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Ms. Mary Arnold:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Arnold, Mary

Florida (FL)  
United States of America (US)
Keynote Presentations2011 FPEA Tampa Bay Homeschool Conference & Expo (2011, FL)
Featured Presentations2010 FPEA Tampa Bay Homeschool Conference & Expo (2010, FL)
CHoSEN Homeschool Rejuvenation Conference (2007, FL)
Workshop Presentations2013 FPEA Tampa Bay STEM Conference (2013, FL)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Secrets To Staying Passionate And Purposeful In Your Homeschool Journey!
Do you LOVE your life? Are you passionate about your homeschool? Do you wake up with a smile on your face? Do you see purpose in each and every day? God has something amazing and incredible in store for you, but the enemy of our soul wants to rob us of our joy, our purpose, our passion! Come allow the Lord to fill you full of His truths as Mary shares practical, simple, daily disciplines that you can go home and immediately put into practice. Find out the secrets to staying passionate and purposeful in YOUR homeschool journey!

Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner: A Roundtable Discussion
Come be INSPIRED and ENCOURAGED on your homeschooling journey. One of the BEST ways to plan is through swapping of ideas because we're "Better TOGETHER"!!!! Come join our Round Table discussion to share things YOU have found that enhance your school or simply come to listen and learn. It's up to you. Just to give you a taste of the topics we'll discuss......, Curriculum, Activities, Portfolios and so much more! I'll see you there.... don't forget your pencil and paper!

Accepting Who "I" Am as a Homeschooler (with Kim Coley)
Do you ever get caught up in noticing your friend's strengths and your weaknesses? Do you find yourself being tossed like waves in a storm when choosing curriculum? Do you see how something works so PERFECTLY for your best friend and then you buy it and try it and it's a dud in your home? Do you watch your friend with amazement as she plugs into activities, involves herself in co-ops, while maintaining a sense of JOY and yet you can't find time to run to the grocery store? Come to this workshop to better understand who YOU are, so that you can embrace your strengths, strengthen your weaknesses and find your curriculum GROOVE! Our prayer is that you will walk away encouraged and inspired being who God made you to be!

How to Have the BEST School Year EVER! A Roundtable Discussion
Do you have a child who has a diagnosed learning disability? Are you not sure, but suspect? Come to our Round Table discussion to swap idea's or just sit back and take it all in. This is a time to share ideas, ask questions, get informed and walk away encouraged! We will talk about curriculum, supplementation, therapy, teaching tips and more..., in relation to our Amazing children who just learn differently! Make sure you bring a pen, notepad and kleenex as the Lord meets us for a time of fellowship and encouragement.

Science Done Classically
How much do you remember about science from your educational experience? If you said, not much, then you are in the majority.  Wouldn't you love to redeem those years while instilling a life-time love within your children for this crucial subject?  Join us to find out how classical christian education helps families rebuild, repair, and revive two educations. (parent and  child)  Discover simple tools you can use in your home that help the brain to retain, process, organize and understand important concepts. Find out how Classical Christian Education turns students (and adults) into lifetime learners.

Teaching Children Who Are Behind Grade Level
Do you have a child that learns differently?  Fear NOT!  God has a perfect plan for your child and YOU are a part of that.  There is no one on this earth who can do a better job than YOU.  Mary Arnold is the mama to four incredible sons, three of which have been diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Disorder.  Come hear her story of finding JOY in her journey as the Lord tenderly led the way.  Her goal is to share encouragement as well as practical ideas you can go home and implement right away.

Becoming Your Child’s Biggest Cheerleader!

Mary's Achievements
  • Homeschooling mother
  • Chairwoman: Pinellas Parent Educators Association (PPEA)
Arnold's Bio
Date Created9/20/2010 10:29:20 AM
Date Modified7/3/2013 3:29:57 PM
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