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Denise Mira:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Mira, Denise
Keynote Presentations2009 Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State Convention (CHOIS) (2009, ID)
Featured Presentations2010 FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention
2010 FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention (2010, FL)
23rd Annual Bay Area CHEA Convention (2009, CA)
2009 SW Florida Homeschool Conference (2009, FL)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

7 Keys To Unlocking the Leader Within Your Child
The home schooling lifestyle is ideal for tapping into the greatness residing within your child. As home educators, let's not settle for just raising good, Christian kids. Let's aim to raise high-capacity leaders God can use to have an impact in our world! Be inspired, strengthened and equipped by Denise Mira, long-time home schooling mother of 5, international speaker and author of No Ordinary Child: Unlocking the Leader Within Your Child.

Don't Drop the Baton!
As home educators committed to God and His kingdom, our mission is more about transferring our beliefs to the next generation than simply executing our academic agenda. In this session, Denise will hand you some of her tried and true 'tools' for transferring the 'faith of our fathers' in such a way that it successfully becomes the 'faith of our sons and daughters'.

Revolutionary Parenting
This session will light the homeschooling parent's fire. Join Denise Mira, mother of five and longtime home educator as she inspires and envisions Moms and Dads to become no ordinary parents, so they in turn, can raise the world changers our culture is begging for.

Who Am I In This World? Being a Mother of Impact
Seasons come and seasons go for us women, and they demand our flexibility and discernment. The world waits for our children's greatness, which, to a large extent, can only be born through our sacrifice. This session will fuel you with vision and courage as you endeavor to be what you must be as a mother, in order to see your children become all they can be.

No Ordinary Child Lives in Your Home!
Sunrise, sunset, and little by little, we can forget the divine promise residing within our offspring. Why wallow in mediocrity while excellence is only a few steps away?! As a mom who's there in the trenches right beside you, Denise Mira will infuse you with encouragement as she reminds you of the huge, God-given promise in your child.

Wake Up With The Gloves On!
As parents committed to home education, Denise Mira believes we must contend for the dream God's put in our hearts. This session will put 'steel' in your backbone as a homeschooling parent, while it energizes you for the daily battle you're engaged in.

Grab The Rope: A Threefold Cord For Your Parenting Toolbox in the 21st Century
Along the journey of home educating her five sons, Denise Mira has discovered three principles she finds herself continually 'hanging on to' which enable her to experience personal victory. In this session, Denise will toss you her threefold cord so that you can be levered to a higher place as a homeschooling parent in the 21st century.

Building Strong Men: Producing the Next Generation of Effective Fathers and Leaders
Denise Mira is the mother of five sons. She has not only survived the long haul of raising boys to men, but has watched God build them into leaders before her eyes. In this session, Denise will share key principles from God's Word to propel you forward in your earnest attempt to raise real men for the tomorrows of this nation, this world, this century.

The Secret to Thriving Over the Long Haul as a Homeschooling Parent
Along the path of life with kids, the "dailies" can set in to bog us down and blur our vision. You know well the tedium of everyday life. It's all that stuff that has to be done: toddlers to chase, teens to embrace, meals to make, bills to juggle, friends to call, papers to correct... it never ends. Join Denise Mira as she unwraps the secret she's gleaned over the years to enable you to cross the finish line with hope in your heart and a smile on your face!

Getting God's Strategy for Your Household
It's easy to get a great and glorious vision for our families, but it's essential to get a practical roadmap that will successfully take us to our destination. Join Denise Mira, longtime homeschooling mother of five, as she shares some very practical strategies to take you where you wanna go!

Waiting Well
Each of us hold in our heart precious promises from God's Word...but things don't always unfold according to our preferred timeline. This session will help to alleviate the discomfort of your season in God's waiting room and infuse you with spiritual courage during the painful 'pause' you're enduring.

Superheroes In Our Homes
When Monday morning hits, the last thing we homeschooling parents feel is the ability to leap over tall buildings with a single bound. However, Denise Mira believes the exclusive power to parent resting in us Moms and Dads is tantamount to what big screen superheroes possess — only our power is real. Attend this workshop and be enlarged in your thinking.

Leadership Is Everything
Denise Mira believes "the kind of leaders we produce will determine how effective we become and how long we remain effective" in every sphere of life. In this session she will 'cast the vision for leadership,' inspiring listeners to embrace the pain and discipline of becoming the leaders the world is longing to follow. You ARE up for the task! If we're honest, leadership can be daunting for any one of us. In this session, be strengthened and encouraged from God's Word as you're reminded of who you are and what you've been given to successfully carry out your task of leading.

We Are Not Alone
Leadership can feel like a solo flight, but Denise Mira believes we are in good company amidst an honorable fraternity of other fragile human beings who also said "yes" to leadership. This insightful session will reveal the bigger picture in order to gain perspective about the job each of us is endeavoring to accomplish.

Earmarks of an Excellent Leader
Become an irresistible leader — one that folks love to follow. Join Denise Mira as she highlights the valuable qualities she finds biblically and experientially, that will make you more effective in the role God's called you to fulfill.

Denise's AchievementsAuthor: No Ordinary Child: Unlocking the Leader Within Your Child
Mira's Bio
Date Created7/26/2010 2:41:35 PM
Date Modified8/23/2010 6:57:52 PM

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