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Mr. Michael Riddle:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Address 2

Phone 2
Riddle, Michael "Mike"

Christian Training and Developmental Services
6619 132nd Ave. NE, PMB 239
Kirkland, Washington (WA)  98033-8627
United States of America (US)

6619 132nd Ave. NE
PMB 239
Kirkland, Washington (WA)  98033-8627
United States of America (US)

859-727-2222 ex. 438
Keynote Speaker?Unknown
Featured Presentations4th Annual Christian Heritage Homeschooling and Family Discipleship Conference in Redmond, WA (2009)
NCHEA's 25th Annual Conference and Curriculum Fair (2012, NE)
2009 Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference (2009, WA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

The Origin of Life
This talk presents convincing scientific evidence against the model of evolution as well as scientific evidence for a Creator God. It covers some of the most popular topics used in textbooks to promote evolution. While covering many scientific terms and ideas, this talk is well received because it is presented in an easy to understand manner. Topics include: The history of evolutionary thought (spontaneous generation). The results of Man's attempts to create life (includes the Miller experiment), The cell and probability, The primordial soup and science, The Second Law of Thermodynamics, DNA, Information and complexity.

Creation/Evolution: Does It Matter What I Believe?
This is one of the most popular talks. It covers many biblical and scientific reasons to believe in creation. It also discusses why evolution and the Bible are not compatible. Topics include: Overview of the two models, 7 biblical truths that declare the Bible and evolution are not compatible: (1) The process for creation; (2) The order of creation; (3) The cause of physical death; (4) The Genesis Flood (worldwide, local flood, or myth); (5) The days of creation (literal days or long ages); (6) The origin of life; (7) Jesus and creation. Science and why it mattes what we believe, Why it matters what we believe.

The Origin of Humans
This talk begins by showing the history of mistakes and deception in attempting to produce "the missing link." This talk presents convincing evidence that Neanderthals were just modern humans and that the australopithecines (including Lucy) are just extinct apes. Topics include: Four famous mistakes, Neanderthals, Lucy and the Australopithecines, Rearranging data to promote evolution,. Mutation rates a case study.

The Age of the Earth
This lecture takes a scientific and Biblical approach to the age of the earth. Topics include: Three views of creation, Are long ages necessary? Geologic observations, Radioisotope dating methods, Scientific evidences for a young earth, The days of creation (literal days or long ages), How important is creation?

Noah's Ark and the Flood
An analysis of the geologic and Biblical evidences for a worldwide flood. Topics include: Geologic time and the geologic column, The origin of strata (uniformitarianism, or worldwide flood), Liquefaction, Turbidites, Grand Canyon, Geologic processes and time, The Bible and the Genesis Flood, Scientists that believe in a worldwide flood and young earth.

Astronomy and the Bible
This is one of the most difficult topics for Christians to understand and accept. All we hear is the big bang and that the universe is billions of years old. This lecture separates speculation from facts. Topics include: An understanding of the two models of history, Evaluating evidence for the age of the universe, Stellar formation the Bible and physics, Evidence for and against the big bang, The redshift of starlight and what it means, The Bible and the time of creation.

The Fossil Record
Mechanism for biological change: microevolution, macroevolution, natural selection, genetic variation. Evidences used to support evolution: the fossil record, Charles Darwin, school textbooks, Cambrian explosion, gaps in the fossil record, and a look at some famous alleged intermediates (horse evolution, archaeopteryx, and whale evolution.)

Evidence that Demands a Creator
An analysis of 3 areas of beginnings: (1) cosmic evolution (the beginning of the universe, the big bang, laws of science, a classic argument for the existence of God); (2) chemical evolution (the origin of life, school textbooks, scientific facts that demand a Creator); (3) biological evolution (how creatures change, microevolution, macroevolution, natural selection), The real meaning of evolution, Amazing creatures that defy evolution: giraffe, woodpecker, Leviathan and the bombardier beetle, the chicken egg.

Dinosaurs and Biblical Truth
This talk designed for junior high and above answers the following questions: How many kinds of dinosaurs existed? How big were the dinosaurs? How fast were dinosaurs? What about the origin of dinosaurs? Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible? When did dinosaurs live? What happened to the dinosaurs?

Can You Defend What You Believe?
This lecture challenges both the creationist and evolutionist in their ability to defend what they believe. It begins with an analysis of the Biblical foundation for creation and then demonstrates why evolution cannot be defended scientifically and must rely on faith. It shows how the layperson can successfully witness to an evolutionist by showing that evolution is without a foundation.

Creation, Cloning, and Life
This lecture/sermon explains the details of cloning and what has gone wrong. It discusses the difference between the types of stem cell research. The lecture finishes by showing that the Bible and the scientific evidence confirm life begins at conception. This is a hard-hitting lecture against the anti-life (abortion) movement. Great for teens and adults.

America: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
This talk presents the history of America and her battles for freedom, including the War of Independence, Civil War, WW 1 and II, Korea, Vietnam, as well as the Cold war and war on terror.
The discussion then focuses on another and greater battle that will affect Americas future. A clear presentation of the Gospel and the importance of biblical foundations are presented. The talk is accompanied with memorable graphics and music that reflect this country's heritage.

Michael's AchievementsPresident: Christian Training and Development Services Speaker for Answers in Genesis (AiG) Radio show host: Creation Matters Contributor: The New Answers Book Former adjunct lecturer: Institute for Creation Research (ICR) Former high school mathematics teacher Former US Marine captain Former US national champion in track and field Degree in Mathematics Graduate degree in Education
Riddle's Bio
Date Created12/8/2008
Date Modified8/16/2010 9:21:23 AM
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My hope is that this list will assist conference organizers in connecting with Michael "Mike" Riddle and other workshop leaders and speakers. Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool workshop leaders and speakers develop relationships with more convention planners and audiences. May your efforts be for the glory of Christ and the strengthening of His saints.

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