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Dr. Dana Spears, Ph.D.:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Spears, Dana

25 Jackson Vly
Sharpsburg, Georgia (GA)  30277-3002
United States of America (US)
Workshop Presentations2008 Annual Georgia Home Education Association's Conference (GHEA) (2008, GA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Learning Styles
Learning Styles - Child Development Specialist Dr. Dana Spears introduces you to Concrete, Abstract, Linear, and Global learning dimensions. your child’s God-given Learning Style impacts every aspect of learning. When you understand a child’s unique giftedness, you can create a more effective and encouraging learning environment.

Teaching to Your Child's Learning Giftedness

Dr. Dana Spears explains how and why parents can and should adapt materials, incentives, and discipline to a child’s learning style. God has made your child with his or her own unique gifts and struggles. Prayerfully seeking the right teaching approach enhances learning and reduces frustration and conflict in the home school classroom.

Boys and Girls Learn Differently

It’s no surprise to the home school teacher, but now there’s a lot of research to support the fact that male and female brains are different. Dr. Dana Spears explains the latest information on gender differences in learning and helps you adapt your day to the special needs of your sons and daughters.

Motivating the Resistant Learner

Global Learners tend to be resistant learners. They are more interested in the process than the product , and they only like the process if it’s fun. Dr. Dana Spears tells you how to motivate and even enjoy your Global Learner.

Facing Your Fears and other Struggles for the Artistic Temperament

Dana's Achievements

Child Development Specialist Founder and President: Dreamer Resources Co-author: Strong-Willed Child or Dreamer?

Spears's Bio
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Date Modified10/26/2010 1:47:36 PM
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