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Mr. Victor Storkel:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Phone 2
Storkel, Victor "Vic"

Victor Storkel, Virtue in Knowledge Publications
12802 Timberline Dr.
Urbandale, Iowa (IA)  50323
United States of America (US)

Workshop Presentations2011 NICHE Conference (2011, IA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Education By THE Book: Biblical Principles that Define a Christian Education
Do you know what makes a Christian Education truly a Christian Education? Is it just the content? Do we make a Christian education by taking the public school and adding "Christian" content? More importantly, what about God's perspective on YOUR education. Is He concerned about how and what you teach your child? Does He have anything to say about what makes a Christian education truly Biblical? Come and learn about the Biblical principles that truly define a Christian education.

Critical Thinking Skills Development
Understanding the Key Differences between a Greek and Hebrew Education - Do you know the key differences between the Greek and the Hebrew educational philosophies? Do you realize the advantages and disadvantages of each? Do you know that every educational system today falls into one of these two educational camps? Learn the five major areas where these two philosophies clash and how it effects your child and family. To make a wise choice for your child's education, you must know the differences between these two educational systems! Come and learn the key differences.

Real Thinking: The Missing Skill in Your Child's Education (Part 1)
Do most curriculums teach real thinking skills? Are you teaching your children to really think? What are the real thinking skills that were present in our forefathers educational process that are missing today? Discover the two educational skills that you can immediately implement to transform your child into a real thinker.

Real Thinking: How to Teach our Children HOW to Think, not Just WHAT to Think (Part 2)
Many of us were taught what to think, but we never taught how to think. We unfortunately can end up making the same mistakes our teachers made with us. We know that there was a time in history when the educational system was focused on teaching our children both what to think and how to think. What are the key differences between that educational system and what is taught today? Unless we can clearly see the differences, we will never be able to make a change. In this seminar you will learn the three primary disciplines that ancient educators knew and practiced consistently in the educating of their children. Come and discover the dramatic difference these simple principles can make in your child.

Essential Elements to Thinking like a Christian
Everyone wants to think better, but do you want to think like a true disciple of Christ? How does a follower of the Lord think? Combining the key elements from Isaac Watts - (author of 2 Logic text books and one of the greatest thinkers of our time) and biblical principles, you'll learn - what are the 3 unmistakable characteristics of good thinking that set the godly person apart from the world and all religions? (You may be surprised by the answer!) What does it take to train the mind of our children to think like a true disciple of the Lord? What are the 4 deadly hindrances to good thinking that must be must addressed and corrected before the parent can effectively train the heart and mind of their child to think like a true Christian?

Teaching Our Children the Five Major Themes from Proverbs
Proverbs was given specifically to help our children choose the path of wisdom instead of the way of the fool. There are five major themes from the book of proverbs that we must teach our children. Do you know what they are? Come and discover the keys to living a life of wisdom. Our children will choose either wisdom or foolishness, lets make sure they know and will follow the way of wisdom!

Winning The Two Major Wars In A Man's Life
Every man faces two formidable enemies all throughout his life. These two enemies will either destroy him and his family or be conquered by the grace of God applied to the heart of a man. Do you know what the two greatest areas of temptation and battle zones are? More importantly, do you know how to win these crucial battles, do you know what it takes to come out victorious every time? Come to be challenged and encouraged from the scriptures, to walk faithfully with our Lord and be a godly example to our sons and daughters.

Three Reasons why the Hearts of the Fathers Must be Turned to their Children
Fathers, do you realize that your heart must be turned toward your children? God warns of the dire consequences of losing the heart of our children. What does it mean to have our hearts turned towards our children and how can we do it? Come to be challenged, motivated and encouraged!

Three Reasons Why Children Leave The Faith When They Go To College
The verdict is in and we are losing the war! Over 50% of those going to college will reject the beliefs they were taught as a child. Why is this happening? What is happening in our homes that is causing this to happen? Are we passing on the "faith once delivered to the saints" and preparing them for the ravaging wolves in these universities? Most importantly, what can we do to prevent this disastrous outcome? How can we prepare our children to defend the faith? Discover the keys to raising an "overcomer."

Principle Based Curriculum Selection: Wisely Choosing The Best Way To Teach Your Child
Are you overwhelmed with all the educational choices and curriculums available today? Have you ever wondered, How do I decide which to choose? Or more importantly, how does the Lord want me to teach my child? Discover how to discern what each curriculum is designed to accomplish in your child. Learn what God has shown us to be the finest curriculum ever devised. Discover the principles you can use to determine the best educational options for your child. Come to be challenged and encouraged regarding God's best for your child.

Teaching History Correctly and Avoiding The Three Worst but Common Pitfalls
Is there a right way to teach history so our children will enjoy it rather than being bored out of their mind? More importantly, if we teach history and our children dont remember anything about history, what have we accomplished? Will they understand the answers to the most important questions about any historical event? Discover the answers to these questions and many more. Learn not just why we must teach history correctly but how to teach it correctly.

Keys To Raising Truly Great Children
No parent wants their child to be mediocre or average. Deep down inside, we want them to be great. All of us dream of greatness to some extent, the disciples of our Lord argued about who was the greatest. Is it wrong to want to be great or to want our children to be great? Most importantly, what did our Lord say was the essence of greatness and how we can train them in this important area. Come and discover how to train your children to be truly great in God's eyes.

Three Keys to Developing Discernment in Your Child
Our Christian children must learn to be discerning, for this there is no debate. Without discernment, the future of the Church is doomed. For a generation that cannot see and decide between the right and the wrong and thereby choose the right to keep themselves pure, cannot carry on the faith once delivered to the saints. The question is, how do we do that? From the dawn of creation, there have been two competing viewpoints on how to teach our children to know right from wrong. Those two viewpoints will be explained, and compared to the principles of Scripture so the Christian Home Educator can clearly see each for what it really is. Contemporary examples will be given so the differences can be clearly seen.

Unlocking the True Foundation Of Knowledge and Wisdom
The book of proverbs tells that the essence of learning is to know wisdom, discipline and knowledge. What is the foundation of these characteristics? If the Fear of the Lord is truly the beginning and heart of wisdom and knowledge (Prov.1:7; 9:10), why is it our curriculums teach it so infrequently? Come and learn why it is essential we teach this important characteristic as the foundation for all knowledge and wisdom. Discover how you can teach this vital cornerstone truth so that your children are filled with all knowledge and wisdom. Challenging and encouraging!

ADD/ADHD: The Facts and The Fiction
Today over 5 million children are being diagnosed as ADD/ADHD. Are we being told the whole story concerning this increasingly popular "disease"? Are you confused about this whole issue? Do you wonder if your child is showing the symptoms associated with this "mental illness"? Are there dangerous side effects to the most common treatments that even your doctor may not be aware of? Lastly, does Gods Word have anything to say about this issue? Learn the truth and gain practical insights into this important issue for you and your family.

Giving Your Child A Biblical View Of Self
Today from every quarter in America we are told we must have a healthy self esteem. Many of our contemporary psychological experts are telling us that most of mans problems are rooted in that fact that we don't love our self enough. Even the popular "Christian" radio talk show hosts teach the virtues, blessings of loving ourselves. Whats a parent to think? We must go to the Scriptures FIRST to determine what God has said to discern what to believe and what to reject. Does the popular teaching on self esteem and self-love come from Gods Word or some other source? Who are we to love and why? Come and discover how and why this truth that can set you free to serve and please the Lord Jesus Christ.

Successful Leadership: 3 Keys To Helping People
If successful leadership is truly about serving and helping others, then the following questions must be answered: What do people need help with? How do I best help and serve them? What skills, knowledge and tools do I need to best serve and lead them? This seminar will begin to propose practical, biblical answers to these important questions, so you can more effectively help and serve those in your care. Come to be inspired, challenged and encouraged.

Home Education in the Last Days - What Should I Be Doing?
Is a home education in the last days any different from what Christians should have been doing all along?  If it should be different, based on what we need to prepare our children for, what are the essential elements that Fathers should insure are incorporated into every home education?  How can we properly prepare ourselves and our children for the coming days?

 Understanding The Differences Between A Greek And Hebrew Education
Do you know the key differences between the Greek and the Hebrew educational philosophies?  Do you realize the advantages and disadvantages of each?   Do you know that every educational system today falls into one of these two educational camps?  Learn the five major areas where these two philosophies clash and how it effects your child and family.  To make a wise choice for your child's education, you must know the differences between these two educational systems!  Come and learn the key differences.
Discovering the Keys to Improving Your Marriage

How Then Shall We Teach History?

Choosing a Curriculum: The 3 Essential Elements

Unlocking the mystery of a Great Education

Victor's Achievements
  • Homeschooling father for over 15 years
  • President: Virtue In Knowledge Publications
  • Author: Write Thinking Workbook Series
  • Co-author: Logic, or the Right Use of Reason in the Inquiry after Truth
Storkel's Bio
Date Created12/24/2008
Date Modified6/21/2011 3:32:30 PM
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