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Valerie Felder:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Felder, Valerie

College, Texas (TX)  77845
United States of America (US)

Website(s) Valerie Felder Personal Website (VALSpeaks)
Linked In
"Take the Struggle out of the Juggle" Blog
Valerie Felder on Twitter
Natural Childbirth Instructor Site
Keynote PresentationsNBHE Annual Home School Conference
Burleson County Women's Conference
NBHE Women's Retreat
Veteran's Day Address: Sam Rayburn Middle School - Bryan Texas
Macedonia Baptist Church of Caldwell, Texas

Featured PresentationsFamily Educator Association of South Texas Home School Convention &
Curriculum Fair
Universal City First Baptist Church Home School Group

Toastmasters International, Houston District, Conference
Keesler AFB Military Family Options Forum

Save Our Streets (SOS) Ministry Women's Retreat
Church of the Nazarene Women's Retreat
Communication Training - Texas A&M Student Recruitment Group
Young Ladies Success Seminar - Blinn College

Executive Women in Texas Government
Brazos County Government Address
Brazos County Health Department
Social Security Administration
Federal Women's Prison Camp - Bryan

Workshop Presentations21st Annual FEAST Homeschool Convention & Curriculum Fair (2011, TX)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

FOCUS:  Persevering through life challenges requires that you carry the right Class ACT into your struggles.  This presentation emboldens anyone facing situations that can only be overcome with specific fortitude.  When your back is against the wall and odds are stacked against you, this address helps you to put matters into perspective for victory in the fight.



Out of Time at Daybreak!  - This presentation addresses strategies to help capitalize on family time as the busyness of life tries to consume every moment.

Family Survival Against Economic Odds – Practical Solutions – It’s when you are pressed against the wall economically that you begin wondering how to make ends meet.    This time is dedicated to encourage families  to regain purpose and determination to stay on course, no matter what.  Tangible methods to survive are presented for when money runs low as demands run high.  

Realizing Strength in the Struggle – Find the purpose in your continual struggle to simply survive, financially.  There is more to gain besides anguish and agitation when persistent attempts to avoid financial demise seem to amount to nothing.  Realizing Strength in the Struggle is designed to help you recognize the blessings in such challenge.

A Place Called Home – The focus is on ways to build a nurturing home environment.  Special attention is given on how parents can effectively relate to their children.  Purposeful parenting and home building methods are highlighted, establishing deeper bonds and meaning in A Place Called Home.



Fitness Strategies to "Take the Jiggle out of the Wiggle" -  Keeping up with life demands requires maintaining keen physical conditioning.  This presentation presents fitness concepts in a most encouraging and reasonable manner.  The focus is on providing basic exercise  routines that help people begin to achieve and maintain functional fitness.  

Temple Maintenance to "Take the Hassle out of the Castle"  -  This presentation takes a more exhaustive look at the overall necessity to maintain health by looking at three critical legs supporting overall fitness.  Rationale on specific nutritional and natural approaches  to health are also provided for warding off critical health maladies.

Valerie's Achievements
  • Homeschooling mother of nine
  • Homeschooled three children through graduation
  • Over 2 decades of home schooling experience
  • Brazos Valley Christian Home Educator Association, Past Board Member 
  • National Black Home Educators, Board Member
  • Coordinator: Youth Public Speaking and Leadership Programs
  • Natural Childbirth Instructor
  • Professional Speaker - National Speaker Association
  • NCSF Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
  • Veteran, United States Air Force Captain
  • BS in Mathematics: University of Michigan
  • MS in Personnel Management: Troy University


Felder's Bio

  Valerie brings incredible accounts from a meager ghetto upbringing to later graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in mathematics and a commission as an Air Force Officer.  She later answered the Lord's call and transitioned from the military to wholeheartedly serve her family at home.

Today, she also serves in lead positions for local and national interests while managing several home-based businesses.  Valerie is also mother of nine children, ages 6 to adult.  This gives her the uncanny ability to relate perspectives that include maintaining  healthy  family relationships and dealing with tough family economics to equipping  our youth  in self-expression.

Because Valerie is a speaker who has “been there”, she shares coping strategies that embolden hearts and minds for those who face  overwhelming demands.  She is a nationally certified personal trainer who conquered her own serious health and weight challenges in addition to giving one of her kidneys to save a life.  Valerie transfers knowledge through rare “show them - tell them - help them” programs to build strong, healthy and functionally fit bodies.

 Bottomline:   Valerie absolutely helps people get their lives in order and to Take the Struggle out of the Juggle!" 





















Latest Tweets
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Date Modified6/23/2018 1:36:06 PM
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