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Dr. Tim Rice, D. Min. LPC:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Rice, Tim

Epworth, Georgia (GA)  30541
United States of America (US)
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Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Psychology for Homeschoolers?

It is appropriate for Christian students to learn about the brain, behavior, learning, personality, consciousness, dreams, and more, but Christian parents should prepare their children to recognize the worldview assumptions underlying modern psychology’s approach to those topics. Christian parents should (as they do with the evolutionary assumptions underlying modern biology) be sure their students can approach psychology’s content form a Christian perspective.

Dr. Tim explains that there is an excellent chance that your student will take psych 101. Did you know that psychology departments are home to some of the most anti-Christian intellectuals on college campuses? The college psychology professor is unlikely to nurture your child’s Christian worldview. He’ll probably ridicule it as unscientific, irrational, prudish, exploitive, controlling, inhibitive, oppressive, and naïve. Modern psychology (not without exception) presumes that atheism, humanism, moral relativism, and evolution define the appropriate study of psychology. They do not.

Even if your homeschooler does not go to college, psychology’s theories are widespread and influential in the culture and the Christian Church. Your child is probably well prepared to refute the world’s philosophies, but in psychology, the philosophies are new, subtle, attractive, and difficult to recognize. Is your student ready?

Why Does Poop Stink?

Evolutionary psychologists know why.  In this funny and thought provoking session, Dr. Tim Rice explains why poop stinks, the “Astonishing Hypothesis,” and other examples of the worldview assumptions taught in college psychology today.

Prepare your students. Make sure they recognize when something just doesn’t smell right.


There Is No Mind Or Soul, God Is Nothing More Than The Complex Operations Of Brain Stuff, And Other Things They Teach In College Psych 101.

In this thought provoking session, Dr. Tim explains how modern psychologists apply evolutionary theory to explain love, altruism, faith, consciousness and every other aspect of the mind.

He explains why he believes that the real fight against evolution is in psychology, not biology. Evolution’s death knell won’t come from cellular biologists, geologist, or anthropologists. It will come from psychologists. Dr. Tim says, “the fight against evolution, in my opinion, will not be won with arguments of sub-cellular irreducible complexity. It will be won in the arena of the incomprehensible complexity of the human mind. Evolution cannot co-exist with dualism. If we have a soul, evolution is dead. If we have a mind, in any meaningful sense, evolution is toast.


Alice in Wonderland, Secular Perspective on Psychotherapies, and the Implications of Counseling Research for Homeschoolers.  

For over 100 years Christians have rightly criticized the worldview assumptions and implications of modern psychotherapies. Secular theorists and therapists promote their pet theories and approaches as “best” and have conducted hundreds of studies to find out which approach to therapy is most effective. What does the research suggest and what are the implications for homeschoolers and Christians in general.

Tim's Achievements

Author: Psychology: A Christian Perspective, High School Edition

Homeschool Psych: Preparing Christian Homeschool Students for Psychology 101

Homeschooling Dad. Homeschooling family for 18 years.

Rice's Bio

“How can you be a Christian and work in that field?” It was that question, asked by a dear friend, about my work at a community mental health center, which prompted me to study and try to understand Christian attitudes toward psychology. Why do some Christians accept psychology while others call it a dangerous, idolatrous, and ungodly rival religion? Can science tell us anything useful about the human condition? How does psychology and my worldview fit; or do they fit at all? My search for answers led to my dissertation on Christian homeschoolers’ attitudes toward psychology.


The realization that my first daughter Katie would soon graduate our homeschool and head for college prompted me to write Homeschool Psych: Preparing Christian Homeschool Students for Psychology 101.  I did not want Katie’s first exposure to psychology to be in a college psychology class. I knew that although there are many Christians who work in psychology research, teaching, and counseling, psychology departments are home to some of the more anti-Christian intellectuals on college campuses. I knew that psychology professors have high levels of agnosticism and atheism and that they would attack Katie’s Christian worldview as unscientific, irrational, prudish, exploitive, controlling, inhibitive, oppressive, and naïve. It was true when I took Psychology 101 thirty years ago, and it is even more true today. I wanted Katie to be prepared and now I want to help you prepare your kids. Are they ready?

You have probably heard the statistics about Christian students walking away from their faith after the first year in college.  If those statistics are true, and if they have anything to do with the teaching in college, I believe that it is less about evolutionary biology or in-your-face humanism and more about the subtle worldview challenges embedded in psychological theories. So why not reject psychology completely? I believe that it is a mistake to reject psychology by equating the entire discipline with the whacked-out worldview assumptions of its modern “fathers.”  The human mind is the greatest of God’s creations and it is right and proper for Christian students to study it, if they are prepared. It is good that our students want to understand and help people who are hurting, if they approach it from a Christian perspective.

My Mission Statement

My mission is to reclaim psychology for Christ. My goal is to equip every Christian, especially Christian high school students, to recognize at the worldview level, the assumptions and philosophies underlying modern psychology’s theories. My objective is to prepare Christian students to bring their Christian worldview to the contemporary psychological conversation and to become part of the future intellectual leadership in psychology.

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