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Mrs. Ann Meola:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Meola, Ann

United States of America (US)
Featured PresentationsSouth Florida Homeschool Convention (2010)
2010 South Florida Homeschool Convention (SFHSC) (2010, FL)
Workshop Presentations1st Annual 2012 Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Spartanburg (2012, SC)
2010 HERI Curriculum Convention (2010, FL)
2010 Coastal Florida Curriculum Fair (CFCF) (2010, FL)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Abacus-Based Mathematics
Can you use the time-honored abacus to teach math? Absolutely! See how the AL Abacus fosters quantity recognition and develops addition strategies. Investigate place value in a crystal clear format. Discover the simplicity of multiplication. The AL Abacus is a perfect supplement or is the focal point of RightStart Mathematics!

Flashcards: There IS Another Answer!
Memorizing 390 math facts is exhausting. Sadly, whatever is learned by rote needs frequent review to stay learned. On the other hand, games are fun and exciting, games provide practice for the facts, and games become an application for the information! Children of various abilities can play together. Join us for some FUN as we play addition, multiplication, and fraction games.

The Right Start to Critical Thinking in Math
We want our children to become critical thinkers. Teach mathemetics so that you emphasize thinking, not just memorizing. Help your child’s brain develop real analytical, problem-solving skills. Understand the teacher’s role of asking questions, encouraging the child toward deeper thinking.

Winning the Math Battle with RightStart Mathematics Games

Teaching Fractions the Right Way with RightStart Mathematics

Children often have difficulty with fractions because they try to see only the parts of the fraction, and not the whole.  Anyone, age 6 and up, can understand fractions with the linear model.  This fraction review will give you confidence in teaching (or re-teaching) this important topic.

Ann's Achievements
  • Homeschooling mother
  • Representative for RightStart Mathematics
  • Former traveling groom and assistant trainer, working with thoroughbred horses.
Meola's Bio
Date Created9/14/2010 3:49:34 PM
Date Modified7/3/2012 1:05:06 PM

My hope is that this list will assist conference organizers in connecting with Ann Meola and other workshop leaders and speakers. Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool workshop leaders and speakers develop relationships with more convention planners and audiences. May your efforts be for the glory of Christ and the strengthening of His saints.

Disclaimer:  Balancing the Sword makes no claims about the speakers' faith, ability, materials, etc.  This speaker profile information is being provided free of charge.  Please click the links and do your own research before issuing an invitation to your conference.  Postings are subject to change.


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