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Mr. Rick Grubbs:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Phone 2
Grubbs, Rick

285 Majestic Dr
Salisbury, North Carolina (NC)  28146
United States of America (US)

Keynote Speaker?
Featured PresentationsATI Regional Conference (Advanced Training Institute) in Indianapolis (2011, IN)
ATI Regional Conference (Advanced Training Institute) in Sacramento (2011, CA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Redeeming the Time 
“Do you love life?  Then don’t waste your time! 
This motivational message has been presented over 1500  times in 49 states and several foreign countries.  It presents a serious challenge to every Christian to  consider the brevity of life and the value of time.   It gives practical ways to invest time in ways that will matter most in eternity.  "Redeeming the Time" lays the foundation for the rest of our messages. It should be presented early in the program if possible. Everyone who attends will be offered a free Day-timer, a "What does God want me to do right now?" sticker, and plenty of handout material to take home.
Key points include:

  • The two questions to ask before committing to any activity
  • What it really means to "Number our days"
  • What is the #1 time waster
  • How to stop procrastinating RIGHT NOW!
  • How to find an extra two weeks in every year
  • How to get motivated and stay that way.
  • The two verses from Proverbs which give the real key to redeeming the time

How much more effective could you be if you conquered procrastination? 
 Procrastination is the great thief of time.  Most Christians know the right things to do and they intend to do them.  The problem is making ourselves do it NOW.  "Overcoming Procrastination" is one of our most popular topics. Nearly everyone at your convention will admit they procrastinate at times. They also realize how much more effective they could be if this were conquered. 
You will learn:

  • The 3 root causes of procrastination as well as Scriptural principles to overcome each one
  • The rationalizations we use to justify procrastination
  • The key questions to ask ourselves when tempted to procrastinate
  • How to conquer the fear of failure
  • How to create motivation and momentum when you stall
  • The 5 scriptural weapons that give victory over any kind of procrastination

Living in Light of Eternity 
Avoiding burnout by living "with eternity's values in view". Moses prayed, "Oh that they were wise ... that they would consider their latter end!" God's ways and thoughts are higher than ours. His focus is on the "latter end" of a thing instead of its beginning. This message builds a framework for thinking God's "higher" thoughts. We redeem the time by living in light of eternity. When we learn how to focus on the eternal results of our labors, we find a new sense of strength during seasons of difficulty. Practical methods are shown for gaining and applying an eternal perspective to daily living. 
Key points include:

  • How to discern the two types of wise and two types of foolish people described in Scripture.
  • How to picture the end from the beginning.
  • Four unexpected benefits that come from living each moment for eternity.

The 25 Time Tactics of Successful Christians 
Here's some practical help for "Redeeming the Time" ! The key concepts, principles and techniques of time management presented from a Christian perspective. A real nuts and bolts approach to sharpening our focus and multiplying our effectiveness by becoming better stewards of our most precious resource. This message can be adopted to any specific audience such as "25 Time Tactics of Successful Pastors", teachers, home educators, or students. The list of 25 can change as well to fit the audience and time frame. A good question and answer session. 
You will learn:

  • How to redeem the time while traveling
  • Tame your email using the RAFT method
  • When to multitask and when not to
  • God's program for rest

Capture and Hold Audience Attention 
Would you like to speak so that others will listen? The ability to speak so that others will listen is a vital skill if we are to effectively share the Gospel with today's attention-span-challenged listeners. None of us wants to be boring, yet most of us have never invested even one hour in learning basic public speaking skills which could greatly improve our effectiveness. Sunday School teachers, pastors, businessmen, students, and anyone who desires be more useful for the Lord can gain by the skills taught in this session. Rick has condensed his college speech course into a fast-moving, information-packed seminar on the best techniques for making people want to listen when you speak.
Key points include:

  • The 9 “Factors of Attention.”  Things to include in every presentation to make it come alive
  • The 8 best ways to introduce a message
  • The 4 ways to create variety with your voice
  • The key to making powerful eye contact
  • How to use visuals, pause, humor, movement and audience participation to keep them tuned in.

Time Saving Tips for Busy Women 
Biblical Insights for Today's Busy Woman! A special one or two hour session just for busy women.  This session includes lots of practical tips and encouraging insights  for today's busy woman.  Carrie Grubbs shares unique perspectives from her experiences as a home schooling mother of nine.  Carrie emphasizes practical ways to redeem the time and discusses pressing problems that every busy woman faces in today's world.  
Core content includes:

  • Effective Household Organization
  • Conquering Clutter
  • Taking Time for Relationships
  • Simple Hospitality
  • Priorities

Organizing your Home for Effective Ministry 
Today's busy women have to make a lot of choices about how they are going to spend their time.  It takes much prayer and planning for Christian women today to make choices in their everyday lives that will free them to be most effective for the Lord.  Practical ideas about home organization with an emphasis on simplicity will be shared and discussion will be encouraged.
Organizing your Home for Effective Ministry Highlights:

  • Focusing on building a home, not a house
  • Simple living versus Scattered living
  • Focusing on eternal investments, not temporary trinkets
  • Equipping your home as a practical basis for ministry
  • Plenty of (usually) animated discussion! 

What the Bible says about Humor 
 "A merry hearth doeth good like a medicine" Humor is a gift from God that has been greatly corrupted in our day. Most Christians have never heard what the Bible has to say about this topic. this unique message will show us how the Bible gives guidance in every area of life, even what we choose to laugh about. A look at humor and what God has to say about it. Can be adapted to the audience, such as: "Using Humor in Home Schooling", or "Humor in the Christian School Classroom."  
Core content includes:

  • The 3 ways a merry heart is "like a medicine"
  • Four types of wrong humor
  • How to use humor in your setting

Time for Kids! 
Children need to learn to redeem the time!  If a child is taught to be diligent, wake up on time, and be responsible while he/she is still very young, redeeming the time will not be such a challenge as he/she grows older. "Time for Kids!" is intended to be an option for parents during one of the main sessions--it is not usually a stand-alone seminar.  While we fully understand and encourage children to be a part of the main sessions, we also realize that a children's presentation can be very effective in the right setting.  If having a children's seminar, will work for you, let us know!

Highlights of "Time for Kids!"

  • songs about "time"
  • practical ways that kids can redeem the time--skits make it come alive
  • a visit by Ben Franklin and his wife
  • exciting involvement for all children present
  • While we are happy to provide the children's seminar, we do ask that at least one responsible adult member of the hosting church/organization remain in the room at all times for safety purposes.
Rick's Achievements
  • BS in Public Speaking at Appalachian State
  • Taught school in Florida
  • Master's degree from Liberty University
  • Prison chaplain for the Florida Dept. Of Corrections
  • He and his wife were missionaries for a year in Czechoslovakia
  • Homeschooling father of ten
  • President: Life Changing Seminars
  • President: Redeeming the Time Radio
Grubbs's Bio
Date Created6/27/2011 11:50:46 AM
Date Modified6/27/2011 11:50:46 AM
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My hope is that this list will assist conference organizers in connecting with Rick Grubbs and other workshop leaders and speakers. Furthermore, my desire is to help homeschool workshop leaders and speakers develop relationships with more convention planners and audiences. May your efforts be for the glory of Christ and the strengthening of His saints.

Disclaimer:  Balancing the Sword makes no claims about the speakers' faith, ability, materials, etc.  This speaker profile information is being provided free of charge.  Please click the links and do your own research before issuing an invitation to your conference.  Postings are subject to change.


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