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Mrs. Heidi St. John:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



St. John, Heidi

First Class Homeschool Ministries
1400 NE 136th Ave. Suite 201
Vancouver, Washington (WA)  98684
United States of America (US)

Keynote PresentationsGuest speaker
Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Omaha (2013, NE)
Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Spartanburg (2013, SC)
2011 Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State Convention (CHOIS) (2011, ID)
Featured PresentationsTeach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Nashville (2013, TN)
2013 New Mexico Christian Home School Convention (2013, NM)
29th Annual CHEA Convention (2012, CA)
The Old Schoolhouse Expo (May 2011) (2011, WWW)
The Old Schoolhouse Expo (Oct. 2010) (2010, WWW)
Workshop PresentationsThe 19th Annual Oregon Christian Home Education Conference (2013, OR)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Multi-level Teaching with Notebooking!
Got kids? Have you been wondering how to get your 5th grader and your sophomore excited about learning at the same time? Heidi will teach you this wonderful skill using the "show'n tell" approach. Notebooking is easy, flexible and fun. Not only is it a wonderful to learn, you are creating a record of your child's work at the same time. Heidi will have plenty of examples for you to look at and resources to take home. Don't miss it!

Multi-Level Teaching - Toddlers, Tweens and Teens, OH MY!
Do you have a houseful? Are you planning on having a houseful? If so, then this is a great workshop for YOU! Heidi and Jay St. John are the homeschooling parents of six perfect, never messy, always obedient very sweet, usually tidy, generally obedient children.

One of the most challenging aspects of homeschooling a houseful is figuring out how to teach them all while finding time to manage the rest of your day! Moms are always wondering if they are "doing enough" and finding the time to teach individual subjects, well, individually... can be overwhelming. In this workshop, Heidi will share seven secrets of multi-level teaching that will empower, encourage and enlighten you! If you've got a houseful, then you've got your hands full! Let's laugh together, and rediscover the JOY of homeschooling with a full heart AND a full house!

Real Life Homeschooling
Let’s face it. Homeschooling is challenging. Sometimes it can feel like a major accomplishment just to take a shower and get the breakfast dishes cleaned up before dinner! Most homeschool moms feel the pressure of providing their children with a solid academic foundation ~ but there’s so much more to homeschooling than academics, isn’t there? The truth is that the greatest accomplishment of your homeschooling is to nurture your children in the ways of the One who made them.

REAL LIFE Homeschooling is about getting real when it comes to the issues that are unique to homeschooling families ~ but more important than that, it’s about being reminded why we are homeschooling in the first place. It’s about keeping our eyes on the goal of discipling our children.

If you have been or are on the edge of homeschool burnout, if you are wondering why God has called you on this homeschooling journey, or if you just need some honest, real encouragement, this is the one homeschool workshop you can’t afford to miss out on!

Got kids? Have you ever seen a lapbook? Maybe you’ve seen one, and admired it but wondered how people find the time to fit that into their school day. Join Heidi as she talks about Lapbooking! Heidi will show you how to make one from start to finish and share the benefits and basics of lapbooking as well as a few tricks for more “seasoned” lapbookers. You really can turn any subject into a fun and rewarding unit study using lapbooks!  Whether you are looking for an alternative to workbooks, or you just need a healthy dose of homeschool encouragement, this workshop is for you.

10 Marriage Myths that will Steal Your Joy
How is the state of your union? When was the last time you stopped and put your finger on the pulse of your marriage?  If you are struggling in your marriage, or even if you’re not, this is a message of hope and encouragement that will remind you of what’s important and help you stay on course as you navigate through the homeschool years with the spouse of your dreams. FACT:  If your marriage is not a priority in your home (including your homeschool) then your family is at risk.  Come and learn how to recognize the signs of weakness in your marriage, and what defines a joy-filled marriage.  Hint: It doesn’t have anything to do with your circumstances!

The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Time Management: More Juggle, Less Struggle
Tick Tock. Have you ever experienced a series of days, weeks or even months when you felt like you just could not get on top of all that you had to do?  Have you just decided that it’s either school or dinner?  Or maybe you just gave up school and now everyone has matching socks again!  Most moms struggle with finding a balance when it comes to homeschooling and staying on top of the rest of your day. Homeschool mom, if you’re struggling with trying to do it all, you will enjoy hearing some of Heidi’s favorite tips for managing homeschooling and homemaking…and still finding time to fit in “other things” (like alone time with your husband!)

The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance
(moms only)
What comes first the marriage or the math lesson?  Most homeschool moms (every mom, for that matter) have felt the pull and pressure of trying to balance their marriages and their commitment to motherhood.  Hey, most homeschool moms are happy to find time for a shower, let alone a romantic night with their husband!  Yes, it’s true.  Homeschooling adds a new dynamic to the pressures of motherhood – but it doesn’t mean you need to let your marriage suffer!  In fact, it’s never been more crucial than it is right now to strengthen the core of your family.  In this workshop, you’ll learn several key ingredients to balancing your love life with language lessons ~ and how you can become the most romantic homeschool mom on the block!  Come hear a story of personal experience that will challenge the way you view your marriage and inspire you to seek God’s heart as you model a strong healthy marriage for your children. 

Homeschooling High Schoolers: Yes You Can
Sometimes, these three words help parents who are “on the fence” about homeschooling through high school become confident enough to give it a try.  Hey, we won’t lie to you!  It can be intimidating.  But the fact of the matter is that you really CAN do it! Homeschooling through high school is the gift that keeps on giving because it affords the one thing that is so fleeting in the teen years: time.  Psalms says that children are like arrows in the hand of a warrior and this analogy is a beautiful picture of a healthy parent/teen relationship.  Think of an archer and how he prepares to launch his arrow.  The archer’s goal is to have that arrow hit the target, and go as far as it possibly can when it is released from the bow.
If we follow this analogy, it holds several truths for us we consider the benefits of homeschooling through high school.   We’ll talk about this ~ and revisit God’s heart for discipleship between parents and their children.  It doesn’t end in high school, and homeschooling, in the hands of godly parents becomes a tool that is unmatched as we raise our children to love and follow God.

From the Knees Up: Praying for Your Spouse (with Tricia Goyer)
Learn from fellow Christian, homeschooling wives and mothers, Tricia Goyer and Heidi St. John, the author of The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Romance. While there are many ways to show your spouse love, Tricia and Heidi will discuss how the best way might be on your knees in prayer.Heidi will also discuss Romancing Your Spouse to build a strong and vibrant relationship in your marriage.

Lessons from Esther: Peace in Times of Fear
Today homeschoolers are surrounded by a culture that is opposed to the principles of God's word. It's easy to succumb to fear: "What if I miss something?" "I know I'm supposed to home school... but WHAT IF I ruin my child?" "How can I teach all my children?" "What will my own parents say?" "What about socialization?" Homeschool moms grapple with these and many other fear-based questions, especially during the first years of homeschooling. But God says that when people trust in Him, HE directs their path, and He gives strength to the weary, wisdom when it is asked for, joy in times of stress and peace in times of fear. Esther faced what seemed like an impossible circumstance, too. And just as Esther has a part to play, so you have an important role in shaping the hearts and minds of a future generation. Come and be encouraged as Heidi reminds all about what is most important during the homeschool years: following the Lord wherever He leads - and modeling that faith. Because where God guides - He also provides. 

Homeschooling Through the Seasons of Life
Blessed are the flexible - for they shall not break! It has been said that the only thing we can be sure of in this life is that nothing stays the same. Homeschooling is no different. There are seasons of upheaval - moving, and perhaps health challenges. It's easy to wonder if it is possible to successfully homeschooling throughout periods of change. But be encouraged! Join Heidi as she talks about how to navigate through the seasons of life and find joy and freedom in homeschooling along the way. 

Foundational Principles for Strong Leadership
Have you experienced some trials in leadership lately? You're not alone! Leadership can be messy. Wise leadership requires the strength of a warrior and the heart of a shepherd. The heart of a strong leader requires a love that will get involved in the struggles and messes that will inevitably come up within their organizations. It may be frustrating, even exasperating at times, but successful leading in the body of Christ is not just about accomplishing a vision. It is about growing other leaders and knowing how to respond to challenging situations. Come learn some of the foundational principles of strong leadership - as well as some of the warning signs that will help you avoid division within your ministry and even GROW in the midst of adversity. 

Strong Roots; Strong Family

How to Fit Your Size 16 Day into a Size 10

Heidi's Achievements

• Homeschooling mother
• Co-founder and executive director: First Class Homeschool Ministries
• Author: The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Romance

St. John's Bio
NotesHeidi St. John is married to Jay St. John, with whom she often speaks.
Latest Tweets
Date Created11/3/2008
Date Modified5/28/2013 11:10:56 AM
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