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Definition of word.

1st century
first cen-tu-ry

The 1st century is the first 100 years beginning with the birth of Jesus Christ. God decreed that the Israelites would account the month of the exodus as “the beginning of months” (Ex. 12:1-2). Alternatively, Christians (and much of the world) calculates the passing of years based on the year when Mary “brought forth her firstborn Son” (Lk. 2:7; cf., Mt. 1:25). A.D. is the abbreviation that comes from the Medieval Latin expression anno Domini which means, "In the year of our Lord."  The 1st century falls into the period of classical antiquity.

During the 1st century, John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, and the apostles lived and died from which this era is called the Apostolic Age. The New Testament books were composed, and Christianity exploded in growth, especially among the Gentiles. During the first 100 years from Jesus’ birth, several Roman emperors ruled, including Augustus Caesar (Lk. 2:1), Nero (Ac. 25:11-12), and Vespasian. In the 1st century, Herod’s Temple was destroyed during Roman attacks against the Jews. Christians also fell under severe persecution. The faith of the 1st century Christians, who personally knew Jesus and the apostolic fathers, was tested by torture. Philip Schaff recorded Tertullian as saying, "All your ingenious cruelties can accomplish nothing; they are only a lure to this sect. Our number increases the more you destroy us. The blood of the Christians is their seed" (source: History of the Christian Church, Volume II: Ante-Nicene Christianity. A.D. 100-325).

Author: Allen B. Wolfe

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