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Dr. S.M. Davis:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Phone 2
Davis, S.M.

Park Meadows Baptist Church
800 Memorial Park Road
Lincoln, Illinois (IL)  62656
United States of America (US)

Keynote Speaker?Unknown
Featured Presentations2013 Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference (2013, WA)
2012 Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference (2012, WA)
2011 Home Educators Association of Virginia State Convention (2011, VA)
2011 IAHE 26th Annual Home Educators Convention (2011, IN)
2009 Nevada Homeschool Expo (2009, NV)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

How to Train Children to Refuse Evil and Choose Good
What if it were truly possible to train a child to refuse evil and choose good? What more important thing could a parent do for his child?! Is such a thing even possible? Yes! How? By culturing in one's child simple appetites for the "best of the best."
The prevailing philosophy of our day that says we should expose a child to lots of good AND evil and let him choose is wrong! Such a child will, most likely, choose evil.
The land of Canaan was a "land flowing with milk and honey." A "butter and honey" diet would be a diet even better than "milk and honey."
This workshop explains and illustrates the "butter and honey diet" parents need to feed their children to train them to refuse evil and choose good. It also teaches how to decrease wrong appetites and increase right appetites.

How a Wife Can Use Reverence to Build or Save Her Marriage
Without a doubt, a wife's most important responsibility in relation to her husband is to reverence him. Submission is a wife's position. Reverence is her practice or activity. Reverence is the command that balances and gives meaning to submission. It is also the thing that makes a wife a success as a wife. The need of a wife, given by her Creator, is for the security of her husband's love. The need of a husband is for his wife's reverence. Reverence motivates a husband. It moves him; it builds him; it lifts him. It challenges him. It empowers him. It encourages him.

Freedom From the Spirit of Anger
The most destructive force in family life today is the anger of one or both parents. But rebellion in youth seldom goes away until parents deal, not just with anger, but with their spirit of anger. MANY PEOPLE WITH A SPIRIT OF ANGER DO NOT REALIZE THEY HAVE IT. James and John had such an intensive spirit of anger that they wanted to call down fire from heaven and destroy an entire village full of people. Yet they were deceived so that they didn't know that their spirits were putting off such a spirit of anger.
A spirit of anger is also very contagious. Proverbs 22:24-25 explains how fathers or preachers who are blind to their own angry spirits develop followers with the same spirit.

Knowing When To Let Go: A sequel to "Changing the Heart of a Rebel"
Most parents let go when they shouldn't and don't let go when they should. Using stories of the father releasing the prodigal son and Uzzah reaching up to steady the falling ark, Dr. Davis shows 'when to hold on', and when to 'let go'.

How To Build A Strong Marriage: With a Scriptural Foundation
Dr. Davis explains how couples can build their marriage and affair-proof their relationship.

The 3 Key Elements of Successful Parenting
Though there may be some exceptions, generally speaking if a child chooses evil as an adult it is probably because his parents failed in some way to properly train him as a child. There are 3 key elements in successful parenting that work together to help parents produce wise, godly children.
A – Always win in training the child to obey. The parent, not the child, must be the winner in every contest of wills. A teenage rebel is often the product of a child who was not made to obey.
B – Be gentle. Firmness must be balanced with gentleness, or it easily becomes harshness. David said, “Thy gentleness hath made me great.” Greatness in a child is produced by gentleness in his parents.
A parent can do everything else right, but if he deals with his child harshly he will probably have a rebel when the child is in his mid teens.
C – Consistently be consistent. Parents must not start and stop. They must stand together so that the children know it is not possible to pit one against the other.

Anger the Destroyer
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus pointed out that anger leads to murder.  Probably the #1 thing that is killing spiritually the children in Bible believing homes and churches is the anger of one or both of the parents.  Anger also destroys the oneness between a husband and wife. Many parents think their wrath is justified by their children’s disobedience and rebellion. It is more likely that the rebellion is caused by the anger and escalates it. Your anger isn’t caused by what is outside you; it is caused by what is happening inside you. Anger usually comes from either pride or tension from unresolved guilt. God describes anger as: 
1.  A city without walls;
2.  An unbearable load;
3.  A flood;
4.  A poisonous snake; and
5.  A fire-breathing dragon. Here are seven key thoughts to stop "Anger the Destroyer."

How to Build a Storm Proof Marriage
There is no such thing as a marriage without storms. Paul promised that those who marry “shall have trouble in the flesh.”  Since all marriages have problems, why do some divorce and some do not? Because one home is solidly put together on a foundation where two people are living out God’s truth on a daily basis! They’ve used wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to build a house with a solid foundation that wind and rain and floods can’t bring down.  A storm-proof marriage must be built on the:  rock of a covenant instead of the sand of a contract; rock of humility instead of the sand of pride; rock of communication instead of the sand of silence; rock of unconditional love instead of the sand of emotion; rock of acceptance and praise instead of the sand of anger and put downs; rock of building each other instead of the sand of inactivity; rock of changing instead of the sand of stubbornness; rock of salvation instead of the sand of religion.

How to Win the Heart of a Rebel No, Rebellion is Not Normal. Yes, There is a Solution!
Here are 15 Biblical principles to "turn around" rebellious youth. Many testimonies from around the world attest to the effectiveness of the Biblical principles expounded in this message. Parents of younger children say that the message has helped them understand parenting so as to prevent problems with their children. Some parents say they listen to the message every few weeks to help them stay "on track" as a parent. Still other parents have found the message to be the "lifeline" to stop a descent into destruction and save the life and future of their rebellious teen.

How to Develop Character in Your Children
Jesus was called the “express image” of God in Hebrews 1:3. The Greek word for “express image” is “charakter.” Jesus had the mark or character of the Father on Him. In a different yet similar way, you and I should have the mark of the character of Jesus upon our lives.
To develop character in children:
1.    Begin chiseling early and continue doing so until the desired image is developed.
2.    Make discussions about character a regular occurrence in the home.
3.    Make corrections by pointing out missing character qualities.
4.    Praise character qualities.
We naturally tend to praise knowledge, position, talent, accomplishment, achievement, or physical beauty or strength. The Bible is full of praise for character! An especially exciting study is noticing who Jesus praised and how He praised them.

The Influence of Older Children on Younger Ones
Dr. Davis recommends this message as his most important message for entire families to hear together. The main reason the prodigal son was a rebel was because he was rejected by his older brother. Most rebels in the Bible and in history were not second-borns, but firstborns. When second-borns got into trouble, it was usually because they were following their older siblings. It is no quirk of nature that firstborns are often very strong willed. God wanted that strong will turned in the right direction so that the influence of the parents and the firstborn cause the second-born to move in the right direction; then the influence of the parents, firstborn, and second-born move the third-born in the right direction, etc. There are ten key principles from III John that older children should apply in relation to younger children which will bring joy to their own hearts, as well as sweet harmony to their entire family. This message ends with a moving illustration of the powerful influence of older children on younger ones.

My Son, Give Me Thine Heart

Three Types of Leadership - Dictatorial, Sympathy, Servant, and A Challenge to Young Men

The Attitude No Lady Should Have

The Clothing of The Christian

Nothing Shall Offend Them

The Biblical Responsibilities of Grandparents

Bible Pictures of Godly Children

Avoiding Dating Traps

God's Plan for finding a Mate

Seeds of Disintegration Planted by the boyfriend/girlfriend philosophy

What to Expect of a 12-Year Old

Hard Work: The Foundation of Character

S.M.'s Achievements
  • Pastor (since 1975) of Park Meadows Baptist Church of Lincoln, Illinois
  • Author (CD): Why Satan Wants Your First and What to Do About It
  • Author (CD): How to Develop Character in Your Children
  • Author (CD): What to Expect From a Twelve Year Old
  • Author (CD): How to Keep Children from Becoming Bitter
  • Author (CD): Seven Bible Truths Violated by Christian Dating
  • Author (CD): How to Pass On Convictions to Your Children
  • Author (CD): How to Avoid the Destructiveness of a Wrong Self-Image
  • Author (CD): What the Bible Says about Scorn and Mockery
  • Author (CD): How to Parent as a Team
  • Author (CD): What Impatience Does
  • Author (CD): The 3 Key Elements of Successful Parenting
  • Author (CD): How to Bless Your Children and Others
  • Author (CD/video): Freedom From the Spirit of Anger
Davis's Bio

Dr. S.M. Davis, a nationally-known speaker, speaks at churches and conventions across the U.S. as well as in other countries.  Many of his messages give Biblical solutions to critical family problems, as well as help to foresee and avoid problems. He is the pastor of Park Meadows Baptist Church in Lincoln, Illinois, where he has served the Lord faithfully since 1975. Dr. S.M. Davis has been married to Rae Jean since 1969. They have four wonderful daughters who, with their husbands, are all actively serving the Lord. At the present time, the Lord has blessed them with twelve grandchildren.

Date Created11/20/2008
Date Modified3/7/2012 4:41:42 PM
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