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Ms. Carol L. Topp, CPA:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Topp, Carol L.

Cincinnati, Ohio (OH)  45241
United States of America (US)
Micro Business for Teens website
Micro Business for Teens on Facebook
Carol Topp CPA on LinkedIn
HomeschoolCPA on Facebook
Featured PresentationsCHEK (KY) Leaders Retreat 2012
Great Homeschool Conventions Midwest (Cincinnati) 2012
2011 Home Educators Association of Virginia State Convention (2011, VA)
The Old Schoolhouse Expo (May 2011) (2011, WWW)
Workshop Presentations8th Annual 2013 Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo (2013, MO)
2012 Annual Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania (CHAP) Convention (2012, PA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Micro Business for Teenagers: Starting a Micro Business
(Note:  Can be Part 1 of a 2 part series or stand alone) (This presentation is
very popular and fills a room every time!)
Encouragement for teenagers to start and run their own micro business. They will learn a lot while earning some money. A micro business can be started quickly and easily with no debt from home. Presenter Carol Topp, CPA has counseled dozens of teenagers starting a business and will discuss business plans, ideas. Teenagers and their parents are encouraged to attend together!

Micro Business for Teenagers: Money and Taxes (Can be Part 2 of a 2 part series)
Encouragement for teenagers to start and run their own micro business. Presenter Carol Topp, CPA has counseled dozens of teenagers starting a business and will discuss taxes and record keeping. She will explain the basics of a business tax return, business deductions and the “hidden” tax on the Form 1040. Carol puts difficult accounting and tax issues into easy-to-understand English. Teenagers and their parents are encouraged to attend together!

Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out
Homeschool co-ops are becoming very popular! This workshop discusses the benefits and disadvantages of co-ops. You'll get advice on starting a homeschool co-op such as how to find interested people, how to organize, where to meet, and what problems to anticipate. Learn how to manage conflicts and volunteers, create a budget, collect fees, and pay teachers. Presenter and author Carol Topp, CPA will help you start and run a successful homeschool co-op and not burn out!

The IRS and Your Homeschool Group If your homeschool group brings in more than $5,000 a year, you may need to be paying taxes to the IRS or better yet become a tax exempt organization. Presenter, Carol Topp, a homeschooling mother and CPA, has helped several homeschooling organizations obtain tax-exempt status with the IRS and will discuss the pros and cons of 501c3 status, offer tips, helpful resources and checklists.

How You (or Your Child) Can Become a Published Author
It is easier than ever to become a publisher author. If you have something to say, write it down and tell the world. Author, Carol Topp will show you how to do it quickly and inexpensively. As the author of Business Tips and Taxes for Writers, and other titles, Carol will explain the process to become a published author.

Homeschool Leader: Are You Burnt Out?
Encouragement for the homeschool group leader. This workshop is structured as a support group meeting for the support group or co-op leader. Author Carol Topp facilitates discussion among leaders as she encourages them to motivate volunteers and stay focused while avoiding burnout.

Five Ways a Mom Can Work AND Homeschool
Are you thinking about homeschooling and working? Can it be done? Carol Topp will share 5 ways that you can earn money and still homeschool your children. She shares tips and advice from dozen of homeschool moms who are doing both successfully.

Record Keeping, Transcripts, and Plans for Homeschool High School Students
Do you have questions on how or what you need to do to home educate your children through high school? How do you keep track of credit hours? Transcripts: what’s required and what’s not? What are colleges looking for? If high school creeping up and you’re not sure if you can do it or just need some guidance, this workshop is helpful and encouraging.

Carol L.'s Achievements
  • Accountant
  • Author:  Micro Business for Teenagers (series)
  • Author:  Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out
  • Author:  Business Taxes and Tips for Authors and Publishers
Topp's Bio

Carol Topp, CPA ( is an author and accountant specializing in tax preparation, small/micro business accounting, and nonprofit accounting. Through her writing, speaking and consulting, Carol converts tax rules and business language into clear, easy-to-understand English for readers. She is the is the author several books including Information in a Nutshell: Business Tips and Taxes for Writers, the Micro Business for Teenagers series, The IRS and Your Homeschool Organization, and Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out. She has also published several magazine articles and short ebooks.

As a member of the Ohio Society of CPAs Speakers Bureau, Carol has presented numerous workshops on money management, business start up, taxes, budgeting and homeschooling to various community, church and homeschool groups. She has also published several magazine articles in The Old Schoolhouse, Home Education, Homeschool Enrichment magazines and the National Association of Tax Professionals TaxPro.

Carol was born and raised in Wisconsin and graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Engineering. She worked ten years for the US Navy as a cost analyst before staying home with her two daughters. While being a stay-at-home mom, Carol took accounting classes via distance learning. In 2000 Carol received her CPA license and opened her own practice. She is really a homeschooled CPA.

Carol lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and two daughters, both homeschool high school graduates.

Date Created2/13/2009
Date Modified9/4/2013 3:11:35 PM
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