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Ms. Renee Taft Meloche:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Meloche, Renee Taft

Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)  
United States of America (US)
Workshop Presentations2011 27th Annual Fort Wayne Home Education Resource Expo (2011, IN)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Seven Secrets Every Homeschooler Should Know
Learn simple, yet powerful techniques to create a dynamic, interesting, inspirational, and highly memorable learning experience. One of the many benefits of homeschooling is that it is easier to incorporate different tools into the learning environment to create teachable moments. In this session, learn seven simple techniques to incorporate creative arts to reinforce lessons and help children truly remember what theyve learned. Story, drama, mime, music, and crafts are frequently relegated in public school to art classes. Learn why this is so tragic and discover how to avoid falling into the same trap. A must-attend session for any homeschooler.

Building Character in Children
The homeschooler doesnt need to wait until Sunday to teach morality and virtue; it can be a core part of their everyday curriculum. Discover the power of true Christian biographies to teach history, government, science, religion, and much more, all while encouraging your children to become more diligent, persevering, and serving. Teach character through example through the lives of great Christian heroes. Renee Meloche demonstrates how to build character in your children while studying history, learning lessons on perseverance, getting up from discouragement, fulfilling potential, and shaping and influencing our world for God.

Seven Secrets Every Sunday School Teacher Should Know

Learn simple steps to create a dynamic, interesting, inspirational, and highly memorable Sunday school experience. Childrens ministries should be a highlight in a childs week. First, however, we must learn to speak in a language that children understand. In this session, learn my powerful, yet simple techniques using story, drama, mime, music, arts and crafts to challenge children to live lives for God.

Perseverance and the Power of Hope: Running Strong in the Race of Faith
The Apostle Paul referred to his Christian walk in 2 Tim 4:7 as a race. However, the race of faith is not a sprint or even a Marathon; its a race we run our entire lives. Learn from the examples of real Christian heroes lessons on how to run well and finish the course.  From them and Renee's own personal testimony, you will be encouraged to persevere, get up from discouragement, fulfill your potential, and shape and influence the next generation.

Creative Tools For Everyone: Moms, Dads, and Kids (Family Learning)
Sunday School and Vacation Bible School should be a highlight in a childs week. In this lively and engaging workshop, you will learn by example how to use drama, mime, music, crafts, and poetry to teach children to think about what they do, and how it looks to God. Don't send the children away during this presentation; invite them in as we learn by doing! See many different ways to challenge children to live lives for God. Learn to speak in a language that children understand. Get ready to move and have fun as everyone learns basic techniques in drama and mime as ways to inspire and encourage each other.

Come Unto Me: Childrens' Worshop (Children aged six to nine)
Jesus said Allow the little children to come unto me, and dont hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. This workshop is for the children. It includes drama, mime, music, and crafts and will be used to reinforce character strengths of the Christian heroes and the examples that they set.

Renee Taft's AchievementsAuthor: Flowers from the Bridge: Milestones to Overcoming Grief Co-author: Anchor in the Storm Co-author: A Stubborn Hope: Without Dissappointment Author: George Washington Carver: America's Scientist Author: Nate Saint: Heavenbound Author: Gladys Aylward: Daring to Trust Author: Hudson Taylor: Friend of China Author: Jonathan Goforth: Never Give Up Author: George Mueller: Faith to Feed Ten Thousand Author: Betty Greene: Flying High Author: Mary Slessor: Courage in Africa Author: Jim Elliot: A Light for God Author: Loren Cunningham: Making God Known Author: William Carey: Bearer of Good News Author: Cameron Townsend: Planting God's Word Author: Adoniram Judson: A Grand Purpose Author: David Livingstone: Courageous Explorer Author: Amy Carmichael: Rescuing the Children Author: Eric Liddell: Running for a Higher Prize Author: Clara Barton: Courage to Serve Author: Meriwether Lewis: Journey Across America Author: Lottie Moon: A Generous Offering Author: Corrie Ten Boom: Shining in the Darkness Author: George Washington: America's Patriot Former missionary: Youth with a Mission (YWAM) B.A. degree in Music Education: University of Texas at Dallas Attended YWAMs School of Creative Ministries Attended YWAMs Authors Training School
Meloche's Bio

Renee Taft Meloche also goes by Renee Meloche.

Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified8/14/2010 2:48:15 PM
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