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Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau, Ed.D.:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Moreau, Marie-Claire

Flagler County, Florida (FL)  32135
United States of America (US)
Website(s) Quick Start Homeschool: A Beginners Guide to Homeschooling
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Keynote Speaker?
Featured Presentations2012 FPEA Tampa Bay Homeschool Conference & Expo (2012, FL)
2012 HERI Curriculum Convention (2012, FL)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

---> Don't Fear the High School Years! A reassuring look about what it really takes to homeschool the high school years. Includes a detailed and organized way to plan for high school, and what to do every step along the way. Special information about a parent's role when high schooling and what it takes to prepare students for collegeentrance and scholarships, too!

---> Why Homeschooling? What’s all the buzz about? Author, speaker, teacher, and veteran homeschool mom, Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau, explains the phenomenon behind the surge toward homeschooling. From the reasons why modern families turn to homeschooling to explaining how today’s families manage to “do it all”, Dr. Moreau outlines the current status of American homeschooling and paints and clear and positive picture of why homeschooling works for millions of families all across the country.

---> Homeschooling the Early Years: When should homeschool begin? How do I teach my child to read? Which materials and approaches are best for young children? These questions and more will be answered in this program designed for parents of preschoolers through homeschooled elementary-level students. Find out how you can raise a bright student with a deep love for learning by following only your heart and your child’s individual learning needs and curiosity. Simple curriculum suggestions and ideas for a typical course of study for every grade will be reviewed.

---> Homeschooling the Middle Years: Homeschooling ‘tweens and teens presents different challenges but comes with many new rewards. Find out what makes middle school learners tick and how best to meet their developmental needs while recognizing and challenging their blossoming sense of selves. A course of study for middle schoolers grades 6-8 will be reviewed, along with tips and tricks to keep learning both focused and fun for this age group.

---> Don’t Fear the High School Years!: Getting ready to homeschool a high schooler? Nervous about getting things just right? Want to know how to prepare your student for college, vocation or whatever else the future holds? Hear how easy high schooling can be with the right resources and some fool-proof organizational strategies. You’ll learn how to put together a 4-year high school plan, what kinds of record-keeping to do and how to best prepare a high schooler for graduation, college, scholarships and more. High schooling doesn’t have to be frustrating or difficult! Find out more in this information-packed and easy-to-follow high schooling session.

---> How-To Homeschool in Florida: Designed specifically for Florida families, this introduction to homeschooling covers just about everything that new homeschoolers and would-be homeschoolers need to know. Topics include what to teach, where to find teaching materials, how to connect with other families, what records are important to keep, and much more. Homeschooling laws are explained in simple terms and the differences between all of the different homeschooling options are reviewed. A great introductory course for anyone homeschooling in the State of Florida. Perfect for support groups and statewide events.

---> Suddenly Homeschooling: Today’s homeschoolers aren’t the same as their pioneering predecessors of yesteryear. In this talk, Dr. Moreau paints a modern picture of homeschooling and explains the different circumstances that bring families to homeschooling in the 21st century. Ideas for beginning homeschooling in a way that meets the needs of modern families are discussed. Ways to incorporate schooling into extraordinarily busy lives under sometimes extraordinary circumstances is a central theme. Hear how the face of homeschooling has changed and how homeschooling is more mainstream than ever. Ends with an outline of how to establish a legal homeschool in no time flat.

---> Homeschool and Household Organization: Who says homeschooling takes place only at home? Homeschooling families can be some of the busiest people you meet! Find out how some of the most productive and peaceful families do it all by using effective organization and scheduling strategies that make anything possible. Topics include creative school schedules, chore charting, meal planning and more. Learn how veteran homeschoolers pack more punch into every hour of the day and a more successful homeschool than you ever dreamed possible!

---> “Creative Composite” Homeschooling: What is a Creative Composite? It’s an unexpected grouping of learning materials that are much more valuable together than each would be individually. Find out how to take ordinary resources and household objects and design unique and worthwhile learning experiences for the whole family. Ideas for homeschooling for little or no cost with a whole lot of built-in flexibility is the theme of this unique and never-heard-before kind of seminar. The whole really IS greater than the sum of its parts!

---> Make Block Scheduling Work for You! Block schedules have become a favorite among homeschoolers and other families wanting to squeeze everything into a single busy day. But, some families worry that rigid schedules remove all of the fun and spontaneity out of life, causing everyone to feel stuck in the same routine day after day. Learn how to create effective block schedules that reflect the way you really live. In this seminar, you’ll hear how you can increase daily productivity and reduce household chaos by using block schedules to support your needs, but still recognize your individual lifestyle.

---> Lessons Learned – Homeschooling DOs and DON’Ts How many times have you thought, ”If I only knew that before!”? Well, now, you can! No question about it, starting to homeschool comes with a fairly steep learning curve. But, you don’t have to climb that hill alone! By listening to those who have come before, you can glean helpful tips and avoid some of the biggest homeschooling blunders, too. Come along for the ride as Dr. Moreau shares some basic homeschool DOs and DON’Ts plus other special hints you’ll really enjoy.

[Additional topics may be available upon request.]

Marie-Claire's Achievements
  • Author, Suddenly Homeschooling: A Quick Start Guide to Legally Homeschool in Two Weeks (Wyatt MacKenzie, 2011)
  • Author, The Homeschooler's Guide to Science Fairs (Paperback & Kindle, 2013)
  • Author, Plan Your Own Home School Curriculum (E-book, 2013)
  • Author, The Way Homeschoolers Do (E-book, 2013)
  • Author, Ten Steps to the Finish Line (E-book, 2014)
  • Homeschool mother for 20+ years
Moreau's Bio

Marie-Claire Moreau is a long-time homeschooler and recognized advisor, coach, and mentor to homeschooling families across the Country. Having homeschooled preschoolers through high schoolers who have been accepted into college, Dr. Moreau devotes her efforts to empowering other parents to do the same. Through her teaching, writing, workshops and discussion groups, she strives to provide resources, information, encouragement and support to families raising the next generation of scholars. Learn more about Dr. Moreau by visiting her web site, Quick Start Homeschool Look for all of Marie-Claire's books on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

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