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Mrs. Linda Wooldridge:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Wooldridge, Linda

PO Box 60685
St. Petersburg, Florida (FL)  33784
Linda Wooldridge's Vidoes @ E-How
Keynote Speaker?Unknown
Featured Presentations2013 FPEA Tampa Bay STEM Conference (2013, FL)
2012 FPEA Tampa Bay Homeschool Conference & Expo (2012, FL)
2011 FPEA Tampa Bay Homeschool Conference & Expo (2011, FL)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Saying Yes to Your Family!
Do you like your job? Are you a happy mommy? Come learn how to say yes to your family and be happy while doing it!

Homeschool 101
Are you new to homeschooling? This workshop is just for you! You will find valuable information to understanding the rights, responsibilities and resources available to homeschoolers in Florida. This session will cover the options of following the homeschool law, schooling at home with the help of a nontraditional private school, the different educational methods that help with curriculum choices, and resources available to help you educational journey.

Beating the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Some days you wonder if you should change your name and go back to bed!  Of course, as “Super Homeschool Parent” failure is NOT an option!  Join us as we explore ways to improve your day AND your attitude! We’ll even talk about some practical ways to complete your “list” and your lesson plan!

Teaching What Scares You!
Do you love history assignments but cower in fear at the idea of conducting a science experiment?  Bring the family as we try a few easy science experiments that your kids will love (and so will you!)  We’ve committed to giving our kids a complete education, and we can have a BLAST (maybe literally, hmmm?) while doing it!  These ideas can be used for any subject in which you’re not confident…what a deal, huh?

Raising Children Who Excel Without Being a Tiger Mom
Our children ARE amazing gifts from God and we want the world to know it!  We WANT to have the kid with the amazing science fair project or test scores.  The difficulty is bringing out their abilities without crushing their spirits.  Let’s explore how WE grow into the parents that God wants us to be while encouraging our kids to their highest level.  (This workshop will include your kids…and won’t embarrass them any more than they usually are when they are with you.)

Linda's Achievements
  • Featured: Series of Homeschooling Videos on e-how
  • Homeschooling mother of two
  • PPEA Orientation Facilitator 
  • PPEA High School Activities Director
Wooldridge's Bio
Date Created2/7/2011 2:38:22 PM
Date Modified7/3/2013 3:26:01 PM
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