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Jonathan P. Niednagel:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Niednagel, Jonathan P.

Brain Type Institute
P.O. Box 1051
Mountain Home, Arkansas (AR)  72654-1051
United States of America (US)

Workshop Presentations2010 Annual Georgia Home Education Association's Conference (GHEA) (2010, GA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Discover Your Child’s Unique, Genetic Brain Type
Find out why your children (and people around you) think and act the way they do (both mentally and physically) as you are introduced to the most scientific and 21st-century approach to human understanding. Quickly becoming known worldwide as the only accurate insight into individual behavior, Brain Typing helps you look inside your children and yourself and appreciate differences as never before. This knowledge is invaluable for parents who want to fully develop their children's God-given potential—in every area of life (educational, vocational, spiritual, social/relational, physical/health, and much more).

Customized Teaching for Each Child's Brain Type
When you can identify your child's individual Brain Type, you'll be able to direct him or her toward ways and areas of learning in which they will be naturally successful. Each child learns, relates, and grows (even spiritually) in a unique way. Understanding your child's design can unlock learning with the right key, making home education efficient, customized, and exciting.

Optimal Parenting with Brain Typing
This knowledge can enhance parenting skills, and lead to a closer parent-child relationship. You'll be able to encourage, motivate, and discipline your children in the most effective ways. Understand how your strengths interact with those of your children, creating the dynamics of a loving, harmonious home life.

Understand Your Child: Mentally, Physically, & Spiritually

Jonathan P.'s Achievements

Founder and Director:  The Brain Type Institute
Brain Typing®
Consultant for pro teams and athletes in the NBA, NFL, and MLB
Author:  Your Key To Sports Success

Niednagel's Bio
Date Created10/20/2010 12:51:01 PM
Date Modified10/20/2010 4:00:25 PM
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