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Mrs. Carrie Gaxiola:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Gaxiola, Carrie

Illinois (IL)  
United States of America (US)
Featured Presentations2007 Illinois Christian Home Educator's Annual State Convention (ICHE) (2007, IL)
Workshop Presentations8th Annual 2013 Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo (2013, MO)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Ready, Set, Home School!

Multi-Level Teaching: What Does a One-Room Schoolhouse Really Look Like?

Starting Strong

Homeschooling in Illinois – New Homeschooler’s Seminar for Illinois Residents
Come and learn about homeschooling in Illinois – the law, what it says, what you need to do.  And get a feel for the blessing that homeschooling can be for your family!  Long time Illinois residents and homeschoolers, Carrie and Urban share from their experiences in homeschooling and leadership in the state of Illinois.

Homeschoolers Never Have Prodigals….Or Do They?
Having been dedicated homeschoolers for 22 years, we have devoted our lives to educating our children and helping others along the way. This seminar will be no different as we share our hearts and our journey in raising our children.

We realize that we have a Sovereign God Who loves us and has a perfect plan for our lives and the lives of our children. Sometimes that journey takes unexpected turns, and even though we are homeschoolers, we are not immune to the attacks of the enemy, the self-will of a human being, and the pain that life can sometimes bring.

We will be coming to you to share the journey God has had us on for several years now as we have raised our children, and things have not always gone as we had dreamed. Yes, sometimes homeschoolers have prodigals, and our family is no exception. But through it all, Jesus has been our anchor, our hope and our peace.

We have experienced the pain of a prodigal child and the joy of one coming back. What we have found is that we need a support system when the journey gets rough, and those dreams get delayed or even dashed. All too often we think we have the formula for our children turning out just right, and when it doesn't, we feel lost, confused and, at times, very alone. Because we are homeschoolers, we tend to isolate ourselves for fear of shame and judgment when we have trouble with our children.

We are coming not to give you another formula, but we are coming to share the things God has taught us and continues to teach us about raising teens and young adults in a scary world. If you have children in this stage of life or you know someone that does, or perhaps you just want to listen to our story, then please come and hear our hearts! It's a story of pain and loss, love and restoration, continued hope and a focus on Jesus as all in all!

Carrie's Achievements
  • Homeschooling mother of eight.
  • Former leader (with her husband, Urban) of the St Clair County Christian Home Educators
Gaxiola's Bio
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Date Modified9/4/2013 9:25:01 AM
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