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Mr. Tom Steffen:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Steffen, Tom

Oregon (OR)  
United States of America (US)
Keynote Speaker?Unknown
Featured Presentations2006 Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference (2006, WA)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Unsquish Your Mind: Is Worldview in the Bible?
Are all these books, videos, camps and reading lists that emphasize worldviews merely the latest fad, or do they address an area of education that is critical for you and your children? Come examine our firm foundation – God’s Word. We’re leading a topical tour of the Bible and showing that long before Cornelius Van Til and Francis Schaeffer – pickles, dragons, and the Macedonian phalanx were illustrating the importance of a Biblical worldview.

Redeemed Hearts, Babylonian Brains: Catching a Contagious Worldview
Hear how God used fasting Koreans and a dramatic healing to redeem one public-school-survivor’s brain and launch his family into the adventure of homeschooling. In this session we introduce the concept of worldview, examine the impact basic assumptions have on our daily lives, and demonstrate a new graphics-based-system for learning worldview. Recognizing different worldviews is easier than you think. Come be encouraged to “love the Lord your God with all of your mind.”

Tom's Achievements
Steffen's Bio

Over the last eleven years, Tom Steffen has taught Biblical Worldview to people in seven countries and twelve U.S. states. With his wife, Sheila, he lives in rural Oregon, among four generations of extended family, raising his children Levi, Hannah, Abigail, Ellie and Rebekah. As a husband, homeschool father and self-employed graphic designer – Tom seeks to live out the Biblical worldview and help others do the same.

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Date Modified6/1/2012 8:47:43 AM
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