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Mrs. Jennifer Beck:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Phone 2
Beck, Jennifer

902 W. Spring St.
Lima, Ohio (OH)  45805
United States of America (US)

Keynote Presentations
Featured Presentations2011 CSTHEA Annual Education Expo & Homeschool Curriculum Fair (2011, TN)
2010 Valley Home Educators 17th Annual Home Education Convention (2010, CA)
Workshop Presentations2011 IAHE 26th Annual Home Educators Convention (2011, IN)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Don't Quit Your Day Job: Why America Can't Survive Without Stay At Home Moms
It is no secret America is seeing much change, and unfortunately, that often means a turn away from God. But former television news anchor Jennifer Beck firmly believes that the decisions being made today by Christian homeschooling families can be the catalyst to sway our nation back toward its foundation in Christ. During nearly a decade behind the TV anchor desk, Jennifer followed her aspirations to launch herself higher and higher up the corporate ladder. But one day in 2001, this 6 and 11 pm news anchor could not turn away from God's calling. She obediently closed the door to all of her career dreams to pursue the true ladder that needed to be climbed: motherhood, homeschooling, and being a help to her husband. Little did she realize how God would bless her family. Let Jennifer inspire you about why our country cannot survive without stay at home moms, for it is these mothers who have the time, flexibility and capability to provide key spiritual and physical resources for our country's future.

Yes You Have Enough Patience. Yes You Are Smart Enough. (The Outhouse Theory)
Whether it is a new mother homeschooling for the first year, or a veteran teacher suddenly facing the perils of high school level subjects, all parents struggle with feelings of inadequacy. Jennifer Beck wants you to know that yes, you have what it takes to give your children what they need. A firm believer in the fact that God has equipped parents with all necessities to teach their kids, Jennifer will use Biblical principles and verses to encourage new and veteran homeschool parents that as they follow God's call to educate their children, they can do so with confidence and faith that with Him, they will not fail. Learn how the beauty of God's creation, the diversity of our world, and yes, even a few outhouses, can inspire your life!

If Not You, Then Whom?
What would have happened if Esther had said no to Mordecai (and to God)? Imagine life for the Israelites had Moses refused to face Pharaoh. While ultimately, Esther and Moses had to make choices on their own, their upbringing undoubtedly prepared them to hear God and act on His direction. They had proper Godly influences at the important times of adolescent growth. Who is influencing your children? Is it a sports coach? A high school youth group leader? Other peers? What plans does God have for your children and how are you going to make sure they are prepared to walk in God's direction? As parents, you must make many choices. Your decisions are stepping stones, sending your children into the future God has planned for them. One of those stepping stones involves influence. Who is influencing your children? If not you, than whom?

Why Again Do I Homeschool?
Year 1, Year 10, Year 20. It doesn't matter how many years a mother has been homeschooling, struggles never go away. How often do you find yourself "looking" put together on the outside, when in reality, the inner struggle is enough to make you throw in the towel? Natural emotional stress that comes with homeschooling, keeping a home, financial burdens, and having to work part time are just a few of the things that may make a homeschooling mother consider quitting. This workshop focuses on Biblical principles that will inspire parents not to quit, equip them with information that will remind them they can make it through another tough day; and prepare parents for the road that God has already planned for them and their children.

I Once Threw A Chair and Other True Tales of Successful Homeschooling
Remembering that day, many years ago, when Jennifer Beck found herself at the point of utter frustration, is just another opportunity for this homeschool mom to praise God. It is true; she really threw a chair. She knew it was a better option than throwing a child. But she's happy to announce that she never threw another chair (and she never threw a child!) Come to this workshop and learn you are not alone with your feelings of frustration, lack of control and sometimes, the desire to quit. Hear stories of homeschool moms from all across the country and be reminded that God can pick you up from every stumble and make you an even stronger vessel for Him.

Using God's Plan for Your School
At the end of 2008, Jennifer Beck was faced with something brand new for her educational schedule. Her husband retired. Suddenly, "Dad, the Fun guy" was home every day and the Becks' three girls instantly went into vacation mode. Jennifer was faced with several decisions. She could either throw her hands up and tear out her hair at the collapse of her daily school plan, or seek God's plan when it came to the education of her children. What is God's plan for your children's education? Is it what the public school dictates or is it something else? In this workshop, you will be encouraged to look solely on God when making your homeschooling plan, trusting that He truly knows, better than anyone, what your children need to succeed.

Behind the Scenes and Blazing Forward
Let's face it. The life of a stay at home mother rarely includes glamour. It is easy for a woman to think that her daily efforts are un-noticed and do not compare with all that takes place in the corporate world. But former television news anchor, Jennifer Beck, wants you to know that a Godly at-home-mother is often the fuel behind a world-impacting Christian family. In this workshop, learn about some of the "unknown" women of the Bible who clearly show that their quiet, behind the scenes lifestyles served as catalysts for Godly change seen most commonly through their husbands. Women, as you spend your days feeling "unnoticed" by man, know that God is using you to fight and win His battles!

Becoming a Successful Work from Home Homeschooling Mom
Are you thinking of starting a home businesses? Are you considering adding a part time job in addition to your family's homeschooling schedule? Since walking away from her television news career at the end of 2001, Jennifer has been a work from home mom. What is the formula for success in such a venture? How can you be sure you are making the right decision and what is the best way to balance it all? Jennifer uses Biblical principles to help you create your own, successful, work from home plan.

You Can Homeschool High School!
Studies indicate that homeschooled high-schoolers are far more likely to remain committed to Christ than those who attend public school.  My Father’s World high school curriculum integrates Bible, history and English, allowing your student to develop a strong Biblical worldview using easy to follow self-directed lesson plans for all subjects.  Students read through the entire Bible, apply Biblical analysis when reading classical literature, develop strong composition skills and nurture a heart to serve others.  Look forward to homeschooling your student through high school and make Christ a central focus during these crucial growing years.

Believe It or Not, God Did Choose You to Homeschool Your Children!
What type of homeschool parent are you? A box checker? Eclectic? Love schedules? Loathe them? Maybe you’re still looking for that perfect “niche.” Jennifer will share practical tips for helping all personalities succeed as homeschooling parents. Examine areas of struggle, identify strengths, and most importantly, be encouraged that God knew your strengths and weaknesses when He placed your children in your home.

Combining Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies with a Christian Perspective
The myriad of homeschool choices can be overwhelming, similar to the choices between interstates, highways, back roads, and scenic routes. There are so many ways and opinions. How can one navigate through it all and still homeschool effectively? We have found a successful method in combining the best of these three well-known homeschooling methods. Learn ho to instill Christian values while integrating great literature, chronological history, geography, hands-on activities, notebooks and timelines, narration, study of Greek and Latin roots, nature studies, and more. Enjoy short, well-planned lessons in the morning with time to pursue other interests in the afternoon. Make enjoyment a regular part of your homeschool!

Reality Check: Why Homeschooling Alone Isn’t Enough
Many parent hope that by homeschooling—removing outside, worldly influences from their children’s lives—their children will naturally take on a Christ-centered worldview. Unfortunately, homeschooling alone isn’t enough. Explore what it means to disciple your children—not merely educate—and build vibrant, real relationships along the way.

Yes, Mommy—Obedience and Authority in the Homeschool
Whether you realize it or not, the decision to homeschool changes your identity. No longer “Mommy,” but “Mommy and Teacher,” establishing loving authority and setting realistic expectations in the homeschool are vital for long-term success. Learn to set attainable goals and model godly leadership as you live and school together.

Jennifer's Achievements

• Broadcast journalist since 1993.
• Former prime time television news anchor
• Homeschooling mother since 2001
• Speaker coordinator for My Father’s World
• Speech/writing coach for homeschoolers since 2002
• Many of Jennifer's speech students have been state or nationwide winners/finalists
• Homeschool convention speaker since 2002
• Jennifer is vocal about morals in government/politics. She is a past spokesperson in opposition to casinos in Ohio.
• Married to Dan Beck, retired Allen County Ohio Sheriff (giving her more than 15 years experience in the local, state and national political scene.)

Beck's Bio

When Jennifer Beck (a.k.a., Jennifer Keat-Beck) left her career as a television news anchor in 2001, she never could have predicted how God would transform her life. From die hard career woman to passionate stay at home mom, Jennifer quickly found herself desiring to be the wife and mom God always wanted her to be. Her story is one of a total change, both inside and out, leaving a world of fame and potential fortune and instead finding the true fortune that only God can provide. Today Jennifer balances her life between homeschooling the three children still in the home, attending to the needs of her husband, who is in public service, and working as speaker coordinator for My Father's World. She also teaches speech and writing classes to homeschoolers both locally and worldwide. Jennifer's ultimate goal is to see young people grow to become valiant tools who will further God's kingdom.

Latest Tweets
Date Created11/23/2009
Date Modified9/12/2015 1:29:08 PM
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