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Ms. Cindy Rushton:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Rushton, Cindy

Rushton Family Ministries
1225 Christy Lane
Tuscumbia, Alabama (AL)  35674
United States of America (US)
Keynote Speaker?Yes
Keynote PresentationsThe Ultimate Homeschool Expo (2008)
Featured Speaker?Yes
Featured PresentationsNorth Alabama Educators Conference, Huntsville, AL (2006)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

"10 Fun and Easy Ideas for Making Homeschooling Great"

"10 Ideas for Making History Great"

"A Charlotte Mason Primer"

"A Quick Start for Notebooking"

"A Wise Woman Builds Her Home"

"Back to the Heart of Homeschooling"

"Building a Forever Marriage"

"Copywork: Your Key to MORE than Just Handwriting"

"Date Your Mate"

"Establishing Routines in a Highly Irregular Home"

"Fill'R Up! Taking Care of Mom!"

"Give Yourself a Break and Get It Together!"

"Help! I am SO Tired and Weary"

"High School! YES! It CAN Be Easy Too!"

"Homeschooling on a Shoestring"

"Homeschooling the Easy Way"

"Homeschooling: Digging into ALL of the Options!"

"Inspiring Children Toward Greatness Using Great Literature"

"Just Wish I'd Known."

"Keeping On, Keeping On: Pressing Toward The Mark"

"Lesson Planning 101"

"Let's Make Homemade Books"

"Let's Try Lapbooking"

"Let's Try Notebooking"

"Notebooking! YES! YOU ARE Going to Be Addicted Too! Teen Workshop"

"Organization 911! Help for the Messy Mom"

"Quiet Times in Loud, Chaotic, Busy, Demanding Homes"

"Restoring Balance To Completely Overloaded Lives"

"RX for a Super Year: Taking Time for Mom!"

"Say Goodbye to Super Mom!"

"Would the Perfect Mother Please Step Forward???"

"Language Arts The Easy Way"

"OOPS! My Cup is Empty and My Coffee Pot is Broke!"

Cindy's Achievements
  • Hostess: Talk-a-Latte Online Seminars
  • Hostess: Ultimate Homeschool Expo
  • Hostess: Mom to Mom Radio Show
  • Magazine editor and publisher
  • Author of over 75 books, Bible studies and homeschool resources
  • Author (e-book): Marriage 101: Hey! What's This All About???
  • Author (e-book): Ministering to the Heart of Your Child!
  • Author (e-book): Ministering to the Heart of Your Child Bible Study
  • Author (e-book): Crock-Pot Cooking
  • Author (e-book): Let's Make a Lapbook!
  • Author (e-book): High School! Yes! It CAN Be Easy Too!
  • Author (e-book): Getting Back to God's Design for the Godly Home
  • Author (e-book): Notebooking! YES! You CAN Be A Binder Queen Too!
  • Author (e-book): Make Your Own Brain-in-a-Binder Printables
  • Author (e-book): Christ-Centered Christmas
  • Author (e-book): Let's Make a History Timeline Notebook
  • Author (e-book): Nature Study the Easy Way
  • Author (e-book): A Charlotte Mason Primer
  • Author (e-book): Homemade Books! YES! You CAN BE a Writer Too!
  • Author (e-book): Make Your Own Science Notebook
  • Author (e-book): Oops! My Cup is Empty and My Coffee Pot is Broke!
  • Author (e-book): Let's Get Organized
  • Author (e-book): Our Ultimate Mommy Menu Planner!
  • Author (e-book): Homeschooling The Easy Way Manual
  • Author (e-book): The Hidden Woman of the Heart Bible Study Series
  • Author (e-book): Make Your Own Alphabet Notebook
  • Author (e-book): Make Your Own Discipleship Notebook
  • Author (e-book): Make Your Own English From the Roots Up Notebook
  • Author (e-book): Make Your Own History Timeline Notebook
  • Author (e-book): Make Your Own Never-Ending Reading Notebook
  • Author (e-book): Make Your Own Recipe Notebook
Rushton's Bio
Date Created11/3/2008 11:44:12 PM
Date Modified8/2/2011 2:01:49 PM
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My hope is that this list will assist conference organizers in connecting with Cindy Rushton and other workshop leaders and speakers. Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool workshop leaders and speakers develop relationships with more convention planners and audiences. May your efforts be for the glory of Christ and the strengthening of His saints.

Disclaimer:  Balancing the Sword makes no claims about the speakers' faith, ability, materials, etc.  This speaker profile information is being provided free of charge.  Please click the links and do your own research before issuing an invitation to your conference.  Postings are subject to change.


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