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Mrs. Valerie Felder, Family Team Builder:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Phone 2
Felder, Valerie

1514 Wayfarer Lane
College, Texas (TX)  77845
United States of America (US)

Website(s) THE CLOSE-KNIT FAMILY website
The Close-Knit Family (public facebook group)
Valerie & The Close-Knit Family on Linked In
Valerie Felder on Twitter
Valerie, Natural Childbirth Instructor Site
Valerie Felder Youtube Channel
Instagram & The Close-Knit Family
Keynote PresentationsMothers of PreSchoolers (MOPs);
Christ United Methodist Church Women's Retreat;
Bryan Church of the Nazarene Women's Retreat;
Aggieland Pregnancy Center;
Coalition for Life;
Project New Hope;
Executive Women in Texas Gov't;
U.S. Dept of Justice: Federal Prison Camp, Speaker;
Brazos County Health Department;
Communication Training - Texas A&M Student Recruitment Group;
Spring Branch School System Speaker;
Bryan ISD Speaker;
Social Security Administration Speaker- Brazos Valley;
Titan Senquest Senior Living, Wellness & Fitness Speaker Series;
Lions Club International;
Optimist Club International;
Association for Talent Development, Brazos Valley;
Military Appreciation Programs;
Macedonia Baptist Church Speaker - Caldwell, Texas

Featured PresentationsTexas Home Educators Coalition (THSC) - Arlington and The Woodlands (2016-present);
Family Educators' Alliance of South Texas Conference and Specialty Program Speaker (2017);
Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) Leadership Conference;
Winter Summit Ministries;
All Business Media;
Universal City First Baptist Church Home School Group;
Save Our Streets Ministries Retreat;
La Leche League International - Houston Regional Conference Speaker;
Toastmasters International, Houston District, Conference;
Save Our Streets (SOS) Ministry Women's Retreat;
Young Ladies Success Seminar - Blinn College;
Executive Women in Texas Government;
Brazos County Government Address;
Brazos County Health Department;
Social Security Administration;
Federal Women's Prison Camp - Bryan

Workshop Presentations22nd annual FEAST Homeschool Convention & Curriculum Fair (2012, TX)
21st Annual FEAST Homeschool Convention & Curriculum Fair (2011, TX)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

 Back to Basics Parenting Programs


Tuff Mama Time:  Raising Children without Losing Your Focus
Parenting is tough work that requires plenty of time, attention and energy.  Often moms are in that key position to “be there” physically and emotionally for their children.  This program offers guidance to the mother who desires to parent with results while also meeting her own needs.  Valerie presents strategies she used and perfected to help mothers discover how to structure home with a healthy balance that preserves self.  


Getting Children to Help More at Home with Less Push-back
There comes a time in the life of a family when the helpless infant grows from one whose care requires total responsibility of others and into one who shares in family duties.  This process of growing children into more responsibility can be accomplished gradually and well if done with positive and purposeful parenting methods.  Valerie teaches parents key strategies that produce children who help more with less negative attitude.   


Table Talk for Closer Family Bonds

A family with members who freely chat with one another is one with closer and more intimate bonds.  This program supports parents by giving them communications methods that encourage sound engagements in the home.  Valerie, a Toastmaster gold-level communicator and TI clubs past-president, teaches proven conversational techniques.  As a bonus, she shares tools she designed for her family that can help other parents get theirs talking.  



Keys to Manage your Home like a Fortune 500 Company

Any successful Fortune 500 company boasts good infrastructure and operational

order.  Every member is aware of business flow and objectives; they then have greater confidence in and expressed buy-in for that company.  When a family is similarly viewed, parents operate with utmost effectiveness that comes from good planning.  This program presents strategies and tools to help parents discover ways to structure their home and life for greater results, much like any successful company would. 



Bond the Family Programs 
Positive family connections


Strategies to Maintain Positive Sibling Interactions
Some days, every large and small matter seems to cause siblings to fight against one another.  These are times when a parent can find themselves at wits end, constantly playing judge and jury between their warring children.  While some

sibling conflict is normal, it is important that parents find ways to intervene that prevent damaging escalations.  Valerie’s 5 sons and 4 daughters have given her decades of experience dealing with sibling conflict resolution strategies - pointing family members towards better relating.  This program is designed to empower the parent to proactively build peace-making into family routine.

Making Your "Home Sweet Home" the Entertainment Hub

The family that plays together enjoys being together. Take counsel on ways to spend enriching moments with your children from this mother of 9 (five boys and four girls).  From planned adventures to moments of spontaneous fun, see how to transform your home into a place of shared delight for you and your children.    


Maintaining Healthy Family Bonds with your Adult Children

The seasons of parenting include early times of learning the attitude of your infant/young child, and then adjusting parenting approaches as they grow.  In this program, parents are empowered to continue growing relationship with their adult children, maintaining healthy bonds for life beyond their childhood.  Valerie, a seasoned mother with multiple adult children,  helps parents transition into this next critical phase of life as they learn to enjoy bonds with their adult children. 



Buff the Body Programs 
Sensible fitness strategies for busy parents


How to Break down Your Schedule to Build Up Your Body

Parents must be prepared to meet the physical and mental rigors of parenting.  It’s a place where family demands seem to increase as time for self-maintenance decreases.  This area involves fitness and is commonly the first one neglected.  Valerie, a black belt martial artist, nationally certified fitness trainer, business woman and busy mother of 9, presents a program designed to help busy parents build their bodies.  Methods shared are based on fitness that is sensible and quick, powerful and doable.  Take back your health and get on a sound fitness journey with this empowering program to build a better you.     


Fitness:  Get Beyond Pitfalls and Disappointments to Benefit Your Body 

Why is it that the fitness industry continues to grow while many of its clients continue to decline in achieving basic fitness goals?  This program is designed to answer that and many other questions as audiences learn how to avoid common pitfalls of fitness.  Asking the right questions, applying right answers, and focusing on the whole person is the basis for concepts presented in this program.  Having used fitness to overcome her own major health dilemma, Valerie brings her knowledge as a nationally certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach to help audiences in real sensible ways to own and then reach their individual fitness goals.    


Devotion in Motion Program
Perfect as energizer, specialty breakout session or midconference energizer

Grab your water bottle and towel to enjoy this time of doable, targeted movement that combines dance with real fitness routine.  Audiences have fun as they lose some calories in these interactive sessions where Valerie leads attendees in mild cardio and stretching.  This program is excellent to encourage the fun side of fitness.  Valerie intersperses understandable data and tricks of her trade as a certified personal trainer to give attendees an edge in their own fitness routines.

Valerie's Achievements
HOME SCHOOL MOM since 1991
  • Homeschooling mother of nine
  • Homeschooled five children through graduation


MILITARY VETERAN, United States Air Force Captain


    Life in Sturdy Stitches
    Table Talk Guidebook for Christian Living
    Tuff Mama Time


  • Brazos Valley Christian Home Educator Association, Past Board Member 
  • National Black Home Educators, Past Board Member


  • Coordinator: Youth Public Speaking and Leadership Programs
  • Natural Childbirth Instructor

  • Professional Member - National Speaker Association
  • National Council for Strength & Fitness- Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
    FOUNDER OF VS-SeniorFit Health & Wellness Program


  • BS in Mathematics: University of Michigan
  • MS in Personnel Management: Troy University

Felder's Bio


Valerie, the Family Team Builder, is a fun, high energy, amazing voice of results and practicality for anyone raising children. 

A military veteran, she served as a communications officer to the rank of captain.  While on active duty, she grasped winning team strategies that she massaged and applied in her own home as a mom of 9.  With a mother’s heart, she mixes military core values and techniques with compassion, teaching parents to do the same.  Her easy-to-recall methods move parents to assured positive action.  Valerie's programs are complete, from back-to-basic parenting, and building strong family bonds, to establishing right focus on reasonable fitness – for the busy parent.     

Audiences benefit from immediate take-aways as Valerie reveals how to confidently raise their children in our unpredictable world.  She shares humorous insight and combines all with results-oriented savvy of a business woman and an entrepreneur.  Also, a nationally certified personal fitness trainer and Black Belt martial artist, Valerie's “Buff the Body” fitness programs sensibly ease clients toward doable routines. 

The uniqueness of what she brings ensures she exceeds every expectation for a speaker.     Valerie holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from The University of Michigan and a master’s degree (summa cum laude) in Human Resources from Troy University.  Formerly an active member on a national educator’s board, she also focuses on education as a primary and secondary level instructor-speech communications, a specialty adult educator, and an adjunct college professor.  This, coupled with her highlevel Toastmasters’ International designation of Advanced Communicator Gold demonstrates her ability to impact with words.     

Valerie was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey and enjoys a full life with her husband and their Close-Knit Family. 



















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