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Mr. Patrick Nurre:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Nurre, Patrick

Bothell, Washington (WA)  98012
United States of America (US)
Website(s) Northwest Treasures
Northwest Treasures
Workshop Presentations2012 Inland Northwest Homeschool Conference (2012, WA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

  1. Was Darwin Right?  A Look at the Fossil Evidence
    This seminar examines the fossil evidence precisely where transitional forms would be needed most – at the boundaries between kinds.

  2. Genesis and the Ice Age
    Examines the evidence for one ice age caused by the Genesis Flood.  Shows how such an ice age could fit into the period between Noah and Abraham.

  3. The Bible and Egyptian Chronology
    A seminar that examines some of the over 40 archaeological discoveries that shift the traditional dating assumptions to agree with the Scriptures.

  4. Dinosaurs, the Ark and the Bible
    Compelling evidence that shows dinosaurs were on the Ark and the subsequent eye witness accounts.

  5. Geology and the Genesis Flood
    There are many geological anomalies that are better explained by the Genesis Flood.  This seminar takes a good look at this evidence.

  6. The Evolution Paradigm – How We Got it
    Not many people realize that the historical development of evolutionary ideas were based on philosophical assumptions and shifts, not on scientific discovery.  This seminar takes a critical look at this fascinating piece of history.

  7. Radiometric Dating – The Great Magic Show (The Age of the Earth Controversy)
    The church is fast buckling under the supposed weight of radiometric dating evidence for an old earth.  This seminar will surprise everyone with the real evidence in radiometric dating.  Carbon-14 dating actually supports a young earth.

  8. Evidence for Special Creation
    Despite what secular science states, there is abundant evidence to support creation as it is recorded in the book of Genesis.

  9. How to Teach Geology to Your Kids
    Geology can be an intimidating subject for parents.  Trying to sort out what should be taught and what shouldn’t be, can be very confusing.  This seminar simplifies the subject of Geology from a Scriptural perspective and incorporates ideas on what to purchase in the way of curricula and rocks.

  10. How to Identify those Rocks Your Kids are Bringing Home
    Every mother struggles over the rock collections their kids bring home.  What to do with them?  This seminar helps boil down rock identification for grades 3-6 and a little more advanced one for grades 6-12.

  11. How to Tumble/polish Beautiful Stones – Every time!
    Complete instructions on how to choose, arrange and tumble stones to get a beautiful shine.  Also, included are practical instructions on purchasing the right tumbler and grits.

  12. Egyptian Chronology and the Bible
    Many will dismiss what the Bible has to say simply because the Bible can't be trusted in the area of historical accuracy.  Egyptian Chronology is the lynch pin for this.  Includes the latest in archaeology as it relates to Egyptian Chronology.  Great encouragement for being able to trust the historical accuracy of the Bible.

  13. Genesis and the Ice Age
    This is the powerful evidence for an explanation of the ice Age that fits very neatly with the account of history found in Genesis.  A fascinating study!

  14. The Funny Thing About Dinosaurs
    Exposes some of the humorous things that scientists, through the years, have written and said about dinosaurs.

  15. Yellowstone National Park Through the Lens of Scripture
    Yellowstone National Park is a fascinating study to do, especially if you take into account the Global  Flood of Genesis.

  16. The Geology of Israel
    Patrick is just back from a trip to Israel.  This talk covers much of the history while taking a good look at the geology of the area and how the flood of Genesis is a great explanation for what is seen there.

Patrick's Achievements
  • Founded Northwest Treasures, 2005, to provide high quality geology curricula and specimens
  • Opened the Geology Learning Center, Fall 2012, in Mountlake Terrace (Seattle) Washington, a museum devoted to geology from a young-earth perspective, and a learning center for classes and tours.  The GLC is a 501(c)3.
  • Has been a popular speaker at home school conventions and church conferences, including conventions in: Washington state, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utan, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Georgia, Hawaii and Canada.
Nurre's Bio

Patrick Nurre has been an enthusiastic rockhound since grade school.  He grew up in the beautiful state of Montana where he spent many of his Saturdays rockhounding near the Big Horn River.  His field experience has included extensive rockhounding in the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Utah, Oregon, California, Wyoming, Kansas and Indiana.  He has a special interest in volcanoes. 

In the 1970s Patrick and his wife Vicki were involved in helping to promote and organize the creation-evolution debates featuring the late Dr. Henry Morris and Dr. Duane Gish.  Patrick has spoken at numerous home school and church conventions, conducted geology classes and leads a variety of geology field trips every year. 

His high point is a field trip to Yellowstone National Park each year, where he leads families through the discovery of Biblical Geology in the Park.  Patrick and Vicki now reside in Bothell, Washington.  They are grandparents and remain good friends of the homeschool movement.  In 2005 Patrick started Northwest Treasures, a business devoted to producing a wide variety of fine geology specimen kits and high quality polished thunder eggs to promote rockhounding.  Patrick’s geology specimen kits and polished thunder eggs have been featured in the Creation Museum gift shop in Petersburg, Kentucky.   In addition to his hobby of rockhounding, Patrick pastors a church in the Mountlake Terrace, Washington area.


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