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Dr. James Rand Hummel:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Hummel, James Rand "Rand"


Keynote Speaker?
Featured PresentationsTeach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention - Nashville (2013, TN)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions
James Rand's Achievements
  • Director of The Wilds (Christian Camp and Conference Center) of New England
  • Author:  Five Smooth Stones Scripture Memory Plan
  • Author:  The Dark Side of the Internet
  • Author:  Turn Away Wrath: Meditations to Control Anger & Bitterness
  • Author:  Lest You Fall: Meditations to Fight Moral Impurity
  • Author:  Fear Not!: Meditations to Overcome Fear, Worry, and Discouragement
  • Author:  Gratefully Yours
  • Author:  The God & I Time Treasures Daily Devotional Guide (Volumes 1 & 2)
  • B.A. from Bob Jones
Hummel's Bio

Since 1978, Rand Hummel has given his life to helping teens. His unique, humorous approach to the Word of God has been an encouragement to teens all over the eastern United States. He loves God, the Word of God, and teenagers. He's poured this love into a career of service with THE WILDS Christian Camp and Conference Center, where he served for many years as the Assistant Director of the campsite in Brevard, NC. More recently, he's served as the director of the Wilds of New England. In addition to speaking to more than 15,000 teenagers annually for over 30 years, Rand has also written a number of Bible helps for teens and adults. These include the Five Smooth Stones Scripture Memory Plan, the Darkside of the Internet, and the God & I Time Treasures Daily Devotional Guide (Volumes 1 & 2). Rand and his wife Amber have two adult children, Josh and Anna.

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