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Mrs. Rebecca Ingram Powell:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Powell, Rebecca Ingram

P.O. Box 184
Goodlettsville, Tennessee (TN)  37070-0184
United States of America (US)
Keynote Speaker?Unknown
Featured PresentationsPure in Heart Conference, Colleyville, TX (2009)
Young Women of Worth Conference (2009)
CSTHEA Conference Chattanooga, TN (2009)
Pure In Heart Conference Davenport, Iowa (2009)
MPE Convention, Kansas City, MO (2009)
GYRLS Conference, New Orleans, LA (2009)
SHEM--Springfield, MO 2007, 2008
FPEA--Orlando, FL 2008
Lifeway Kids Conference--Orlando, FL 2006, 2008
Girl of Worth--Auburn, KY 2007
Girl of Integrity Evansville, IN 2008
2012 Southeast Homeschool Expo (SE HS Expo) (2012, GA)
2012 Alabama Homeschool Expo (2012, AL)
2012 Chicago Homeschool Expo (2012, IL)
2011 Chicago Homeschool Expo (2011, IL)
2011 Southeast Homeschool Expo (SE HS Expo) (2011, GA)
2009 Annual Georgia Home Education Association's Conference (GHEA) (2009, GA)
2008 SHEM Home Education Convention (2008, MO)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Passionate Parenting: Prescription for Mommy Burnout
This session is for any mom who feels stressed and fatigued from the many demands of life—especially parenting! What causes Mommy Burnout and what can you do to prevent it? Fortunately, Mommy Burnout is as easy to treat as it is to diagnose. The remedy rests on the choices you make.
13 Going on Dirty: Five Things Every Mom Needs to Know about Her Son (Moms Only!)
Boys are different, Mom! Our sexually permissive culture is already sending your son signals that real manhood equals an aggressive thirst for power and a lustful hunger for promiscuity. How do you whet your son's appetite for Christ alone? Join Rebecca to learn the secrets every mother needs to know about raising a godly son.
How to Date Your Kids: Creating Special Moments for Holding Your Child's Heart
No matter what the size of your family, each child needs special one-on-one time with each of his parents. How are you going to manage that when you scarcely get a date with your spouse? Where do you go to get more hours in your day? And what do you mean by "date"? Join Rebecca to learn how to make individual quality time with your kids a priority. You'll discover the keys to grabbing hold of the opportunities God provides and establishing stronger life connections with the hearts you're blessed to hold.

It’s Time to Step Up Your Game: Transitioning Your Child to Middle School
If your child is entering middle school this year, your parenting skills may need a tune-up for the many miles ahead. Focus on appreciating this season, listening well, and getting to know the many friends that will be a part of your child’s life.

Appreciate the season. Your child is growing on three fronts: physically, emotionally, and socially. Your parenting style needs to adapt in order to accommodate those changes. Can you keep up?

    * Physically. Middlers are excited about the physical transformations they are experiencing, yet these can be embarrassing, as well. This is a season of comparison as they measure their outward appearance and body development from the yardstick of their peers and our beauty-driven culture.
    * Emotionally. On their way to becoming adults, middlers long for independence yet still appreciate parent-imposed boundaries. Some kids seem to race toward the status that accompanies growing up. Others may lag behind, content with the last remnants of childhood.
    * Socially. As they develop deeper friendships, middlers may put some distance between themselves and their parents. Staying connected might not be as easy as it used to be, so determine to do your part.

Listening well. It seems we moms only get busier as our children grow, so we must train ourselves to become even more intentional about listening.

    * Listen without talking. Middlers are sometimes slow to pull their thoughts together. After all, they are developing mentally, as well! Your child needs a patient listener who does not interrupt or try to rush him through a conversation.
    * Listen without fixing it. Often your twelve-year-old just wants to talk through a decision she is making. She does not want you to make it for her. Determine if your child is asking for advice or if she is simply turning to you as a sounding board.
    * Listen without distractions. Take advantage of drives to sports practice and music lessons by showing your interest in listening to your child. Put the cell phone on silent and turn the radio down. Visit quiet places for occasional dates with your child. They long for that personal time with you.

Get to know their friends. Friends are the lifeblood of adolescence. Even our homeschooled children begin to turn to their peer relationships for advice, encouragement, and as a way of identifying themselves. Get to know your children’s friends and you will get to know your changing child.

    * An Open Home. Who cares if your home is clean or cluttered? Growing kids just need a full fridge! They also need to feel welcomed and loved. An open home is one of the best avenues for sharing Christ’s love.
    * Networking. Are you involved in a homeschool support group? Do you have a group of like-minded moms who are journeying with you through these years? Get to know other parents. Collect phone numbers and emails, and connect with your child’s friends’ families. This is a season for you to concentrate on building relationships, too. Ask God to show you opportunities to pray for these families and ways to minister to them.
    * Go Where the Kids Go. Learn your way around Facebook and set up your own account. This is a great way to keep tabs on your kids and their friends. Also, do not hesitate to ask questions of your middler. Who’s number keeps showing up on the caller ID? Who keeps texting you? Indeed, it is your business, and your child will be secretly pleased to have a mom who stays involved.

Upon entering middle school, acknowledge that your child has entered a new phase of life. Celebrate the beginning of school this fall with a special dinner, a weekend trip, or a keepsake gift. This will serve as a benchmark for you, too, reminding you that your child is growing up. Offer new freedoms along with new responsibilities. Enjoy this season of change with your middle schooler!

Friend or Foe? The Beauty of Friendship
Mean girls, best friends, and the stage is set for the drama of a teen's daily relationships. But what kind of friends are going to be there, no matter what? And what kind of friend are you? Learn the three secrets of true friendship and how to recognize the friends God sends.

Fad or Fashion? Dressed to Thrill
Rebecca takes a revealing look at the latest fashions and helps girls discover the naked truth about what their wardrobe choices say to others. Drawing on humor to take the sting out of a hard-hitting topic, Rebecca speaks candidly about the true definition of modesty in a sex-saturated culture.

Fan or Follower? Choosing the Beautiful Life
Evangelistic in nature, this powerful session helps teens recognize the difference between merely admiring Jesus from a distance and truly walking in personal relationship with Him.

The Habits of a Virtuous Woman (Session One)
Like a cup of strong black coffee, a virtuous woman operates at full strength. Our habits, evidenced in the daily choices we make, can sweeten our strength or weaken it with regret and bitterness. This session looks at the lives of several real-life ladies who are living out the principles of Proverbs 31, as well as the Old Testament women Ruth and Naomi.

The Habits of a Virtuous Woman (Session Two)
A virtuous woman must present her home as a ministry to the Lord. Hospitality is not a gift required of a chosen few; it’s a command. Not only must our individual homes be places where strangers feel safe and loved, but also our churches must become refuges of tender fellowship, reaching the lost and the hurting with unconditional love. Jesus will be our example as we study how He initiated relationships.

The Habits of a Virtuous Woman (Session Three)
Are you experiencing the fulfillment of a dynamic personal relationship with God? Every woman was created to have intimate fellowship with her Abba Father, the Lord God. God promises that if you seek Him with your whole heart, you will find Him. Do you want to love Him more? This session will turn your face toward the One Who makes His face to shine upon you.

Keeping The Peace:  The 7 Ups of a Peaceful Home
Every woman longs for a peaceful home. It doesn't have to be perfect, but picked up would be nice. It doesn't have to be silent, but no arguing--please! It doesn't have to be empty, just full of the right things. Join Rebecca to learn how you can make a few simple choices that will lead you step by step toward a more peaceful home.

When the Glass Slipper Doesn't Fit
Expectations vs. Reality. Every woman understands that sometimes life doesn't go as planned. So what's next? Trusting God. Trusting God in every detail of life. The classic Grimms' fairy tale, Cinderella, hinges on two things: timing and a good fit. From having babies to establishing a writing career, Rebecca explains how she has learned that only God has perfect timing, and only God knows what will fit the you He made.

At The King's Table
Are you a picky eater when God prepares your plate? Or do you sit down at His table, ready for whatever He has in mind to serve you? When Rebecca's husband, Rich, suffered a broken back from a severe car accident, God gave her Psalm 23:5 ("You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies") to carry her through the ordeal. The verse didn't make sense at first, but one night, God revealed the lessons He was teaching. Rebecca shares a touching story of personal and family healing in this message. Learn how she feasted at the Lord's banquet table during what could have been a season of famine.

Tough Questions, Honest Answers:  Communicating With Your Child From Toddler to Teen
In this session, Rebecca helps parents develop two effective communication skills: asking and listening. As parents, we must be diligent in formulating questions that will lead our kids toward answers that reflect Christian thinking. At the same time, we must actively pursue listening skills that keep us focused on what our children are truly revealing with their words. Close relationships are built on a foundation of candid conversations. Learn how to keep your kids talking, sharing, and thinking as they grow from toddler to teen!

The Missional Mom: Living the Good Life
Cloistered within our churches and homes, we have denied our children the adventure of missional living because we’ve kept them safe. Safety, however, is no substitute for strength. Dynamic, on the edge, radical Christian living would be so appealing to our kids, but they have to first see it in us. As mothers, we have a unique opportunity to show our kids the authenticity of the Christian life and the reality of a walk with Christ on a daily basis. Can everything we do come to rest on a point of focus that consistently calls us to connect others to Him? Don’t miss the mission!

Wonder Years or Thunder Years:  Parenting Your Middle Schooler with Passion and Purpose

The middle school year are a time of great transition, for you and for your child. Sharing candidly about choices, friendships, and the American culture, Rebecca reveals the five dangers lurking on the 'tween scene. She advises moms and dads to combat these dangers by building the remaining years of parenting on a foundation of these forgotten virtues--reverence, modesty, charity, meekness, and fidelity of heart.

Reaching the Heart of Your Child:  Practical Parenting for Today's Christian Home
Biblical strategies for parenting never go out of style! But what does God's Word have to say about parenting? How do you incorporate those methods into your home? And will it really make a difference? Join Rebecca and learn (1) what the Bible says (2) how to apply it, and (3) why it will transform your family today and in the years to come.

Peace, Play, and Purpose: Creating an Environment for Young Minds to Learn Together
Your's is a one-room schoolhouse. How in the world can different ages learn together? How do you give each child individual instruction? And how do you keep the noise down to at least a dull roar? Join Rebecca, a homeschooling mom for over 15 years, to learn strategies for creating an engaging learning environment for all ages, tips for working with and around babies and toddlers, and keeping your focus when you have so many things to do.

The Power of a Story: Teaching Young Children through Read-Aloud Time Together
After 15 years of homeschooling, Rebecca’s favorite memories are not of notebooking, kitchen science experiments, or even field trips, but of time spent together reading aloud. How do you read aloud? Why should you? What should you? Incorporate this element into your homeschooling day and discover your children in a whole new way when you read aloud, discuss, and dissect a story together.

Season of Change: Parenting Your Middle Schooler with Passion and Purpose

The middle school year are a time of great transition, for you and for your child. Sharing candidly about choices, friendships, and the American culture, Rebecca reveals the five dangers lurking on the ‘tween scene. She advises moms and dads to combat these dangers by building the remaining years of parenting on a foundation of these forgotten virtues—reverence, modesty, charity, meekness, and fidelity of heart.

Square Peg, Round Hole: Shaping Your Daughter’s Identity in a Be-Like-Everyone-Else World
The battle lines are drawn and war is waged on our daughters every day. Whether she is bombarded by images and scenes from the ever-present media or assaulted internally by doubts and misgivings of her own imaginings, a growing girl believes she will never measure up to anyone’s expectations. Join Rebecca in this faith-based session to learn what you can do to prevent a crisis of identity theft and equip your daughter with the knowledge of her true identity, gifts, and potential. 
"Learning Is Fun: How Pre-School and Kindergarten Lay the Groundwork for Homeschooling Success

"Reality Parenting: Baby Boot Camp"

"Reaching the Heart of Your Teen: Making the Bible Real, Risky, and Relevant"

Rebecca Ingram's Achievements

Author: Season of Change: Parenting Your Middle Schooler with Passion and Purpose
Author: Get Real: Embrace the Reality of Ruth
Author: Baby Boot Camp: Basic Training for the First Six Weeks of Motherhood
Author: Dig Deep: Unearthing the Treasures of Solomon's Proverbs
Author: Wise Up! Experience the Power of Proverbs
Monthly columnist for ParentLife magazine
Parenting Contributor for Fox 17's "Tennessee Mornings," (Nashville)

Powell's Bio

Rebecca Ingram Powell is a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mother of three. They live just north of Nashville, TN.

Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified6/1/2012 3:39:39 PM
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