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Ms. Becky Develle, BA C.Ed.:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Develle, Becky

3412 SE 165 AV
Vancouver, Washington (WA)  98683
United States of America (US)

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Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Choosing Materials for your Homeschool
Who among us has not agonized over the "right" selection of materials for our children? Learn some proven techniques for teaching that will revolutionize your approach to education, maximize individual learning styles and ensure success for all students.

Giggles and Grace in the study of Grammar
Are you afraid to teach grammar? Are your students loath to learn it? Rather than dread it, grammar can become a meaningful and fully-applied discipline and it can be fun, too! Come learn a few foundational principles so confusion can be diffused and everything---including comma rules---will fall into place. "Write Methods" of Spelling HOW you teach can be as important as WHAT you teach. But most moms end up adopting the methods of the public schools for lack of training. Spelling is the one subject in which skills have declined more than any other. Even homeschoolers don't score as high as previous generations on college entrance tests. But the Bible is plentiful in teaching methods which are supported by sound research. In this workshop you will receive practical help implementing teaching approaches proven to work for all types of students and to raise foundational spelling skills.

Recovering the Lost Biblical Model of Education
What are the differences between the Classical Greek and Hebrew approaches to education? Does it matter? Does the Bible offer any clues for HOW to homeschool? For many parents, our greatest handicap as teachers is our own education. Many have no idea how to do school in any other way but the public education model. In this inspiring and empowering session, you will come to understand the Biblical model and purpose of education as God has prescribed. You will see a shining alternative path, one that develops Biblical reasoning skills, and able apologists, so desperately needed in today's world. Come learn some methods to raise scholarship standards in your home while bringing rest to weary moms.

Young children beg for stories but not "school" work. Using stories can light the fire of education. This workshop will show how to easily add stories to any curriculum. Come find out how to teach literature and make learning in all subjects "come alive" through the use of great stories and the classics in literature.

Reaching the Reluctant Writer
When you assign a simple writing assignment, do you get groans and whines of "I just can't, Mom!" Come and discover a checklist method of teaching writing that provides the student with a clear model of what the finished product should contain and gives you an objective method of evaluating their work.

Putting the BIBLE FIRST in All Subjects
For many parents, our greatest handicap as teachers is our own education. We were taught to separate the study of academic subjects from the Bible. Bible study was saved for family devotions or church. In this inspiring and empowering session, you will learn how to simply and practically begin to use Biblical reasoning skills in any field of study. You will see a shining alternative path, to search the Scriptures in history, science and math, etc., to take every thought captive to Christ, to become like the noble Bereans. These are the very skills which enabled the founders of our nation to develop The Constitution and the only solution for turning our country back to those principles. Many parents have made the decision to homeschool based upon Biblical reasons; then many times the Bible is set aside during history or science lessons.

Protecting Precious Preschoolers from Educational Predicaments
The educational rush for earlier and earlier schools for young children is pervasive in our society. Forcing academic "schooling" on children too young sets them up for educational burn-out and discipline issues. Yet educational psychologists claim that more than half of a child's learning occurs in his first few years. The preschool mind is like a sponge. What is a careful homeschool parent to do? Becky shows simply how to make the most of educational opportunities with preschoolers that don't set them up for dangers. She offers tips on multi-level teaching, including teaching school-aged children with a toddler in the house.

Building Powerful Apologists
The Bible commands us to always have a ready defense for the hope that lies within. Without good training, that can sound like a heavy burden. This workshop will show how to use careful Bible study tools to develop good communication skills. With some simple techniques that can be integrated into your homeschool, you can confidently build students who are ready to share the reasons for their faith.

Science Like You've Never Seen It
Science often times is taught in isolation from other subjects. Yet science is a foundational skill for further academics. Science teaches observation and critical thinking skills and to view God's world with wonder. To teach science apart from Biblical principles and reasoning, and in exclusion of its historical importance is to rob our children of some of God's wonders. Come learn some fascinating ways to inspire your students as well as how to integrate science into all subjects in the homeschool.

Becky's Achievements• Homeschooling 8 children from the beginning
• Wrote a book on homeschooling in Washington
• Lead a support group for new homeschoolers for 7 years
• Wrote materials for homeschool program
• Taught Parent Qualifying Course (for homeschooling) at community college
• Earned DTM award in Toastmasters for speaking and leadership
Develle's Bio

Becky Develle, a veteran home educator with over 15 years of experience, is the main speaker of the Bible First Family Ministries. She has earned a DTM award (Distinguished Toastmaster), the highest level of achievement from Toastmasters International for public speaking and leadership skills and is a member of the speakers bureau in Oregon. She speaks with clarity and insight, practical experience and humor on the subjects of writing, speaking, teaching, spelling, and nutrition. The workshops and seminars for parents have helped transform many homeschools to follow a Biblical model of education, which has the simultaneous outcome of improving academic standards and lightening the yoke of homeschooling parents.

Although Becky has a B.A. degree in Christian Education, her real education has come from homeschooling her own children and studying what the Bible has to say on teaching methodologies. Under the encouragement of her mentors, Becky has become an Endorsed Trainer for Spell to Write and Read as well as a Registered Instructor through Excellence in Writing. She CLEP'ed her way out of college English courses and then was dismayed to find that teaching English was not as easy as using it. After trying numerous other programs for her own children, she was overjoyed to discover and successfully implement the methods of mastery teaching. Becky has been leading a support group for new homeschoolers for eight years and counseling parents for 15 years. Through Bible First Family Ministries, small workshops to full seminars are offered on Biblical methods of homeschooling, parenting, and nutrition.

Becky's remarks regarding speaking:

The Bible offers guidance to every area of life. Homeschoolers have taken to heart the verses e.g. in Deut. 6:4 to teach their own children. Yet beyond that decision, many homeschoolers do not know what the Bible says about how to actually teach. The models of great teaching which the Bible provides get lost and parents instead go searching for books to do the teaching.

The ideal Biblical methods of education will inspire a love for God and for learning about His world; they will avoid burn-out in students; they are the most effective, efficient, and even economical forms of education; and most importantly these methods create scholars who can reason through any subject Biblically.

Bible First Family Ministries was founded to help families learn those very skills. Workshops are offered to teach these in simple, practical ways and to help families impart God's vision for your own, unique homeschool. The following workshops are all taught using Biblical principles and teaching methods.

We are also happy to perform music from the genres of contemporary worship and humorous parodies.

Date Created11/22/2009
Date Modified8/14/2010 12:23:00 PM
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