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Mr. Eric Ludy:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Ludy, Eric

Ellerslie Training
655 Southwood Lane
Windsor, Colorado (CO)  80550
United States of America (US)

Keynote Presentations2013 MPE Conference & Curriculum Fair (2013, MO)
23rd Annual Homeschoolers of Maine Convention (2013, ME)
2011 Illinois Christian Home Educator's Annual State Convention (ICHE) (2011, IL)
2011 Annual Michigan Home Education Convention (INCH) (2011, MI)
Featured PresentationsHome Instruction Ministries and Probasco's Christian Bookstore 2010 Spring Curriculum Fair (2010, CO)
Workshop Presentations2012 Upstate Conference, aka, 28th Annual NYS LEAH Christian Parenting and Home Education Conference (2012, NY)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

The Ellerslie Training Program – Intensive Biblical Discipleship for Future Leaders (with Leslie Ludy)
Eric and Leslie Ludy have launched a spiritual discipleship program for young leaders at the Ellerslie Campus in Windsor, Colorado.  This life-changing 10-week program draws home-school graduates and college students from the U.S. and abroad who come to Colorado for a season of intensive spiritual training, deepening intimacy with Christ, and preparing for world-impacting Christian service. The Ellerslie Training Program equips future leaders with a Gospel worldview, an unshakable passion for God’s Word, and practical preparation for a lifestyle of Kingdom work.  In this workshop, Eric and Leslie will share the vision and purpose behind the Ellerslie Training Program for those who would like to learn more about this opportunity.

Funshop: Father/Son Fun!
Dads, come with your sons and plan to be challenged with some competition and inspiration.

Wrestling Prayer: Gaining Power and Victory for the Christian Life (with Leslie Ludy)
This powerful message establishes that God is every bit as big as He claims to be, and that He desires to do big things in the lives of His believers. Eric and Leslie Ludy challenge the mediocre expectations that many modern believers have of God, and help Christians discover the power of wrestling prayer, persistent faith, and putting on the spiritual armor of God. This session inspires believers toward building a vibrant prayer life and overcoming spiritual weakness in order to be truly ready and able to make a godly impact upon the world.

Daring to Ask for More
There is a common spiritual ache that bonds us together and longs for more of Jesus Christ. We all, at various points within our spiritual journeys, have wondered if what modern Christianity is, is all God intended it to be. The question, "Is there more to this thing called Christianity?" pokes at us all. We have come to the conclusion that there is a lot more of Jesus to be had. So we ask daily for Christ to increase within us, to expand our love, to enlarge our faith and to increase our strength, courage and daring.

Plain and simple - God builds heroes. He doesn't build self-centered egotists, or self-obsessed circus clowns - He builds men and women who have wholly forgotten themselves and are ready to spend and be spent for the glory of Almighty God. And He calls such a masterpiece a "Christian."

Wings as Eagles
God is in the business of building spiritual athletes - men and women that are honed and ready for spiritual battle - men and women that refuse to grow weary even though there are justifiable reasons for fainting and giving way to exhaustion. This is the message for those moments when the enemy is whispering, "Just give up, just give in, just go to sleep, just lay down your sword." The Christian's answer must be a resolute, "NO!"

The Costly Gospel
If the power of the Gospel is to be fully realized in the life of a believer, then that believer must first be emptied. The principle of the Gospel is always "first death, then life." Mary of Bethany took her most precious possession, the alabaster of spikenard, and poured it out upon Jesus’ feet. Those near grumbled that the cost of such a precious treasure was wasted in that fashion, but Jesus responded by declaring that such an act was a clear enunciation of the Gospel life. Taking on the life of Jesus Christ comes with a stiff cost - it means giving up everything.

The Measurement of a Man
Just as there are gradients to the color blue, there are gradients to the grandeur and substance of a Godly man. On a scale of 1 to 10, Jesus ranks a ten - the deepest and richest royal shade of blue. He was the perfect man, demonstrating the heavenly hues of majesty and holiness. Jesus has set forth a pattern for manhood. And it is a standard so far beyond the average pew sitting man of our day. So, the question is . . . are we to ignore Christ's righteous pattern or are we to expect God to work the almighty manly pattern into our manhood?

Made Excellent for Marriage
Marriages are made great when Jesus Christ is placed in the very center of the love story. However, in addition to this all-important spiritual component, there are many practical dimensions to marriage that often go overlooked in the preparation seasons of Christian singleness. If a marriage is going to go the distance it needs two key things – Jesus spiritually and Jesus practically. This is a message that blends the two together, supplying a fantastic recipe for lifelong marital success.  Whether you have been married for many years or have not yet met your future spouse, this message is loaded with spiritual and practical insight that can transform this vital area of your life.

Praying Through
The historic concept of "praying through" has gone missing in our modern day version of Christianity. But "praying through" was the essence of the George Muller, Rees Howells, John Hyde, Hudson Taylor, William Booth, Leonard Ravenhill, C.T. Studd model for effectual fervent praying. How do we get this powerful, wrestling, persistent prayer back to the center of Christian life in our day?

When God Writes Your Love Story (with Leslie Ludy)
Based on the Ludy’s bestselling book When God Writes Your Love Story, this powerful and practical message explores the foundations of a God-scripted love story, the art of faithfulness, and God’s pattern for true purity.  This session helps young people gain God’s perspective on building healthy guy/girl friendships, find godly purpose and fulfillment during singleness, and keep Christ at the center of their love story, even before they meet their future spouse.  Parents will learn how to help their children lay the foundation now for a marriage that will stand the test of time.  Appropriate for all ages.

In Christ
Where are you spiritually located? The answer to that question defines the level of spiritual health that our soul enjoys. The Gospel power hinges on the believer being “in” Christ – not “near” Christ, “on” Christ, or “within earshot” of Christ. When you truly grasp the substance of this message, the Christian life finds its wings and begins to fly.  In this powerful message, Eric Ludy imparts the tools needed to go from mediocre to triumphant and victorious in your Christianity.

Betrayed with a Kiss
In this pull-no-punches message, Eric Ludy speaks straightforwardly on a topic that most of us would rather avoid – and that is, wolves in sheep’s clothing in the modern church. There are wolves in the sheep pen of modern Christianity undermining the timeless, eternal Truths of Scripture and thus altering the nature and the pattern of the Gospel. They have one singular question that they are asking the Body of Christ today: “Did God really say that? Are you certain? Could it be that you have it wrong?” They are proffering the notion of an “open mind” – a mind more tolerant to new religious thought – a mind hospitable to ideas outside the pale of the Biblical framework. 6,000 years ago this was the tactic of the Serpent in the Garden, and it’s still the Serpent’s primary tactic today.

The Bravehearted Man
This world is desperate for the grandeur and nobility of mighty, self-expending manhood to return to the stage of time. Could it be in this generation that we see it unearthed once more?  Jesus has set forth a pattern of manhood. And it is a standard so far beyond the average pew sitting man of our day. So, the question is . . . are we to ignore Christ’s righteous pattern or are we to expect God to work the almighty manly pattern into our manhood? History will show the significance of the men of God of our day answering that question rightly.

The Bravehearted Gospel: The Lost Art of Christian Heroism
Based on Eric’s popular book, The Bravehearted Gospel, this message is a powerful wake-up call to the modern church. With typical Eric Ludy candor and passion, this message will ignite your soul with the desire to fight for all that is sacred and all that is true. This message will resonate deeply with anyone interested in upholding the integrity of the Word of God and the moorings of Biblical faith in these confusing times of post-modern emergence.

A New Generation of Fathers
This message presents a passionate challenge to the fathers of today to rise up and raise their children right. No matter where you are at in your parenting journey, this message is sure to stir you and infuse fresh vision and passion into your soul. It’s about raising ordinary boys into extraordinary men, and everyday girls into world-changing women. Eric Ludy thunders forth a vision of fatherhood more grand than most modern minds have ever considered, and offers the only solution for carrying it out – Jesus Christ.

Understanding the Gospel: Knowing the God of the Bible vs. the God of Modern Christianity
Grace is more than the merciful hug of God; it’s the divine enabling power of His Spirit to transform a human life from the inside out; to supernaturally equip us to live a life that would be impossible in our own strength. Love, joy and peace are not meant to be merely nice-sounding Scriptural concepts, but rather the daily experience and outflow of the Christian’s life. In this session, Eric Ludy casts a vision for historic, Biblical Christianity, and gives a clear understanding for how to not just esteem Truth, but live it out daily through the enabling power of God.

The Sacred Claim: The Power of a Poured-out Life (with Leslie Ludy)
In this session, Eric and Leslie Ludy explore a crucial aspect of the Gospel that many Christians overlook - every believer’s call to be God’s hands and feet to the lost, the weak, the poor, the destitute and the orphan. Eric and Leslie challenge the self-focused mentality that many American Christians have adopted, and motivate the church toward an outward focused, sacrificial lifestyle.

Eric's Achievements

Bestselling authors Eric and Leslie Ludy have written eighteen books, including the following ones.

  • (Eric and Leslie) When God Writes Your Love Story
  • (Eric and Leslie) Wrestling Prayer
  • (Eric and Leslie) When Dreams Come True
  • (Eric and Leslie) The First 90 Days of Marriage
  • (Eric and Leslie) Meet Mr. Smith
  • (Eric and Leslie) Teaching True Love to a Sex-at-13 Generation
  • (Eric and Leslie) When God Writes Your Life Story
  • (Eric) Bravehearted Gospel
  • (Eric) God's Gift to Women

    Other achievements include:
  • President: Ellerslie Mission Society
  • Is planning an international orphan program
  • Popular speaker on radio shows
Ludy's Bio

Eric Ludy serves as the President of Ellerslie Mission Society. He is also the teaching pastor at the Church at Ellerslie and the lead instructor in the Ellerslie Leadership Training.

Eric is a best-selling author of more than a dozen books and a highly respected voice in the Church today, especially on issues of Biblical sexuality, manhood, prayer, and the deeper Christian life.

When asked about his denominational leanings, Eric very simply says, “Just stick Leonard Ravenhill, C.T. Studd, Hudson Taylor, Rees Howells, and Charles Spurgeon into a blender, and that’s pretty close to what I believe.”

For the past sixteen years, Eric has been a popular speaker at colleges, conferences and events, and has been a guest on nearly every major Christian radio platform.

Eric has a strong passion for orphan advocacy, and is in process of spearheading the development of an international orphan program that provides strong spiritual and academic training for vulnerable children around the world, with the goal of building orphans into world-impacting leaders.

Eric and his wife Leslie have a passion for adoption, and have adopted two of their four children.  The Ludy family lives in Windsor, Colorado where they enjoy Rocky Mountain sunsets, evening bike rides, and the daily chuckles and adventures that four small children bring.

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Date Modified5/9/2013 4:09:15 PM
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