminine softness and beauty have been replaced by tight, faded jeans; revealing t-shirts; and sneakers. Should daughters of the King parrot the speech, mimic the carriage or replicate the fashion statements of daughters of the world? You and your daughters are invited to join Stacy McDonald, mother of seven fair maidens as she investigates the lost art of biblical femininity, sexual purity, and virtuous maidenhood—a fairy tale experience.

Weary Women
Join Stacy as she reminds women where to turn during times of weariness and trials. Sharing from her own life experiences, Stacy explains from Scripture how turning to the wrong source for relief from our trials will actually add to our burden, rather than relieve it! Rejoice in Jesus as you embrace the mysterious beauty of your sacred calling!

The Heart of the Matter: Guiding Our Children into Pure Marriages (with husband, James)
Modern dating provides our children and young adults with lessons in breaking up (practice for divorce) and emotional heartache rather than how to form solid relationships and permanent biblical commitments. Parents, especially fathers, are generally kept out of the loop and, consequently, covenantal fences of protection are gone as well. Scriptural principles for parental involvement and marital training are examined while parents and their children discuss ways to apply them in their own homes. A question and answer session on purity, dating, courtship, and betrothal, moderated by James and Stacy McDonald.

The House that Mom Built
There are so many ways we, as mothers, can either build up or, in contrast, tear down our own homes. As mothers, we have the choice each day whether or not we’re going to be an influence for Godly growth and joy in our homes. In this workshop, Stacy will discuss some of the qualities of a wise woman, and just what makes her wise.

The Heart of Chastity
In Titus 2, one of the specific things Paul tells older women they should teach younger women is to be chaste. But as you’ll learn in this talk, being chaste is more than a physical state of being; it’s an active virtue. A chaste woman consistently demonstrates sexual purity—in thought, word and deed. Stacy shares how sexual purity, biblical beauty and the heart motives behind each work together in the life of the Christian woman to glorify God and hallow His name.


Stacy's Achievements
  • Author: Raising Maidens of Virtue
  • Co-author: Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God
  • Author: Motherhood: The Sacred Mission (CD)
  • Author: A Crown for Him: Teaching Biblical Beauty and Etiquette (CD)
  • Author: Virtuous Young Maidenhood: Becoming a Maiden of Virtue (CD)
McDonald's Bio

James and Stacy McDonald are married and often speak together at events.  See Stacy's husband's profile James McDonald.

Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified3/18/2013 3:52:16 PM
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