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Mrs. Cindy Wiggers:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Wiggers, Cindy

Cindy Wiggers, Geography Matters
P.O. Box 92
Nancy, Kentucky (KY)  42544
United States of America (US)

Keynote Presentations2014 Mid-Winter Conference for Home Educators (2014, MI)
2010 Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) Curriculum Fair - Juneau (2010, AK)
2010 Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) Curriculum Fair - Anchorage (2010, AK)
2010 Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) Curriculum Fair - Soldotna (2010, AK)
2010 Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) Curriculum Fair - Fairbanks (2010, AK)
Featured PresentationsAnnual LI/NYC LEAH (Loving Education At Home) Homeschool Convention (2006)

2012 Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators Conference (MACHE) (2012, MN)
2011 Chicago Homeschool Expo (2011, IL)
2011 MidWest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati (2011, OH)
Workshop Presentations2010 Southeast Homeschool Expo (SE HS Expo) (2010, GA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Current Events: A Natural Learning Tool
Daily events become more meaningful and memorable when you take the opportunity to learn about them while they are "in the news." Using the daily newspaper, TV or radio, the Internet, or any number of current events sources, your students can identify and understand history as it unfolds before their eyes. Simple to use guidelines and mapping ideas top off this session.

Establishing Excellent Student Notebooks
Did you know that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson all kept notebooks of what they were learning? Students remember better what they personally have recorded. From drawings and diagrams to essays to journaling ideas to vocabulary, your students can keep a permanent record of what they are learning this year. Cindy will share about several methods of establishing a student notebook.

Outline Maps and Timelines: Great Hands-on Learning
Maps and timelines are terrific tools for teaching a wide variety of subjects, including history, geography, Bible, missions, and even science. Cindy Wiggers of Geography Matters will share how to creatively incorporate mapping and timeline activities with these and other subjects in your homeschool.

Having a Blast With the Past: Using Timelines
Are you trying to keep up with time and place in this continuum of life? Want to help your students remember historical events and their significance to history? Timelines can help you "boldly know where mankind has gone before"! Transport your, often random, historical studies into a chronological, simple format, and watch your students interest and recall soar. This workshop explains the importance of routinely using a timeline and how to get started!

Teaching History and Geography With Literature
Reading historical novels aloud provides warm family time together. Learn how to make the most of your read-aloud time by extracting history and geography lessons and projects from nearly any historical novel. Students gain a more comprehensive understanding of history by learning the geography of the area in focus. This workshop is packed with practical ideas such as mapping, art projects, and establishing a student notebook, which help lead students to become more self-directed learners. Join us for the nitty-gritty of how you can see additional benefits from your family reading.

Schooling an Entrepreneur
Homeschooling provides opportunities unavailable to children stuck in a traditional classroom seven hours a day. Did you know your children can turn natural talents, hobbies, or computer savvy into a tool to learnfinancial independence? Students who start their own businesses put to practical use skills such as bookkeeping, organization, money management, communication, writing, and much more. Find out how to guide and encourage the future entrepreneur in your home.

Building the Foundation for Success (Keynote)
Join us for a wonderful day or two learning about curriculum and homeschooling! If you haven't been to one of these homeschool conferences, it's hard to describe what a great surprise you have in store: inspiring talks, informative workshops, practical tips, supportive community, door prizes, and an exhibit hall of interesting learning materials, many with special Fair prices. This all takes place in a comfortable and stimulating atmosphere filled with hundreds of homeschoolers, all basking in the celebration of this richly rewarding way of family life! The staff at IDEA look forward to seeing you there and to once again serving the Alaskan homeschooling community in this way.

7 Secrets to Help Kids Think for Themselves
Do you have trouble keeping your students interested in learning? Perhaps it’s time you begin to think outside the box. Leonardo da Vinci approached knowledge from a unique perspective. Discover techniques used by da Vinci that, when implemented, will improve critical thinking and creativity, inspiring your students to want to gain knowledge. Included also in this workshop are ideas from the teachings of Ruth Beechick to develop thinking skills which help create a delight for learning and improves your children’s ability to excel in any area they choose to pursue.

How to Teach Geography in a Way That Has Your Kids Asking for More
Are you encountering geography in your everyday life experiences? You can, and we'll show you how! Knowing geography's 5 themes will help you make this topic come alive in your daily learning activities. Discover creative ways to incorporate games, simple mapping assignments, and using atlases and almanacs. Kids love these kinds of hands-on projects and will want to learn more about the geography of our world.

See How Easily You Can Make Learning Come Alive!
Kids love to get out of the books and DO something with what they are learning. Give them a deeper understanding of the peoples of the world as they study world history or geography by integrating art projects, cooking international meals, and using other hands-on learning tools like timelines and outline maps. They'll develop learning skills that will serve them for a lifetime!

You Don’t Have to be SuperMom to Homeschool Successfully
Moms, are you tired, grumpy, overweight, disheveled, unorganized, or all of the above? All too often devoted Moms focus so much of their attention and energies to serve the needs of their families they neglect their own very essential needs. When these Moms (and you know who you are) have also committed to educating their children this is even more the case. Come learn the basics of keeping yourself fit- spirit, soul, and body thus keeping a peaceful, yet confident attitude while fulfilling each day's duties. This is coming from a Mom who's "been there, done that" and would do it differently. Come learn from my mistakes and create a home environment you can be proud of. You will walk away inspired!

Geography, It's Much More Than Maps!

Cindy's Achievements
  • Homeschooling mother since 1989
  • Co-owner: Geography Matters
  • Author: Trail Guide to U.S. Geography
  • Author: Trail Guide To World Geography
  • Author: Trail Guide to World Geography: A Teacher's Manual with Daily Geography Drills
  • Co-author: Trail Guide to Bible Geography
  • Co-author: The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide
Wiggers's Bio
Date Created12/26/2008
Date Modified4/12/2011 4:09:59 PM
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