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Mr. Jeremy Smith:  Homeschool Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader Details



Smith, Jeremy

United States of America (US)
Workshop Presentations8th Annual 2013 Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo (2013, MO)
Presentation Titles & Descriptions

Evangelism in a Post-Christian Culture
What does it mean to be a missionary in your own backyard? Join Jeremy Smith, Director of Faith Ascent Ministries, and find out.

Spiritual and Intellectual Preparation For the Real World
Fact: At least 60% of professing Christian teens will not carry their beliefs into adult life. When asked why, most claimed "intellectual skepticism" was a major deciding factor. Fact: In 1997, 63% of Christian teens claimed to have shared their faith with someone within the last year but in 2009, it was down to 45%. Bottom line: Most teens will walk away from their beliefs and the ones who don't are unwilling (or unable) to share them. Join Jeremy for a discussion on why this is happening and what we can do about it.

Jeremy's Achievements
  • Executive Director for Faith Ascent Ministries
Smith's Bio

Jeremy is the Executive Director for Faith Ascent Ministries. In addition to overseeing the general operation and development needs of the ministry, Jeremy helps to prepare young Christians for the intellectual and spiritual challenges they will face after leaving home.  Jeremy was graciously saved in 1997. Since then, he’s taken his role as a "backyard missionary" seriously and is extremely passionate about helping non-Christians and Christians to think through and seriously consider what they believe, why they believe it, and why it matters.  Jeremy is ordained as a youth minister through The Evangelical Theological Seminary of Orlando, Fl and is pursuing his  certification in Christian Apologetics from Biola University.

Date Created9/3/2013 5:30:20 PM
Date Modified9/3/2013 5:30:20 PM

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